Is having a c-section and getting tubes tied at the same time more painful?

Any mommas who have had a c-section and tubes tied during it? If so, may I ask some questions? How was your recovery and pain level compared to previous c-sections? Was it like having a normal c-section or was the pain more intense?

No difference in pain, however I used to be able to sleep on my stomach and I’ve never been able to since and that was almost 25 years ago.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is having a c-section and getting tubes tied at the same time more painful?

I had my tunes tied with my last c section and I can’t say it was any more painful then my first c section.

I had mine done at the same time. Tbh I couldn’t tell the pain from having tubes tied over the c-section pain because it hurt bad. (Had 2 previous c-sections)

I have had 3 c sections and tubes tied the last one

I had an emergency c section with my 2nd daughter and that recovery kinda sucked. But I had planned C-section and tubes tied with my son 10 months ago and it was so much better. You shouldn’t notice anything different.

I had it done at the same time and recovery was the same. The faster you begin to move around the faster you will heal. I didn’t move for three days with the first c section, recovery was much longer. When I had my second and got my tubes tied they had me up and moving within 12 hrs, recovery was much easier.

I had three C-sections. And it didn’t seem any different to me.

I’ve had 4 c sections and tubes tied at the last one and was no different to any of the other ones

Having your tubes tied directly after your cesarean is sime. It shouldnt hurt no more than the pain you will already be in from the cesarean. Now,
Having to go back 2 weeks later to do it. Would be harder on your body.
I had 2 cesarean and had mine tied on the second.
Don’t stress momma its the best way to do it

I’m the odd bawl out. I’d have a csection without getting my tubes tied any day compared to having my tubes tied. I had a csection with my son and then with my daughter and got my tubes tied with her. The pain was horrible.

Same for me!! I don’t think I woulda wanted to wait til another time to get fixed lol

I had tubes tied and 4th c section recovery wasn’t any different to just a c section xx

It’s the same. No more pain than normal

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No different!! And if u know ur done do it!!

My mom said no, it’s the same and the easiest time to do it since you’re already open n stuff!

I have had 3 csections. I had my tubes tied with my last. It was not bad.

Not any more painful but I will say my monthly cramps were horrible after getting my tubes tied. And still are 16yrs later!

I found recovery from 3rd C section after having tubes tied, took way longer to recover from. And periods so much worse since :sleepy:

With my second daughter I had my tubes tied it is no different the pain is no different. For me

Can you get your tubes tied when you have a csection…all at once

I had my tubes removed decrease you cancer risk and not chance of pregnancy in the tubes

3 c sections tubes tied with the third. No different than the other 2.


No difference. Actually glad I did it at the same time as my c section.

No difference at all!

I’ve had 4 c sections and I got my tubes toes with my last and it wasn’t bad at all … I was up and walking

Recovery didn’t seem more or less difficult but the pain and periods afterward are unbearable and there is still a 25% chance of getting pregnant after having your tubes tied the more time that goes by the greater the chance of tubes growing back and you getting pregnant I one hundred percent wish I hadn’t gotten my tubes tied but everyone is different

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I just had my c section and tubes tied yesterday. No pain difference from my last c section and barley any bleeding

I had mine tied after my third c-section. The convenience of not having birth control is awesome but I regret it because what they don’t tell you is that afterwards it messes with your periods.

My mom did it and her recovery with that c section was 10 times worse than the prior ones

I got my tubes tied and a c at the same time, don’t think there was any difference

It was the same to me

I had my tubes tied during my second C-Section and my recovery was perfectly fine. No additional pain or discomfort.

My recovery wasn’t any different but what they don’t tell you is that you can be one of the women that development Post tubal ligation syndrome. I unfortunately got it and it has messed up my hormones and period so badly. My only options are birth control or hysterectomy now.

No. Felt just like my first 4 C sections.

I had it done with my 4th c-section and it wasn’t anymore painful. I’ll say my 4th was my worst for pain level due to the size of my baby and how much blood I lost but worth wise it was normal. I recovered in 6 weeks.

