Is it more painful getting your tubes tied after delivery?

I am scheduled for a c-section delivery tomorrow morning. I am interested in trying my tubes since this will be my 3rd c-section delivery, and my doctor has informed me of the risks of having any more children/c-section deliveries. My question is, is recovery more painful than getting my tubes tied right after this s-section delivery? Should I wait a few months until I heal to get them tied? Or should I do it right after delivery?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it more painful getting your tubes tied after delivery?

If you are having a c-section they will do it while you are still open so you won’t even notice. I had no issues at all.


I had mine done at time of c section. More convenient.


I got my tubes tied while under having my 4th c-section
That would be the easiest for you I think.


Ladies ,quick question… I never had a c section but I’m planning on getting my tubes tied , does that mean I have to get C section to get my tubes tied??

Recovery was the same as just a csection for me. I had my 2nd csection and tubes removed on May13th of this year

I just had my tubes cut out last month during my 3rd c-section, 5th child. The pain afterwards was worse but it’s pretty much gone now (two weeks later). My obgyn suggested doing it during the c-section since he’d already have me cut open, it makes it faster.

I had mine done during my last c-section it was also my third. I deeply regretted it took a few years to come to terms with it. I don’t think it’s a decision you should make while pregnant as your hormones are all over the place. Best of luck with whatever you decide xx

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I had 3 c sections and I had my tubes tied on the last one. I didn’t notice any difference in recovery. Added minimal time and definitely would recommend that over getting it done later. You already have to recover and you can’t feel your tubes being tied :woman_shrugging:

I had my tubes done with my 5th c section. Was the quickest recovery out of all of them.

The do it after the baby is born i don’t think its any worse in recovery. But i don’t know if you can just ask for it at your delivery i feel like they would have to be prepared and plan for it but i really wouldn’t know for sure

I had my tubes done straight after my c section the minute my daughter was born 24yrs ago. Mine was also planned.

Theyll do it at delivery if u have the papers signed 30days befre u give birth so it just all gets done at once. My sister had hers tied with her 5th C-section. No issues

A friend did it. 2 in one she was sore in the tummy for about a week. Be sore just with a ceasar anyway. My advice is getting it done and over with. :slight_smile:

I had 4 c sections and had my tubal done after my 4th. The do your tubal while ur already cut open healing process is all the same i think

It hurt me more, but was totally worth it right while you’re open

I’ve just had my 3rd baby by c section delivery 8 weeks ago and had my tubes done at the same time, I’ve had no problems and it’s been my fastest recovery, I thought I may as well get it done whilst I was already open, it doesn’t add much more time on the operation. Good luck on the birth of your baby!

Do it while your already open on the table that way you won’t even notice the healing process because you will already be healing from the c-section


I had mine tied 8 mths after my youngest was born… it was uncomfortable & tender, only part that messed me up is walking in Walmart with my youngest on my hip & the rest of the gas used left my body unable to hold my daughter… the pain was so bad my mom had to grab my daughter as I collapsed into a shelf… just glad I couldn’t have more kids…

I did mine after my 3rd. I didn’t wanna wait and get cut open later and go through healing twice.

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No do it now I had 4 c sections

Tie them as you do the c/s

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Do it right away. Mine were done the same day as delivery. Never looked back.

I had my twins and signed a paper to allow them to tie my tubes after they delivered them with a c section

It’s terrible. I had mine tied in January, also my third c section. Nothing touch that pain. It felt like I was burning from the inside to the outside. I could barely move without pain for about 2 months, this was also a twin pregnancy and I was going to the nicu often and I had my boys at home so I wasn’t resting like I should have been.

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I had mine done right after having my third child but I gave birth naturally then had surgery the next day. I would have it done at the same time if I had a choice

I would say it’s probably too late to do it during your c-section… usually they need paperwork done and signed weeks in advance. But if you can, definitely do it during.


I had mine done during my c section. I didn’t feel any pain from it. I’d didn’t want to be cut open again and have to heal I second time. I’d advise to do it while they are already in there.


Done it wednesday after c section. It doesnt hurts worse because of it. Also my 3th C section

I’ve had a regular csection and one with tubal and I don’t think the second was any more or less painful. The pain level is about the same

I would say better to get it done at the same time. 1 surgery, 1 healing period instead of 2.


Do while you are there

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I’d do it right away. Depending where you live I think there has to be a 30 day paper on file.

