Is chime a good bank?

I was just wondering if anyone uses chime and if they like it? I’m thinking of using it!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is chime a good bank?

I dislike them as a bank. Do not use online banking. Horrible

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I use them & I get paid 2 days early every week. I’ve been using them for about 9 months now

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Yes! Use my like to sign up!

We’ll both earn $100 when you join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit! Learn more. Signing up takes only 2 minutes!


I like them a lot. Been using chime for 4 years and never had a problem. And you really do get the sign up bonus^ done it plenty of times lol


Chime is not a bank or is it?

Yes I use Chime and haven’t had any issues.

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My daughter is it for her direct deposit for few years now.

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I love them! I have a link if you’d like to sign up. Feel free to pm me if you’d like.

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Been using chime for over a year totally worth it. Got my fiance to switch and he loves it to plus if u need extra cash and stuff they haveboost sithout fees

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No! They’re horrible.

I use chime I love it just hate that cash app acts out when I try and transfer money other then that chime is pretty great

I love it I been with them fie 3 years now.

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No. I know someone who had them and they had fraudulent purchases coming up and let like 6 purchases go through and never shut the account off even though she had it set up to notify her of all activity. And then told her it could take up to 90 days to get her money back. She had to call the places and stop the charges because they wouldn’t do anything about them. And the billing addresses they put in didn’t even match hers. I don’t trust them.

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I use oxygen because they have a lot of ways that you can get cash back and I’ve never had an issue I really never used chime I have time I just never use it

Yes my daughter-in-law has Chime she loves it.

Chime isn’t an actual bank.

Yes and I love it so much

I’ve heard horrible things about Chime.

I use them. No problem ever. Love them

I prefer Varo over chime. Chime up and closed my account with money in it for no reason.

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Yes love it and the credit card really helps your credit score


Love my chime!!! I’ve gotten multiple people to join who love it as well!!

I just got it and like it so far

I have had it for 3 years best bank

I love chime had it for years no issues

I have had my Chime almost 4 years now! I got rid of my actual bank account a year after getting it because my bank would charge me fees and stuff for no reason. But Chime is so worth it I’m my opinion. :blush:

If I had direct deposit through my job, I’d definitely switch to chime

My mom does. She likes it.

I love it best bank ever

I love it!! No monthly fees, direct deposit, no overage fees, you can send and receive money as well

My mum uses it and she freaking loves it so much I’m considering switching from Dave to Chime lol.

They are decent, IF you can ever get a debit card. I’ve had them for 3 months. And still don’t have a working debit card.

We use current and love it

Just keep in mind there was a lawsuit against chime at one point for taking people’s money. I used to use chime, loved it, but once I heard that I shut my account down quick. I’ve heard varo is good, along with a few others.

I have varo and love it… can send anyone who wants a referral code you get a free 50 bucks once u get card deposit 20 and spend it…

I love chime it’s so easy to ise

My husband and I love it.

I use chime and I absolutely love it! Never had any issues so far and I’ve had it for like two years

I’ve been using it for 3 years, I love it!

I’ve been using Chime for 3-4 years. No issues what so ever.

I love it, you get paid early, they have a credit builder and you can get spot me

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I love it never had any issues at all!

I love chime. Ive had it for 2 years.

I love chime. Had it for a few years now and had not issues

I’ve been using it for a couple months. My pay comes in before my paystub now

Idk why so many people are moving to non traditional banks now, you are more susceptible to fraud this way also. And as far as getting paid 1-2 days earlier, that is only beneficial the first time. It’s still the same timeframe between pay after that. If you were to happen to fall into a bind and need a loan no place I know takes any type of pay card for the bank. I work at a loan company and we require a brick and mortar bank to open a loan with us. Also would you not rather have an actual person you can go in front of and speak to if you had issues with your money? Idk about y’all but my money is mine and I want to deal with a real person if something happens with it and I want answers. Plus isn’t there fees related to atm withdrawals and stuff with cards like that?


I like it. My paycheck does come a day earlier than everyone else’s but I’ve worked other places and it doesn’t so depends on where you work. Depositing cash is a pain because you have to do it through like a walgreens or somewhere that has green dot. The app is very easy to use and I haven’t had any fraud type issues yet. You can use it for ALMOST anything. For example you cannot rent a car with this type of debit card. The credit builder card has done wonders for me!! Overall I like it but I feel like if I had more money lying around, like a savings with a good amount or something, I would want a normal bank. And now that I have a son I’m forsure looking into something else cuz eventually we’d like to take out a home loan and start a savings account for his school and you cannot do that with chime.

I love Chime. Been using it for a couple years now

Idk if it makes a difference but they’re a financial technology company not a bank


My husband and I use it and we both like it. One feature we like is that it can connect to cash app so we can move money between accounts very easily

I just switched to chime. App is easy to understand. You have a savings credit builder and spot me. It’s really nice. No issues yet

I signed up…was going to deposit money and it said they would have a 3 day blackout date where i may not be able to access my money. I canceled immediately. I was not signing up for something that could cut off my access to my money out of the blue for days. Id rather stay with my current bank.

I love it! I haven’t had ANY issues. I do direct deposits and get paid 1-2 days early. I also do mobile deposits and my money is in my account in less than 24 hours. Unlike traditional banks where it can take DAYS for the check to clear. I also love the SPOT ME features. Plus who wants to deal with people inside a traditional bank? I know I don’t lol.

I really like the credit builder feature! I’ve been using chime for maybe a year or two now and haven’t had any issues.

I used it for fun money for a few years. I had a direct deposit of a small amount of my paycheck. They closed my account for suspected money laundering. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I love it. Direct deposit 200 days early ans both my kids have one so I cam send them money without have money to just blow on

Yeah I think it’s good

I use Drummond and absolutely love it

Been using it for years now and I love it. No fees and no problems at all. Highly recommend :heart:

I’ve used chime for 5 years and never had a problem with fraud or discrepancies with my balance. In addition, my credit score was helped with their credit builder card. I definitely recommend