Is green mucus discharge normal?

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I am 19 weeks pregnant and for the last month or so have been having a green mucous-like discharge when I first wake up in the morning and pee. It’s never in my underwear but just a little on the toilet paper. I didn’t have this with my last pregnancy and I told the OB at my last appointment and she seemed unconcerned but also didn’t tell me what it was. My husband is active duty military, so my insurance only covers me to go to the base hospital and it feels like their care is inattentive at times, so just wondering if any other mamas had this or can tell me if it’s normal or not and what it is? I’ve heard horror stories about military doctors missing things (not saying they aren’t good doctors, but they are CRAZY busy and have lots of patients and lots on their plate.) I have a hard time even getting through to them if I call to change an appointment. Thanks in advance if anyone can tell me what the heck this is :sweat_smile:


If you are hurting or any other symptoms. Go to the er.

I’ve had this once when I was pregnant it turned out to be a uti. I didn’t know because there was no burning or itching or pain. Just slight green mucous.

When i have that they tell me I have a UTI

I had this with both pregnancy i was told it was part of my mucus plug

Mucus plug regenerates

I had that not too long ago and it was a UTI. Common in pregnancy. Try to call and talk to your doctor cuz if it is a UTI, you’re gonna want antibiotics.
ALSO, if you do get put on antibiotics, about 2-3 hours after you take the medicine, eat a pro biotic yogurt or take a pro biotic pill. Otherwise you could very well get a yeast infection. Wish I knew that before cuz now I’m dealing with the latter. But like, eat a LOT of pro biotic yogurt.

It sounds like just your mucus plug…

Had it gave me antibiotics uti

I googled mucus plug and it looked just like mine which started to come out around that time- clear, pinkish, streaked with minimal blood. But maybe some are green? Green ordinarily implies infection. So UTI, or some kind of infection seems possible. Is your primary any better? Because a UTI isn’t necessarily pregnancy related maybe go to another Dr who takes your insurance and get antibiotic if that’s recommended. I’m pretty sure any article I read about discharge, pregnant or not, said green mucus was abnormal should be seen by a doctor and treated.

When pregnant your vaginal mucus thickens, you could also have bacterial vaginosis. I would request to go off base and see a different doctor also tricare does do out of network visits.

If you have any pain go to the ER

Are you sure your husband is absolutely faithful and there is no concerned that you could possibly have an STD. I would bring it up again with your Ob-Gyn and this time get some test done to rule out STDs yeast infection or UTI


Conclusion. Green vaginal discharge is considered abnormal discharge. As soon as you notice green discharge, especially if it is frothy, clumpy, or mucus-like and has a bad odor, contact your doctor. It may be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection or an infection called bacterial vaginosis


If one of the recommendations was that if it was a UTI get antibiotics and probiotic yogurt. Activia is great and my usual go to when im.on antibiotics (which is very often due to chronic sinusitis) green discharge isn’t normal, pregnancy or non pregnancy.

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When i had it was bacterial vaginosis which is not a sexually transmitted… id go get check out


It’s your mucus plug but your mucus plug will regenerate because mine did I started losing a little bit of my mucus plug around 20 something weeks the doctor was unconcerned as long as there’s not blood with that you’re fine

I’d try to get into a free clinic green discharge isn’t normal at all and could be a sign of serious infection.

I had one appointment at Fort stewart Ga because my husband of one month was in the army. The old man obgyn I had to see at thier hospital put his hand so far up in me and moved around so roughly I almost threw up. I never went back and I moved to Florida and got awesome care from a Dr here. Military Dr’s and hospitals have not been good for my family.

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This is gonna sound crazy but I just had a baby and halfway through my pregnancy I developed a horrible reaction to toilet paper. Yeast infection like symptoms, at one point greenish discharge. I had told my ob and they kept giving me yeast infection creams. I stopped using toilet paper and eventually all the symptoms stopped. I use baby wipes in public and for number two now and homemade cloth wipes at home for number one. It sounds crazy but it wasn’t a choice and switching really worked. I had my baby two months ago and still have the sensitivity though.

Get an authorization through your insurance to be seen off base unless your have direct care then you will have to get authorization from the MTF

It’s worth the money to go to another doctor if your concerned.