I'm losing my mind, stressed and strained

I need advice or idk maybe I just need to speak my mind because I don’t have a lot of friends I feel comfortable talking about this kind of stuff with. I’ve been with my boyfriend since May and we moved in right away with each other. No, not the best idea, but it’s too late to take it back now.

In the beginning we always talked about cleaning up and fixing things to make our place more comfortable for us. Well guess who got stuck cleaning up? My clown ass. And when the toilet stopped working. Did he fix it? No, he’ll get help from his uncle, but somehow finds away to get upset or in a fight with him and nothing gets finished. The same situation happened with his car. So now we have to wake up and drive to a gas station just to shit. We put so much wear and tear on my car because it’s the only one working. I’ve asked him nicely, I’ve begged and pleaded to get these things taken care of. Ive told him how desperate, stressed and ugly I feel living the way we do. Nothing ever happens or changes, I don’t have any patience for it anymore and when we argue about that stuff, I just go off and start yelling, I get so angry. I know I’m critical about the situation and I shouldn’t yell, but pooping is the most basic human need and we can’t even do that. I’ve told him multiple times that living this way and not doing anything about it, is a sign he doesn’t have respect for, not just me, but himself. He acts like he doesn’t care and I keep telling him that’s what I’m paying attention to, his actions, not words. He always makes things okay when we talk calmly, which I appreciate, but when nothing comes of it, I just lose hope. I know I’m in the wrong for losing my cool during our arguments, but I feel like I’m being backed into a corner. I feel trapped and I just want to give up.

Girl leave. You’ve only been dating since may & you’re already having issues?? Imagine having your kids with him, omg. My advice is to go… he has no motivation to even fix a toilet for himself let alone you