Is Dave and Busters kid friendly?

Has anyone been to dave and busters? Is it kid friendly? How is it? Prices?


Kid friendly, geared towards adults. Prices are high. Its fun.

Prices are a little high but my son and my cousins son loved going

I’ve been there before. It is kid friendly. It’s kinda pricey. But it is a fun place to go! - V :dizzy:

Kid friendly before like 8pm, at the one by me. I mean its always kid friendly but there are tons more adults who are drinking/rowdier after around 8. If you can catch a good deal than i would go then but prices are highish but not unreasonable. Its fun, the last time i went i was 32 weeks pregnant & still had fun.

Take my kids there all the time. We find deals on Groupon for it every time. After 11pm no one under 18 is allowed at the one I go to.

It’s fun kinda pricey though. And yes it’s kid friendly but more fun for adults

We take the big and little kids there. Look for coupons then it’s not so bad.

Wednesdays are half price but not sure if in all areas

It’s super fun and I had a grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries amazing