Is constipation a sign of early pregnancy?

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It could be either or. Both of my pregnancies early on I had very bad constipation. I was on meds to help regulate me.

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Maybe. But it definitely is a sign you need more water and fiber.


Yes, hormonal changes can either cause constipation or diarrhea. There are various early pregnancy symptoms, some less common than others, such as canker sores, gout, cotton mouth etc. But off course, most early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to the symptoms leading up to aunt Flo’s visit. Which makes it very difficult to determine if it’s your turn for a BFP or just normal PMS.

no that can be a sign of many things

Never hurts to take a test & drink some milk of magnesium!

No, but a positive pregnancy test is.


No. Not until later. Drink more water.

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It is a sign you’re of poop :crazy_face:

Was for me with my son !

Maybe, people should check with a real physician instead of using FB physician want to be. It is just common sense!


Instead of helping she could be new at this why are some of you reacting like if you never had any questions when you were new at this ugh! people these days get bothered by everything :roll_eyes:


Do these people not have google? whats with these fan questions lately??


Lol then my husband is pregnant

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I’d be very careful with that one

The only way to know is to take a test. There are many symptoms that come with pregnancy, some people experience no symptoms at all and some experience many.


I always have diarrhea. For me constipation comes from the iron in the prénatals.

Smells! You’ll smell things you never used to and some things will suddenly smell awful. I had to go to unscented detergent. I couldn’t stand the smell of my car or “outside”.

For me no it wasn’t but I guess it probably could be , idk everyone’s symptoms are different!

Yes, but it was more throughout because of the vitamins and iron I had to take. It was horrible. My first symptoms was my breasts hurting

It could be I would say make sure your drinking plenty and if been long enough do a test. That’s a hard one because can be cause by multitudes of things.

It can be. But typically you have other symptoms first. If you’re having physical symptoms a pregnancy test should work

Maybe am 5months pregnant and feel constipated.But constipation alone can be anything.I would take a pregnancy test.It will tell you 5 days b4 your missed period

Nausea is the biggest giveaway. I was up at 4am on the dot every morning throwing up. Then it started being all day sickness :nauseated_face: I don’t miss that at all.

Yes it is. Amoung many other things. I had constipation and I’m now 5 months prego

It can be, though you tend to see it more in the later months because your organs are so crampy with baby taking up most of the room.

Are you kidding!? Best check with your Dr. Where did you ever get such an idea? :worried:


FFS!!! Go get a blood test , and a pee test if you think you’re pregnant

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Yes but it happens more in your 2nd trimester which is month 3-6

It’s a sign of dehydration and a lack of fibre. Drink some water and eat you some prunes. Fix that right up.

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No…i have been constipated, but never pregnant

I vomited from days after I got pregnant with my son until 2 minutes before he was born. There are lots of symptoms with pregnancy

Yes that’s always the first sign I know I’m pregnant. Got constipated the first time around 6 weeks and the same happened with my second pregnancy.

Absolutely I didn’t poop for a week then boom pregnant

Plenty of water should help

🤦 Constipation is a sign of eating to much cheese :cheese:

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Shortage of calcium magnesium

17 years later I’m still constipated 🤦🏽🤦🏽

Ong some of these questions lately smh
Ever heard if google?

I hope not !! I am 74.

:joy::joy: really

Maybe your just constipated