Is co-sleeping safe?

My baby girl is 6 going on 7 months. We sleep on the couch while her father sleeps in bed. Question. Is it okay to co sleep with a 6 going on 7 month old baby?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is co-sleeping safe?

I slept on the bed with mine I found it more unsafe to sleep on the sofa baby

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I think everyone has their own opinions on this. Both of mine did and do… but in a bed. I’d be worried about rolling off a couch. I’d have the father sleep on the couch. Mine are 9 and 2 now.

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Why would anybody ask this question

Wouldn’t risk it on the sofa less space, more likely to fall off x

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You can’t totally relax and she can’t either

No, especially on a couch. Serious risk of lying on them or suffocating them. Slightly better in a bed. Maybe ask around to get her a cot?


You’re not supposed too for safety purposes, such as SIDS and what not, but I have with all 3 of mine and they are okay :woman_shrugging:t3:

I co-slept with all six of my children and they slept with older siblings.

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You know the answer already. It’s been proven to be dangerous many times.


Nothing wrong with asking questions. You do what you feel is ok and safe. Beds have more room but if this works better in your situation then I’m sure it’s fine

Yes it definitely is but not on the couch. Cosleeping is safest in your bed.

Mine is 6mth and we co sleep and he sleeps better for it and so do I, have at er but take the bed and your man on the couch

I’m more concerned that you are sleeping on the damn couch ! And then with a baby :woman_facepalming:t2:

Kick dad out the bed and you and larl lass get in bed :blush::sweat_smile::ok_hand:

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I still bed share with my two boys. Both been in my bed since birth. A couch probably isn’t that safe tho. Bed is safe.

Make him sleep on couch and y’all share the bed.

I think the better question is why is the father sleeping in the bed and the mom and baby are sleeping on the couch?!?!?


I have a big couch . Like two adults can lay on mine side by side .but I also had a rocking bassinet beside the couch when he was younger.

I co slept with my kids until they were about a year old. You can never regret those memories.

No and it will totally bite you in the ass when you want privacy

I think a bed is okay, not so much on the couch. Put her Dad on the couch instead. You could roll over and smash her into the cushions or she could fall off the side. Not worth it.

I’ve co slept with all 3 kids from the day they were born.

I’d make him sleep on the couch and take the bed. Co slept with all 3 of mine. Still cosleeping with my 1 year old.

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Make him sleep on the couch and you guys take the bed, I think it’d be more unsafe on the couch than the bed

Isn’t that the only way to sleep with your kid(s) :joy::joy::joy:

I co slept with both our kids in our bed. When I slept on the couch with the kids I didn’t sleep properly and I ended up napping with the babies when they napped so that I wouldn’t be over tired that night. It does have its draw backs I’m still sharing my bed with my 9yo most nights, ok all of them, but she feels safer in my bed

Confused why you’re on the couch and he’s in the bed? Co sleeping is safe if you follow the guidelines. It’s obviously not safe to co sleep on the couch - you are justified in asking to sleep in the bed!


No. Especially on a sofa where she’ll roll off. Put the kid in a cot, don’t risk your baby’s life because you want to cuddle at night. You can very easily roll onto her.


I slept with mine but I made sure babygirl was on the inside of y the couch and a pillow under her while I’m holding her so we’re on the same level :heart: but I’m also a light sleeper too. Wouldn’t suggest for heavy sleepers!!

Co sleeping is never okay


I’ve co slept with all 5 of mine. You’d be safer than on a couch first off. Kick the man out the bed lol.

That’s funny I sleep on the couch with my 10-month old baby on my chest or next to me. But my daughters in bed with my husband and she has slept with us her whole life

My kids are 18 and 13, I coslept their first year.

No no no in a bed maybe yes but a sofa is a no go

There’s a safe way to do anything including co sleeping. If you can figure, go for it girl and get the proper sleep you deserve.

what? he should be the one on the couch.


Co-sleeping can be safe but not on the couch.

Why are you and the baby sleeping on the couch while he has the whole bed? No it isn’t safe and it’s pathetic he wouldn’t tell you guys to take the bed


My daughter is 2 1/2 months and I co sleep. I also co slept with my now 8 year old. Why are you and baby on the couch and your SO gets the bed to himself??


No. Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support

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The safest place for baby to sleep is alone in their back in a crib. That being said what works best for you and your family with risks involved is your choice.

