I'm scared of the outcome, has anyone had this happen?

In 2018 I went for a smear test it come back abnormal so I was sent for more test I had to have biopsys taken and all come back clear other than I was told I carry the hpv virus I was ment to have a smear 1 year later but die to covid19 my smear has been missed for 2 years I had my smear last week the nurse who was doing it had to stop and get a docter to take a look as my cervix didn't look normal, docter came in took a look and finished the smear then the doctors said my cervix don't look healthy so she is sending me for further tests got to wait for an appointment but said it will be an emergency, docter said my cervix should be a circle shape but mine is more like a pokaman ball shape with a line going frow the middle of it aswell as having loads of little white spots all around my cervix I'm so scared of what the outcome will be this time round I can't help but think I won't be so lucky this time around and I just fell so let down not being asked to have my smear 2 years ago like I was ment to I cant help think if something is there it's had 2 years to grow has anyone had a abnormal smear had biopsys then on the next smear things not been great again and all turned out OK?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I'm scared of the outcome, has anyone had this happen?

I’ve had high number of abnormal cells and pre cancer cells cut out, mutiple times, they told me, on average, cancer takes 5-10 years to develop, and is usually due to not having smear tests, earlier they catch it the better, my old doctor said one of my smears was clear, so I didn’t get another one for 3 years, turns out that one was not clear, so abnormal cells had years and years to grow. But still got cut out and have since had a clear result, so try not to stress hun, and honestly, getting it cut out is better then the biopsy in my opinion.

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I had an abnormal been years ago, I did all their test . Went to get my results and was told I could leave without seeing a Doc, I threw a fit Demanded to see one. Was told our bodies sometimes heal themselves. Have been clear since. Prayers hun

I had repeat abnormal smears for years.
Also have the HPV virus.

Im all good atm everything went back to normal.

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Colposcopy Digital Atlas.

I had abnormal pap test like yours I did biopsy mine came back pre cancerous cells because I had a difficult delivery and my Dr. Said it would kill me to have more kids at 21 he wanted me to have tubes tied so in my case they wanted me to have a hysterectomy because I also was diagnosed with HPV. I panicked and waited 4yrs and I had moved and gotten married and went to a different Dr. They checked me and it was worse but it hadn’t spread however they did say it was imperative to have the hysterectomy immediately so I did. So it does take I know at least in my case it was 4yrs and I was still ok before I ended up having a hysterectomy done.

I always have abnormal and also have hpv but everything always ends up fine. Don’t stress to much hun

I had abnormal cells a few times and had them cauterized. I had to be checked regularly. After a doctors neglect and having an infection for over 6 months after the birth of my second child it resulted in a hysterectomy and I just asked them to remove my cervix at the same time. I now don’t have to worry about it anymore. I’ll keep you in my prayers I hope everything is treated and you heal.

I had abnormal smears for years statring when I was 16 but the Dr I had just blew it off That I had a cold at the time of the smears and never told me (which colds can cause them to be abnormal but there is no way everytime I went I had a cold) fast forward to 2009 I was pregnant with my 3rd child and my Dr did a smear it was abnormal and she said she needed to biopsy but kept putting it off till it was to late to safely do the biopsy while I was pregnant we had some words and I finally at that point left her practice immediately mid pregnancy went to the new Dr they repeated the smear and it in fact was abnormal, they wanted my chart from old Dr to look at the past smears but the old Dr refused to send my file till almost the end of my pregnancy when they finally got them they seen the years worth of abnormal smears and that they always told me they were normal . So at that point my new Dr said as soon as my son was born and I was able I had to have a immediate biopsy, biopsy done and they rushed the results, what would have been pre cancerous cells had started Turing to cancerous cells I was still very young and so the Dr scheduled immediate surgery to try to remove all the cancerous cells he was successful in moving all the cancerous cells however he said he wasn’t sure that I would ever be able to carry another baby to term due to how much they had to remove.(however I was able to carry one more child after surgey) I also have the hpv virus and that virus does cause cancer.

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