Is it hard to get pregnant after a chemical pregnancy?

Hi! Has anyone got pregnant the cycle right after their chemical pregnancy and carry full term?


I waited until I had one normal cycle before trying again. Got pregnant right away. I have a healthy 15 month old.

Yes! I had a chemical pregnancy and never got my next cycle. I was indeed pregnant again and carried until 40 weeks exactly! He is now a happy healthy 10 month old :heart::heart: Good luck!

Yes. I had a missed miscarriage of 14 weeks early October. Positive pregnancy tests early November but gone by end of November. Got my period early December, positive pregnancy tests mid January and now have my almost 8 month old.

What’s a chemical pregnancy?

I had a chemical pregnancy dec 26th 2014 found out Feb 13th I was already pregnant again had my beautiful little girl October 14th 2015