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Not on a sofa but in a bed yes

to easy to fall off of. Dad should sleep on sofa. Mine always slept between us on a special V pillow


They are going to tell you everything you’re doing wrong especially when it comes to cosleeping. Nobody knows your child like you do. If you both are comfortable there, both getting the rest you need I say have at it!

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My son is 6 and we still co-sleep. My nephew will be 10 and he still sleeps with both parents.

I slept with allvmy babies. Make him take couch u n baby gwt bed

I co slept with both of my kids and will do the same with the one I’ll be having soon. I wouldn’t make sleeping on the couch your go-to spot for sleeping during the night. I would make sure the baby has a safe place. I used a crib that I secured to my bed so that they’d have enough room and their own place right by me. I just bought a pack and play that’s specifically made for this off of Amazon. I then bought a mattress topper because it was too hard by itself lol…but cosleeping is so natural and honestly, way easier! Best of luck to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I didn’t cosleep with either of my babies, because I was afraid of accidentally suffocating them in my sleep, with all the blankets and pillows and the possibility of rolling over on them or them rolling off the bed.

My friends mom took a nap on a couch with her baby of this age. The baby died. So no. It is not safe at all


I coslept with both of mine since birth.

There are a set of safe co-sleeping guidelines to follow, but sleeping on a couch is a big no no.


I co slept with both of mine and never had an issue. It’s not up to others to tell you, you’re the mother, do you feel it’s okay and the baby is fine? That’s what matters. I slept on couches, beds and sometimes floors with mine. You do what you feel is best.
Side note for all the members/Karen’s of the perfect moms club: We had pillows and blankets on the floor so there’s no need for your input, not that I’d ever ask for it. Thank you.

BTW my family gave me all kinds of crap about co-sleeping with my son so my brother looked it up and according to the APA co-eeping is encouraged. Just sayin’ for the naysayers.

I slept with my kids until they were about 1 1/2 years old I slept with my hand on their little belly so that i made sure they were still breathing.

Unfortunately it’s not as safe as having her in het own safe sleep space.

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Don’t come here asking that question lol . Do what you please . I slept with my baby . And to this day at 9 years old I co sleep . FCK what these judgy ass people on the internet have to say .

I have 4 and have co-slept with them all from birth to a few years old :woman_shrugging:t4:

I co slept with all my babies straight from birth but it’s different for each family

My husband has been sleeping on the couch and letting me and the baby have the bed since my C-section last week and that’s how it should be! Co sleeping is okay if your doing it the safest way and being on the couch is definitely not.

I co slept with my kids from birth

NO this is not safe at all. I have a friend that lost a grandbaby due to this.

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I co-sleep in bed. In the beginning it was just me and babe on the king and dad on the couch. But I can’t sleep on a couch can’t get to sleep. I have the crib against one side and I’m on the other. Sleeping in bed with my son now 2 saved his life when he got RSV and couldn’t breathe.

Make your husband sleep on couch n you n baby sleep on bed


The answers are going to vary because this is a set stove subject to most moms. I personally don’t agree with co sleeping but I would never tell a mother not to do something she feels right and is comfortable with.

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You can co-sleep safely, but not on a couch. Just follow the safe 7.

Why aren’t you and your baby on the bed???


It is associated with risks, that is a reality supported by scientific evidence. However, it depends on an individual’s idea and perceptions about “safe.” I coslept with all 4 of my babies from about age 0-2. I breastfed so this made it easier for me and I felt confident in my ability to do so safely. I didn’t use heavy blankets, I’m a light sleeper, and I had plenty of space in my bed as to reduce the risks of squish/suffocating them. It’s not a law or a hard rule, co sleeping is based on recommendation and risks.

My only suggestion is that your husband take the couch and you have the bed with baby.

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Sleep in the bed is safest. Babies can fall through creaks of the sofas. My youngest is 4 and slept with me since she was a newborn.

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I co-slept with my baby from the day I had her she is 10 now Abe still loves to sleep with me

I coslept with all 3 of mine. My oldest is 6.

Sleeping on the couch is not safe. For suffocation reasons and dropping baby it’s best to sleep on a bed if you choose to co sleep and follow the guidelines

You and your baby should be in the bed.