Not at all I had it done with our Any problems

No it is not any different. Slightly more tender on my stomach but nothing out of the normal. Was up and going a couple hours after surgery like I was with my first 2

Nope. It wasnt more painful at all! I was so happy to have them done at the same time.

Two c sections tube tied .
18 months later reversed .
9 years ago c section re tied . No difference in recovery but periods r worse than ever . On pill with no break they That bad x

I had my tubes tied at my 5th c section.
I’m sure it would of been fine but my Dr accidentally nicked my bladder and caused a freaking disaster . We won’t talk about that. I do believe it’s the best way to go though .

Nope just had 4th csection October 2020 and tubes tied right after

I didn’t have any difference at all same recovery time and all just way worse cramps and heavier periods

I’ve had 3 and tubal woth the third. My healing was no different from one to the other

On my last pregnancy I had to have emergency c-section and had my tubes tied at the same time no pain at all but I beleive it depends on the persons pain tolerance level I was ready to go home within 24 hours.

I’ve had two c-sections, with my tubes tied on the last one. There was no difference in pain or recovery, in fact, my second I recovered more quickly. The effects of the tubes being tied (worsened cramps and periods) would’ve occurred either way.

I had one in March, and it was a lil more painful but only because I had sharp pains where my tubes were if I moved a certain way.
But nothing I couldn’t handle.

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I had it done with my last c section. No really a difference in my healing really and had hardly a no any pain other than just being sore which kinda there the nurses off because they figured I’d be inalot of pain . My periods don’t seem too bad maybe a bit longer with the spotting at the end but other than that no other complications

I did it. Beat choice ever because you only have to get cut and recover once

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Wasnt any different for me.

I had my first via C-section. Then my second I had another C-section and a tubal. There wasnt any differences that I can recall. HOWEVER my periods following were much heavier and painful. I didn’t know of this being a possibility until my third cycle when I went to my OB and complained. Also set my cycle on a crazy tangent (was already irregular) Wasn’t for about 6years till I became semi regular.

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Candice Honeycutt Richardson

I never had a c-section but I did have my tubes tied & the pain from that was like doing 100 sit ups ( muscles in belly ached) I don’t work out! lol it only lasted a couple days & the incision was tiny it didn’t hurt at all…I took motrin for pain for a couple days! so I would think it won’t hurt anymore than the c-section!

No it was better, didn’t have to go through another surgery…

My daughter did, she was fine

I had mine done same time no difference in healing process but my periods are little heavier and my cramps are ridiculous

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I was fine and had tubes tied for second c sec. Recovery period was same as my first c section.

i just got mine tied on July 20th with my csection it was the worst pain I had ever been through the recovery was horrible I cried my eyes out couldn’t walk without bending over because it hurt to stand up straight, couldn’t go to the bathroom couldn’t sleep it was horrible, nothing like my first 2 c sections if I knew the pain was like that I would of never got my tubes tied.

Only thing I suffer with is my back from the spinal block. Terrible back ache every single day of my life.

2 c-sections had a tubal during the 2nd one

My pain was a little worse but if I could go back and not have mine tied I would all periods and cramps are way worse and was only 27 when I had my youngest child and I’m 32 now and ever since then I am always hot and break out into sweats

Compression socks!!! Get them!!!

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My daughter did and she done good. Just like having a C-section with her 3rd one.

My healing time was incredibly much faster than with my first cesarean. I had a tubal ligation after the last one, being child #4.

The actual surgery & recovery wasnt the bad part… Its down the road… You began to feel & notice some changes in your cycle & your hormonal levels as well… I believe we all have different pain tolerance levels… But I do see we have a link to changes in our periods & that change lasting for sometime… Im jus NOW feeling like myself again… 1 c-section last child & I was considered “geriatric pregnancy”

I got my tubes tied after my last c section and to me it was much more painful than my first two. I had so much gas buildup afterwards, the chest and stomach pain from it was unbearable. It was hard to breastfeed, get up, walk, and just about anything that I was able to do previously with my first two babies, it was hard with my third baby for a few days.

everything was pretty much the same for me except I bled SO much longer after my c section with my tubal.

