Is eating fish safe for pregnancy?

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I was told to avoid bottom feeders - tilapia, catfish, shrimp, crab, lobster - and limit tuna especially in the first trimester. My doctor Ok’d shellfish after 20 weeks. No sushi with raw or undercooked fish until you’re done nursing.

Yes, but pregnant women are supposed to avoid high mercury fish, and limit tuna to like 2 or 3x a week. That was the last advice I was given the last time I was pregnant in 2012.

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Fish is fine as long as its not an everyday thing its actually good for you. Its the mercury in seafood that you need to look out for just check that and you should be fine. (If tour not sure of the mercury lvl its best to avoid it as specially in the first trimester)

My daughter doctor told her only tuna with crater in a can or frozen fish and bake them in the ove once a month… and that was 2019/2020

They say only certain fish like salmon but try to avoid high Mercury fish

It depends on the fish. Mercury is high in some fish which is not good.

I just researched this too and I found a list

It’s not for the fish.

No. Avoid fish at all cost

Speak to a medical professional.

What Cassidy Casidy Wood Julian said

Not if you live in michigan. Too much mercury in the water