Iphone or android?

Which one is better IPhone or android?


Android hands down! Hate iPhones!

Android. But thats because I just don’t like Iphones for some reason lol I love my Android.

It depends on your preference honestly.

Its about presences I had both and i prefer Android I hate my iPhone

I’ve had both. Each one has certain features that are better than the other.

Android if you want to be cool and iPhone if you don’t want to be… :smirk:

iPhone. Androids are annoying

Android. Had nothing but problems with iPhone. Many people I know with iPhone are always talking about some glitch or problem. No thanks on that.

iPhone. Every time I get an Android the charging part breaks lol

iPhone. Androids crash a lot. All the ones I ever had messed up all the time.

Android. I’ve loved all of mine!

It really depends on your preference and what features you want out of the phone. Personally for me, I love my Android. But I don’t think one is better than the other.

I LOVE both…lol. I had iphone from the iPhone 4 up to the 6s+ and one of every kind in between and absolutely loved the camera quality on them, and the way they’re made, but now I have a galaxy s9 edge I love the camera quality as well and the speakers are way louder than any of my iPhones ever were. Also I love that on android there are tons of free apps you can download to get music whereas iPhone you cant Just download an app and find music you want and save it you can only use iTunes to have music on your phone. My favorite thing so far about my s9 compared to my iphone 6 is the options provided in the camera. There’s tons of different photographing options and video recording options where with iPhone you just have the normal slow motion, regular video, panaroma, selfie mode, regular camera. The so has wayyyyyy more.

Android. I had an iphone but certain links you cant open with an iphone.
So I love my android

I have a samsung s10 and love it

I’ve done customer service and tier 1 and 2 tech support for both Android and iPhone and let me tell you what… Android is, hands down, the easier of the two to fix. Android accessories are typically interchangeable between devices and multipurpose for the various functions. Meanwhile, Apple is proprietary and you have to buy a different gadget for each special function, which gets crazy expensive. If your Android goes down, you can troubleshoot it and with minimal issues, have it fixed in a short period of time. If you need your iPhone fixed, you basically have to send it away to a specialist and they will charge an exorbitant amount, and if it can’t be fixed, you are out the cost of the device, the shipping fee to send it out, the repair fee, and the return shipping, just to get your broken phone back.

As for the specs, Android boasts a superior user-friendly interface that iPhone has only recently been able to come close to. The camera is better for iPhone but battery life is superior in Android. Android can be infected by viruses but can’t be hacked without specialized software; iPhone can’t get viruses but can be hacked by an intelligent child with basic computer skills and an aptitude for mischief.

I hope this information helps you decide for yourself which one you feel is more worth having.

A former Technical Support Specialist and avid Android enthusiast.


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