My cramps are worse, my period is much heavier and it lasts longer.

I think the c sections are more painful each time anyway as there is scar tissue that has to be cut away expecially if its been a long time since previous pregnancy my 3rd was very painful 1st was fine 2nd ok 3rd god I never want to relive the pain :see_no_evil:

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I did this, had problems with massive blood clots the size of my fist… 8 months later i demanded a hysterectomy and it was THE BEST DECISION I EVER FKN MADE​:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:


i had them done at the same time and i ended up with air in my shoulder. worst pain ever and it lasted a good 24hrs

I felt like there was a difference not painfully but a lot of movement and pressures. I didn’t use pain medicine for my previous 2 c-sections and with my last I did and needed a refill. Dr told me that depending on how many c-sections you have had each time they need to go a little further past the scar which can cause it to be a lot more tender. But recovery was the same just after the first 2 weeks

I was told couldn’t have it same time as c section even though medically I couldn’t have any more refused and told too come back when my daughter was 1 ? X

I’ve had 3 c sections and my 3rd one i got tubes tied. It was the worst pain ever. Took me 4 weeks to start to recover like physically. It was sore to walk, laugh even coughing without feeling like my guts was about to drop out! The pain was pretty bad.

Bare in mind this was my experience and everyone has different pain thresholds. I was absolutely fine with my other 2 sections. Best advice is make sure you have someone to help you with everything for the first 3 to 4 weeks as you will literally be only allowed to do very little.

I had my last c section with my daughter and had my tubes tied and honestly the pain of the c section was the same as my first, but i had a tearing and burning constant pain underneath the skin of my incision. It hurt the worst when i would get still for a while then try to move.

I had this done last year. Both at the same time and I was in so much pain for about 2 wks. My periods have been so light and they last about 2 or 3 days.

i had a c section and tubes tied honestly the pain the first 2 days was horrible especially trying to move but after that 2nd day i was walking around doing what i had to do

It was fine the pain was the same.

It had to be less painful than having two separate surgeries and recovery time is no longer when both are done at the same time.

Have never had a c section but have had tubes tied. Not painful

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I had it done at the same time almost 18 years ago. It was worse for me and I couldn’t wear regular shoes for over a month as my feet were too swollen.

My recovery time was a bit longer and was a little more painful than I remember from my 1st 2 csections… but there was also a 9 year break between my 2nd and last one lol…

I had mine tied,cut and burned after my 4th c-section I didn’t notice any difference at all … buuuuuuut I did get pregnant 15 YEARS later with TWINS!


I had two c section and my second was with my tubes tied I feel my first c section was more painful and to longer to heal then my sec

I had a c-section and got my tubes tied at the same time. Best decision ever!

Holy fuck hurt so bad … I told them forget it while they were in the middle of it of course they couldn’t lol but I have my 2 kids. No more!!! Don’t have the patience :rofl::slightly_smiling_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had mine removed with my second

Even though it’s painful for both…it’s best to get your tubes tied same time as the csection. One and done.

I have…all the pain Is the same in that area. You won’t notice

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I had a c-section and my tubes tied at the same time. It wasn’t bad at all. Actually since this was my fourth c-section it was an easy recovery. Thank God


I got my tubes tied during my second csection. I didn’t notice any difference in pain or recovery time from the first.


Your more tender but recovering is still the same.

Horrible pain compared to c section alone.

Ive had 4 csections. My last one i had tubes cut and tied while open. I didnt have any abnormal pain. Just the pain after csection surgery for 1 or 2 days. I was up and moving 2nd day.

I just had my second c-section and my tubes tied at the same time. I’m in so much pain.

I had emergency csection and tubes tied right after delivery.

I just had mine done with my csection for my 3rd baby I felt more sore but nothing too intense

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For me it wasn’t any more painful! same recovery time

You don’t feel any “extra” pain. Just sore because you’ve had a surgery.