Co sleeping is perfectly normal. As long as you are doing it safely there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If it makes you and your baby get a better nights sleep, definitely go for it. Now with that being said, the couch is not safe for babies. I’m not going to comment on you sleeping on the couch while your husband sleeps in bed as that’s none of my business. But you do need to find a sleeping arrangement that works and is safe for your baby. Whether it be moving to the bed, or getting yourself a mattress for the living room

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If someone is on the couch, it should be him. Definitely not you and the baby. I bed shared with all six of mine.

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I wish I thought me and my baby would sleep on the couch while dad sleeps peacefully in bed. :roll_eyes:


Statistically no it’s not safe but there’s a ton of people who will say it is. Yes statistically you can get hurt doing anything even driving to the doctor but that doesn’t mean we have to speed and not use a car seat because why would we need to take percussion because it won’t happen to us.

That sounds like something you should talk about with your husband.

I’ve co slept and am still co sleeping . My boys are 6 and 10 and have been co sleeping since the day they were born

Oh honey, take the bed so you can be more comfortable.


I co slept with all 5 of mine, also might be better to sleep in the bed and your husband on the couch?

Why wouldn’t it be? And yall should be in the bed not on the couch, that’s just common sense
I’ve been cosleeping since 4 months with my first and since day 2 with my second. Love every second. You get more sleep lol

You should be cosleeping in the bed! Husband should be on the couch. Cosleeping can be done safely just not with your partner in the same bed so he does have to sleep separate.

Dad should be on the sofa not you two. Plus co-sleeping on a sofa is dangerous

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I’ve co slept with all three of mine I still co sleep with my 2 and and 6 month old. This is a touchy subject for sure. Don’t let the negativity discourage you. Do what feels safe and comfortable for you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So the co sleeping you’re doing currently is dangerous. You and baby need to be in bed not on the couch.

Yes but not on the sofa x

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Uhm why is the MAN in the bed and NOT the WOMAN and the BABY!? Yeah no. Anyways, Co sleeping is perfectly fine. 6 years ago when I had my first kiddo he slept with me the day he came home from the hospital, heck sometimes he still sleeps with me. I’m now due in 5 weeks with my second and I’m sure I’ll be co sleeping with them too. There is no shame in it. :slight_smile:

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I would move to the bed as it safer for sure. But I have with both of mine and used a cosleeper on the side of the bed and a bassinet in the bed so a mixture and no issues.

I never co slept with any of my kids. They had their bassinet by my bed if I needed to get to them right away. And when they became toddlers they went to their own beds. That’s my bed they can sleep in their own beds nothing wrong with it. If they have a nightmare or they get scared we go in and tuck them back in read them a story and help make them feel secure and safe and then go back to sleep there’s no need for them to crawl into Mommy and Daddy’s bed.


Yes but not in the couches

I coslept with mine. They still sleep with me and they’re 4 and almost 5. I have a king size bed so they have one side, I’m on the other. I wouldn’t sleep on the couch though.
They’re only 10 months apart so trying to lift one out of the crib while pregnant wasn’t working

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Wouldn’t on a sofa why Is her dad in bed and your both on sofa questioning if it’s safe kick his ass on the sofa and sleep in bed together I slept with all 4 off mine when baby’s my last one is nearly 2 he’s slept in my bed from 6 month old x

We co slept from day 1 but had a safe, raised cosleeping bed for him.

I never did because you never know what could happen. I had a bed side bassinet that dropped down on the side for easier access that she slept in until she was able to pull herself up. Why are yall on the couch while he is in the bed? If you are alreadt cosleeping it would definitely be much more safer if you were in the bed where there is more room???

Sleep safe 7 - Baby at your breast
Healthy baby on his back
Keep him lightly dressed.
Not too soft a bed
Watch the cords and gaps
Keep the covers off his head
For your nights and naps.

I’ve been co sleeping with my son since he was born , he is now 6 months old . As long as you’re taking precautions it is safe . Anything can happen wether your co sleeping or baby is in their crib . But I would definitely take the bed so there is more room.


Whoa whoa whoa why are you on the couch and her father is in the bed? Hell no! Kick his ass out of there. You should get the bedroom with baby

My daughter had been sleeping next to me since she was a few months old. She’s 3 now. Sleeping on the couch is not safe so your man needs to be sleeping there and you and baby get the bed.