Is facebook messenger a form of contact?

legally is Facebook messenger a form of contact?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is facebook messenger a form of contact?

I mean I’d say it is because you’re still communicating. Like if it is a restraining order then it’s like texting. So yes it’s illegal in that sense.

It should be screenshots are like a paper trail

It could be an envelope delivered by a pigeon, if they are contacting you it’s contact


Is somebody able to message you through FB messenger? Like… You can interact with them? Send pics? Call? Send texts? Yes. That means that fb messenger is a form of contact. Next question LOL

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It’s a form of contact, yes.

If you have a tpo on someone and they use Fb msg, they are violating the order

:woman_facepalming: is this real life?

I have a protective order against my ex and he has used fb messenger to try to contact me several times. Each time I was told that it did not violate no contact order because even if it was under his name they could not prove it was him.

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For serving leal paperwork it depends on your state

So basically like everything else in life, everyone is 50/50 on the answer. Cool.

Yes it is, I had a restraining order and he wasn’t allowed to message on Facebook as it’s classed as contact


Yes it is I use to have a cpo for 5 years and when the person it was against contacted me on Facebook messenger they was in violation of the cpo. So yes it’s a form of legal contact

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If you have a protective order and they use it to reach out then yes it is contact.

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Contact is contact. All social media is contact.


Legally how? For child custody? Anything written and sent and showing they have read it is proof. But if it is about sharing a child, I recommend downloading talking parents app.

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I think it depends on the state and the context. Is it because you have a no contact order, then yes. Generally it’ll mention 3rd party contact and I believe Faceboom is considered contact. Otherwise, I really think it depends on the state.

It shouldn’t be… what if they don’t use the account no more

My ex tried going to court because I blocked him and he needed to be able to contact our daughter. Yes it’s a form of contact, but text/phone call was still there and I offered Skype if he ‘needed’ video communication.


My PFA includes ALL form of contact including but not limited to any form of social media like Facebook, Twitter Snapchat and etc. So yes in some cases it is a form of contact.

Just call an actual lawyer and ask

My ex was not allowed, per the court, to use Facebook messenger. He was ordered to use texting or email, only.

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Yes, all social media platforms. Ex: fb, insta, snap

Yes, any message from the person in question or their associates is classed as contact, as are phonecalls, letters etc x

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If you’re speaking to someone through Facebook Messenger it’s literally considered contact

I’m nosey… and I need the scoop. You can’t just leave out the details.

Who contacted you?


Any form of communication is legal. But it’s easier to print out it in writing. I’ve used print outs of texts in court. Yeah. Legal.

If it’s only way they wanna communicate yes. And for me it’s how I communicate with exs mom bc I don’t want them to have my number period so they can block thoers and harass. It’s messenger so yes.

Can the messages be used in court for legal or civil cases, yes. They’re viewed as texts or emails.
If there is a No Contact Order, it should specify means, like; No calls, in person meetings, or through technology. Some courts may not write it specifically but it would be implied.
No Contact, in court, does mean via technology.

Sounds like someone is looking for a loophole :smirk:

Contact is contact no matter the form.

You’re communicating so obviously…

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Yes and if someone contacted you through Facebook messenger and I have a restraining order or vice versa considered a violation if that’s what you’re asking


In what world would it not be?
Even commenting, posting about or to, and friend requests are contact :woman_facepalming:t2:

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legally no, because it could be any one other than the person the message is intended for getting it i was told this by the police one time when some one was harassing me over messenger cause they went and spoke to the one who was doing it and was told nope not me


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In what context…restraining order, yes.

It depends. I had someone harassing me through messenger when I was going through a custody battle. Police and courts said it can’t be used as anyone could be behind the message…

Per a local department, they told me to send a certified letter (so they have to sign for it) telling them not to contact you or they can be charged with harassment.

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I’m not a lawyer, but I assume yes.

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I have submitted fb messages to court and the judge accepted it.


Not legally for child custody or anything else. Nope as it could be anyone. Email or phone only for us.

Technically all these answers are correct to a certain point. In my case it was even when I had a restraining order against him and his family. That was back in 2012 though so things might have changed since.

Yes it is a form of contact, but it’s harder to prove because I have seen first hand where someone denied it was actually them! Because technically just because it has their name and pictures does not mean it’s them all the time because they can pretend its a fake account or someone else must have been on his account and blah blah blah . It is also harder to prove it is them, so some lawyers won’t use it as evidence!