Is a townhome without a yard a good idea for me?

I'm considering purchasing a townhouse and it doesn't have a yard just a small patio, there is more than enough space inside for just me and my 3 year old, it's close to parks, pool, schools I had always just imagined having a yard to have some privacy and security while my little one plays outside I'm wondering if any momma's have went with a townhome over a house and if you miss having a yard or if you're content and find getting out to parks everyday is enough

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is a townhome without a yard a good idea for me?

No lawn to mow. Less maintenance :sweat_smile:

Sounds perfect honestly… especially if there’s parks close by… less maintenance is always a plus :raised_hands:t3:

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Personally don’t think I would enjoy it but I’ve always owned dogs.

If you’re okay with always going to the park for play time then I say go for it.

We live in a back to back side to side townhouse and I hate it. I have 2 kids now and it’s tough. We only have a front patio and I can’t wait to have a house with a yard where my kids can play. That’s just my honest opinion.


We rented a townhouse with a small deck & no yard while my son was 1-3 years old. It was fine for awhile, but having to drive to the park or just go somewhere else for him to have outside playtime got old really quick. We now have a house with a fenced in yard and it’s really nice to just open up the back door to go play!

My preference would be to have a yard… especially with kids. Even
If it’s small. Place to hang out. Play. Have friends over and sit out by the fire, etc
Before we bought our home we rented a townhome. It had a decently sized back and front yard.
My kids are older now, but I would still want some sort of back yard if I was to look again.

Yard. It saved my sanity.

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Definitely need a yard space with kiddo :heart:

Stay away from.hoa s

I love my privacy and the lack of drama that comes with having my privacy. I absolutely hated living in a townhouse. We had a small yard and 2 kids at the time but it just wasn’t enough. My kids loved the space we had in the house but the outside was just awful. By the time we moved, my youngest was about 4 and was terrified of grass, she had never actually played in it before because everything was mulch and pavement. It took her about a year to get over her fear of grass. Plus with townhomes comes HOA’s and more rules then I could even count :sweat_smile:.

Me and hubby just bought a townhome with only a patio outside! It’s me,him both of our daughters and 2 babies on the way we have parks all around us elementary school is 5 mins away and the town home is big inside I loved it! Our realtor could tell from my face lighting up that I loved it more than any house we looked at!

Sounds like you really want a yard, keeping looking you may find everything your looking for

Less outside work but it depends on your child. If they like outside time alot, it may behoove you too find something with a better option. If not, go for it. Keeps in mind, as she grows, she may want friends to stay over and they’ll be inside the whole time. Lol

Well, kids get used to dealing with what they have. Children grow up in apartments in urban areas all over the world and do just fine. My kids grew up in a townhouse and just played in open spaces in the neighborhood or ran around on the sidewalk. The upper deck was big enough for a tree house or playing in dirt or running around or doing crafts; the lower patio was big enough for a baby pool in the shade.

We have a traffic circle (our “street” is basically our parking lot) and we’d block off the circle at times so the kids could ride their trikes there safely. Our little yards were enough for building snow people, decorating for holidays, etc. Some neighborhoods have pools or walking paths or border parkland.

What’s the weather like where you are? Are there lots of sunny days when the temps are good or is it bitter cold and/or rainy a lot? Will the kids be in day care? In organized sports? I live where single family homes START at $700,000 and new SF homes have small yards and go for $1 million, so it’s only an option for the rich. And you can’t just say “go out and play” without you or another trusted adult going with them to supervise.

But we have great parks, museums, pools, festivals, parades and cultural events with great programs for kids. Just make sure they have friends and can socialize at their homes too. BTW, have you noticed kids don’t play outside much any more after their toddler years? Everyone’s glued to their machines.

But if you can afford a yard, go for it!

I live in a small apartment that was originally a house, we have a ton of outdoor space but I’d rather be in a townhouse or something similar

I would die without a yard. I have 3 kids (6,5,3) and sometimes it’s too much rough housing inside. Sometime I just want to wash dishes without someone up my butt.