I’m not positive but I think its too late for you to have it done tomorrow? I THINK. I live in Oklahoma and my dr told me I have to notify my insurance company about it 30+ days before my c section to be able to have it done. Not sure if it’s like that everywhere though.

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I had 4 c-sections and opted for tubal with the 4th c-section. It didn’t take me any longer to heal. They just asked me 5 times if I was sure before I did it and I signed the paper a week before the c-section. I had to switch docs and go to a hospital 2 hours away because all of them here are catholic and make u wait until us c-section has healed for 2 weeks.

I had mine done. And I had a csection before. They both felt the same tbh!


Do it while they already have u open

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I got mine done right after my 3rd c section. Didn’t have to many issues but I will warn you that having them tied causes horrible periods. In my case anyways. Sometimes wish I never would of done it


Easier recovery when you have it done at the same time. My fourth baby was a C-section and I had my tubes tied at the same time.

I’ve had 3 C-sections for all my 3 boys & had my tubes permanently removed at the same time when I had my 3rd child. For me, it was the same healing process as my other C-sections! I had no difference in my healing or pain.

Done during. Heal at the same time

I had 3 c sections, tubal with the third. And, it was my most painful one. But, everyone is different. My exhorting may not be yours. You will do great, and everything will be just fine. Congratulations momma.

My mom got her tubes tied same day she delivered me but she did not have a c-section! Recovery didn’t take any longer really. Go ahead and do it now since you will already be in the operating room! That’s 1 less trip to the hospital

Get them done right after your c section

I know at the ob/gym I work for it is recommended to do them the same day that way you’re not going for another surgery after just having one. And the providers should already be inspecting your tubes ovaries etc to ensure nothing was accidentally nicked during your c section

If you know that’s what you want, save yourself the pain of going back later. It’s another surgery, more deductibles, more Drs appts. Do it during your c-section, easy peesy

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it more painful getting your tubes tied after delivery?

I just got mine tied a week ago! I’m fine & doing well

Yes do it right then and there. I went and got my tubes taken out after four years from my last child and it was very scary and painful. I wish I would have it done when in labor. Good luck

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Get it done same day as C-section! You will heal from both at same time. It is much easier!

I did it during my c section. Was a little more tender for healing. But better then having a 2nd recovery down the road.

I did it right after. No point in going back for another procedure and having to recover again.

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Had mine done with my 3rd c section, no extra pain and it’s better than going in for a later surgery. Let it all heal at one time

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I’d definitely do my research before jumping on a tubal ligation. Drs rarely tell you the side effects. I ended up with a hysterectomy because of all the side effects. Research and research some more before deciding:

I got mine done same time as section, thought it would be easier as they’re already in there and saved another surgery and recovery later down the track

No different than the recovery of a c-section. I’d rather get it done all at once then have to go back in for a second surgery with a 5 month old

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I had mine done straight after delivery since I was already “open”. Baby was rushed to NICU but it didn’t take that much longer so I’m sure if there are no complications, Baby can stay by you while the doctors are busy

There may be a little more discomfort or a gassy feeling, but so worth it right after c-section. Takes an extra 15 mins to do on spot. I do not regret it after my second c-section. Have them tie and cauterize the ends to assure a better outcome for the future and not have them grow back. Would not advise the clamps.

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No don’t wait. I had my tubes taken out my 2 years ago my daughter was 7 and it was the worst pain I have ever been in. Don’t wait get them done right after and heal all at once.

You have to sign papers a month before getting it done during the C-section (in the state I am in anyway, because apparently women have to have more time than men to process being sterilized :roll_eyes:). I doubt they will do it very soon after the C-section since you didn’t plan on getting it done during, you will probably have to wait until you recover and then go in for the surgery.

It was no different for me :woman_shrugging:t3: had them done during my third c section 5 years ago

I got mine tied at the same time as my cesarean. No point in going back for another procedure when they have you wide open. I didn’t feel any different after then with my 1st cesarean


I had my 3rd C-section a month ago and had my tubes removed. I didn’t notice any difference in recovery from the first two. Congratulations on your new baby!

I got mine done on my third c section. I didn’t feel any difference!

