I'm trying to decide whether to do a natural birth or schedule a c-section

I had my first child over a year ago and now pregnant with a second. I have 3 more moths to decide. My first pregnancy was awful and so was delivery. We had induce because they were afraid if I went longer the baby would be too big to push out naturally. Everything about it was painful. The dilation check made me cry everytime. The Balloon they stick inside to get you to a 4 was painful and hard to move around. Taking the balloon out and purposely breaking the water was very painful and uncomfortable. And since I was past a 4, and I'm not good with pain at all it just got worse from there. When I got to a 5 I decided to get the epidural and the man had to do it twice and still ended up fucking it up so I have bad back issues. I jumped from a 5 to a 10 within an hour so the epidural barely had time to kick in. I was passing in and out during pushing, and when he finally came out I tore on a scale of 2. After they stitched me up the epidural finally kicked in completely and I was very loopy and fucked up I didn't get to enjoy the first few moments, not even hours with my son it was very depressing. On a scale of painful 1-10 it was 10 the whole entire time.

When we got home the healing process was horrible. Even tho I tore on a scale of a 2 it took over 8 weeks to completely heal the stitches and area, my doctor said was the longest healing for a 2 he’s ever seen. I do have stairs so I think that’s what made it take longer to heal. I ended up get internal and external hemorrhoids which took over 7 months to heal and get rid of, very painful. Peeing, showering, moving, anything extremely painful for the 8 weeks it took me to heal.
I’ve been telling my doctor that I really want a c-section and him (also my family) have been telling me it’s way worse then natural birth. I know every pregnancy is different for everyone but that is my story. When I ask people theirs about the c-section they really don’t say much other than don’t do it and the doctor doesn’t really give me good reasons why not as well (he just keeps saying it’s a difficult process). So just out of curiosity I wanted to get some opinions on whether you think a c-section would be a better route or if you feel comfortable to please tell me your experience so I am fully aware of what may happen, or how to handle the healing process.