Is anyone else having weird issues with chlorine and pool services?

I have a pool service that raised their prices back in June. At the same time, they told us that there is a chlorine shortage and they could only buy so much per day but they would still use a little liquid chlorine and other chemicals as normal. As such, they told us we could buy chlorine ourselves and leave it out for them to use. Come to now, they advised we ran out of chlorine and need to buy more or they could buy it for us and add it on the bill. I’m thinking about switching services cause there’s also billing issues sometimes where they think I didn’t pay and I have to provide the invoice receipt. Should I switch?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is anyone else having weird issues with chlorine and pool services?

Yes you should switch. They sound shady.

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Lmfao you’re an a hole there’s a shortage now either you can buy it yourself or they can put it on the bill but you still have to pay to have your pool maintenance or better yet switch to a new company that will tell you the same thing


Or just do it your self…keeping up a pool really isnt hard


We have had no trouble finding it. It’s also the same price it has always been. We take care of our own pool. Just do it yourself to save some money and the headache of dealing with other people.

We actually switched to liquid chlorine, and it’s much easier and costs less. But we also do it ourselves.

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My husband and I own a pool company and chlorine has went up 200%! Its outrageous!! We haven’t raised prices (just yet)… But we plan too. Very Soon!


switch if not shady they’re unprofessional not keeping track of payments

My pool service explained the supply chain issues they were facing with chlorine and since this is a service I could do myself and it would cost me more in the long run (yes I bill myself for my own time) I told them if they need to up my price a bit I’d be okay with that.

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