I had mine done at the same time of my 3rd c section

Do it after the delivery…

Do it now…I got mine done after my second c section n they do it right then and there while you are already open…in my opinion i didn’t really think the recovery time or pain was bad at all. I think its easier to do it all at once rather than get cut back open in a few weeks n have to heal all over again

Had mune done right after baby was born (during csection) . 3rd baby . All 3 were c sections . Didnt notice any difference in healing/pain . Actually think i healed faster ?
Congratulations on baby and hope all goes well with your delivery:)

I had the procedure done after3 C sections. I didn’t think it was worse after C sections.

I had no issues at all

I was wondering the same thing, I have a scheduled c-section delivery next week and am also tying my tubes. was just wondering about the pain afterwards. I’m scared still. This will be my 2nd c-section delivery, after this, no more babies for me

I had no complications at all. Recovery was about the same.
Unfortunately 6 years later… My tubes are now unclamped.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it more painful getting your tubes tied after delivery?

My sister had this after her 4th and said it felt no different recovery wise and was back on her feet as normal within the week. She said her 2nd section was by far the worst

I had this done and didn’t affect the recovery at all

I had mine done at the same time as a section and I recovered a lot quicker than my other section. The bleeding didn’t last as long either x

No. I Had to have a emergency csection after a really rough pregnancy. Doctor was like do you want me to tie your tubes while I’m down there. I was like yea please. Didn’t feel a thing.

I would just get it over with right after birth. I wanted them to tie my tubes during my csection but the sort of harassed me and kept asking am I sure. Needless to say I didn’t get it done then I waited and man it’s a little painful. They went through my belly button. I was so constipated. Wish I just would have done it while on the table.

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After my third c-section I also had my tubes tied! Recovery time was no different! I mean, while they’re in there, might as well have them do it.

I had mine done with an ablation the pain was aweful for 3 days. If you are able get it all done in one hit :blush:

I had my son by c-section they sterilised me as soon as they delivered him best decision I ever made

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I was sterilised at the same time as my 4th section. It just makes sense to do it while they’re there xx

I had my 4th section November just gone and had mine tubes done at the same time and my recovery was the same as the rest which in all honesty for me was very easy

Best off having it done straight after, as going back in under the knife to have it done will be more stress and more pain, and increased risk of infection… xx

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I’ve not had my tubes tied but if I did I would get it done at the same time. That way it’s all just 1 recovery and you don’t have to go back in and spend more time that necessary not being able to pick up your baby. Good luck for tomorrow! X

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I had mine done the same time as my third c section and I don’t think it makes any difference on the recovery as a c section is invasive surgery anyway. However I had c sections with all three of my children and all three recoveries were very different :confused:

I hd it done after my 4 section. It was just the same recovery. But I have regretted big time for getting it done. That just me do xx.

I had mine done at the same time
4th C section. 5th Baby.
It didn’t affect my recovery at all.
It’s definitely Better to do it at the same time.

I got mine done after 2nd c section I can’t say it was particularly bad just par for the course x good luck …take all the drugs they offer and take it easy for a few weeks after no vacuuming or driving :slightly_smiling_face:

So glad I’ve seen this post im due my c-section in 3 weeks and to be Sterilised at the same time was asking myself the same . Hope it all goes well for you x

I myself had my tubes tied when I had my third C-section… better to do it at the same time…

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I had it done after 4th c section. I would say its not to painful but is a bit more tender than previous sections for the 1st week.

I had my tubes cut and burnt after my last c section it was my 4th I don’t think the recovery was any different in my opinion

It’s no more painful but there is a higher failure rate…

I got cut tied and burned after my second csection which was march 17th. I’m completely healed now. It was a little more painful and heavier bleeding for longer but I would do it again since my husband and I are done having babies. I got cleared to go back to all regular activities at 4 weeks. Good luck tomorrow!!!

I wish I never would have had mine tied. Before I had them tied I knew when my period would be, how long, and it wasn’t that heavy. After having them tied, it is inconsistent, last a long time, and extremely heavy.

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I had mine removed when I had my second c-section and it never bothered. It didn’t make recovery any longer or more painful. It has been 4 months and I still haven’t had any issues.

It is not more painful. I’ve had 2 c-sections. The last one I had my tubes tied.

They tied my tubes during my 4th c section! They recommend you do it while your already cut open so your not having back to back surgeries! I had same pain level as normal and same healing time as my others the only thing different is not I have like no sex drive at all since tying my tubes and my periods are a lot heavier and painful that they were before tying my tubes!! Good luck and remember every body is different so your recovery won’t be exactly the same as anyone else’s!! Congratulations on your new baby!