Is heartburn normal during pregnancy?

I have a question for the group. I’m 18 wks with baby number 5, I’ve never ever experienced heartburn as bad as I get it at night with this baby. Is it normal? I have meds I take as needed and have never needed to take them before. Has anyone else experienced this?


Yes my doctor recommended I take Prilosec. It works fast & last longer.

It’s normal. Tums worked for me. If it doesn’t work for you talk to your doctor.

Girl yes ! Zantac and milk

Yep. I drink milk and take tums all day long. It wakes me up at night at least 2 times every night.

I hope you find something that works for you, heartburn sucks!

Absolutely normal. Try pepcid but don’t take anything without talking to your Dr.

All the time. Good luck

Baby will have a lot of hair

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It seems to get worse every pregnancy for me. I don’t know if it’s true for everyone, but all my boys have a full head of hair at birth.

The only thing that worked for me was the liquid mylanta. So gross but dang that heartburn was miserable.

Yes did your other children have lot of hair

Are you eating spicier foods do you have reflux elevate the head of your bed if you do .

Zantac is what my dr put me on and I have been told that you cant take prilosec because it can hurt you and your baby

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I take ranitadine 2x daily just to keep it at a minimum level. I’ve taken it two pregnancy so far with no issues.

I took a Zantac while pregnant with my son because nothing else works for heartburn you can even get dollar store brand and it is safe while pregnant

I take a prescribed Zantac, but this is beyond horrible :pensive::sob:

Pickle juice, chewable tums w gas relief, nesquick choc powder mixed w milk, zantac and good luck

I used ranitadine… spelled wrong. Plus aloe Vera juice soothes and helps with the inflammation in the throat.

I’m pregnant with baby number 5 and getting indigestion horribly. I am so glad I’m due any day.

Yes I did . The Dr. told me that the baby had a lot of hair and he did.

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Super normal at least it was for me. Heartburn can indicate that your baby will have alot of hair. I had heartburn all the time and my son was born with a head FULL of hair

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My third trimester I thought I would burn up lol Zantac all the way!!

All my girls came out with a full head of hair, but I never suffered nearly as much as I am now.

Normal. I had heartburn so bad I fell down to my knees and went to the hospital.

Yeah, it’s normal. I ate tums all day, then took Prevacid for a while. My daughter was born with a ton of hair but I think that’s an old wives tale

I had heartburn so bad with my first. And no lie that kid came out with a head full of hair. With my second I had not even half the amount of heartburn as my first, also she had less hair… with my first, the dr prescribed me pantoprazole (protonix) and it was my life saver…

I had it to bad but mine was all day and it was so bad it made me so sick

I had it so bad with my son. Dr gave me promethazine after that i could even eat without getting nauseated

Yes I did it was horrible. To the point I was throwing up. Ask the dr they will give you a prescription. It really saved me. And my baby was born with a head full of beautiful hair. Lol

I had it so badd I would vomit

I had heartburn so bad with my first son at times I had a hard time breathing… The doctor told me it was normal… I ended up having to get a prescription to help control it because I was eating entirely too many Tums and rolaids… I was told it could be because my son had a lot of hair. We could see his hair on an ultrasound picture… He was born with a head full of blond hair…

I had heartburn with my oldest, he didn’t have a head full of hair. Anything I ate would give me heartburn. Tums was my friend.

Check your gallbladder for stones!

I idnt have it that early, but my whole third trimester I was on zantac every 12 hours. And I paid for it if I missed a dose!!! The minute I delivered it was gone… miracle! Lol