Is it normal for baby to hiccup all the time?

I am 27 weeks my baby boy is having hiccups Literally four times a day and they will last for 5 minutes I know I shouldnt have went to doctor google but theyre saying that usually if fetus have hiccups 4 times a day that something is wrong with their cord… that Its something to be worried about and Call your doctor well my som literally got done with his fourth set of hiccups and My doctor office is closed they close at 5 my time and theyre going be closed for the fourth tomorrow I am freaking out have anybody had a baby that hiccup all through out their pregnancy and they came out fine with no problems with the cord or anything… I Know i mighy be freaking myself out… but I just want a healthy baby boy and pregnancy


I’m pregnant with my babygirl im 28 weeks and she does the same thing.

My son had hiccups alllll the time! Like 4-5 times a DAY. It’s normal momma.

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Both of my girls had hiccups constantly. Both were just fine!

My son had hiccups constantly from 20 weeks on. He’s now 7 1/2 years old and he had a perfect birth and he’s completely healthy :relaxed:

Fetal hiccups are actually normal during pregnancy, as long as baby is moving okay and heart rate is okay then I wouldn’t worry. I’d get a fetal Doppler it will really help you calm your nerves and not worry as much, it helped me a lot.


I though my daughter had hiccups all the time too and during an ultrasound it was happening but it turned out to be her trying to get her feet out of my pelvic bone

Both of my boys had them all of the time. Both were born healthy!

If you are really worried go to er

Totally normal. It’s practice for eating.

I thought the same thing. But I also read that hiccups is a good sign that the babies lungs are developing good.

My son had hiccups for over 70 days straight when I was pregnant with him and they would have 3-6 times a day sometimes lasting for 45 minutes. He didn’t have any problems with his cord.

My boy literally had them allllll the time for 10 minutes or longer. He did have only one artery in his cord but it was unrelated to his hiccups lol. He’s healthy!

You shouldn’t be far enough along that it should be a concern yet.

I’m sure it’s fine but your doc should have a service and someone on call you could speak to and ease your mind.

Don’t they have a doctor on call

You’re fine. My baby hiccuped all the time in my belly!

My first baby had hiccups all the time & she was perfectly fine.

My daughter had the hiccups during my whole pregnancy at least 2 times a day if not more. She came out perfectly fine

When I was pregnant with my son he had the hiccups 4-5x a day every day! My doctor said it was normal and not to worry. My son is now 8.5 months old and healthy!

I could never tell what was hiccups and what was normal movement.

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Call a nurse just google the number they help wonders it’s a 24 hour hotline

Both my daughters had hiccups all day everyday. Nothing wrong with either

My babe got hiccups constantly, not once were they concerned with it. I told them that she got them multiple times a day. Her cord was big thick and healthy when she was born. I remember them saying wow that’s a big juicy umbilical cord.

My daughter had the hiccups night and day for the last 2-3 months of my pregnancy. Now this girl seems to be doing the same. 28 weeks today.

My child has hiccups in utero for a solid 3 months. She’s perfect now.
No worries

Both my kids had hiccups frequently when I was pregnant…both fine and healthy!

My daughter had them all the time. Don’t worry.

My youngest had hiccups constantly thru my pregnancy…like constantly. I don’t think a day went by that she didn’t have them for at least 3-4 hours throughout the day.

My second and third babies always had hiccups…they’re both completely fine :slight_smile:

Hes fine, youre fine. Its super normal for them to get them multiple times a day. Mine did the same thing when he was in there. Then he would kick me in the bladder for giggling at him :laughing:

Both my dayghters had them all the time… I dont think its anything to worry about but once the holiday is up and your still concerned then maybe talk to your doctor… But its really nothing to worry about.

Both of my kids had hiccups the whole pregnancy my daughter had no problems with her cord but my son had to be taken out by a c section because the cord was wrapped around his neck twice around his body once and around his arm once so his cord was all messed up and it was so tied up that he couldn’t drop any lower than 3 centimeters!

It is usually a sign that baby is trying to practice breathing in utero. It’s perfectly fine :slight_smile: try not to worry too much! I remember this with my last one. We could legit see her breathing motions, then not long after she would end up with the hiccups…

My first two got them all the time

When I was pregnant w/ my 2nd she got the hiccups all the time… Dr’s said it was normal. I just enjoyed the feel of them after I found out all was good… lol I thought it was so cute! 1st never had the hiccups & 3rd only had them a couple times…

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Constantly but her cord was in a knot. However I wouldnt worry. Call your office on call and talk to them just to make yourself feel better

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Yup, my first always had the hiccups. Never even thought twice about. I just enjoyed the feeling!

My last baby hiccupped nonstop my entire last trimester, she was perfectly fine.

My daughter had hiccups constantly day and and night. She was born healthy, but born with the cord wrapped around her neck 4 times. Other than that I believe hiccups are a good sign for healthy lungs! She’s healthy and almost 2 years old!

Your doctor has someone on call - call the office and leave a message with their answering service or call the number they provide.

When in doubt get checked out :purple_heart: Not only will this give you reassurance, but will also make sure baby is okay. Just means your a good Mommy.:heart: My daughter has hiccups like 10x a day and when she came out her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck 3x and almost ended badly. I’m not trying to scare you, but you should go with your gut instinct even if you feel silly at times.

My last had hiccups all the time, her cord was fat and healthy, I donated it!

You should have a number to call 24/7 during your pregnancy. I never heard of such a thing. My son hiccupped a lot and he is fine. Most important is that baby is moving. I remember being pregnant I worried about my son more in the womb then when he came out

My baby had hiccups alllll the time especially near the end. Several times a day and they were more annoying than anything when trying to sleep… lol my girl ended up turning out to be perfect and healthy as can be. But obviously I don’t wanna give false reassurance when I am not a doctor. I always Googled stuff and still do and assume the worst. It’s probably fine but I always asked my doc when I got nervous or had questions.

My son’s hiccups was the reason I found out I was pregnant! He had the hiccups all the time and he was perfectly healthy

My son had the hiccups in the womb all the time. He’s a healthy happy 1.5 year old now who gets frequent hiccups still lol.

My son (7 months old now) had hiccups all the time! Dr said it was completly normal and not to worry :blush:

My youngest had them all the time she’s fine happy healthy chunky 2 month old and still gets them a few times a day lol in my family we have and old wives tale hiccups means your growing :grin:

My daughter hiccuped all the time. Lots of times everyday. Definitely check with the Dr. But I wouldn’t freak out about it just yet until they check to make sure everything is OK.

My son got the hiccups alot when I was pregnant with him he was fine

My son always had the hiccups and once he was born he would still get them the exact same times of day as when he was in the womb, it’s normal it’s just their diaphragms learning to work

My daughter had hiccups all the time and my doctor said it was normal ! She was very healthy , with an Apgar score of 9.9.9; she even came out holding her cord!

Mine hiccups too. And this past Sunday the ultrasound showed him fine, the cord wasn’t wrapped around him.

My son hiccupped up until I pushed, no one was worried.

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I’m on my third pregnancy and each one, the baby had the hiccups like crazy! All three are 100% healthy, the oldest is about to be six. Still call your doctor on Friday if you are concerned, but from personal experience, I enjoyed the hiccups each pregnancy

My son was also super hiccupy :joy: I don’t think it’s anything to worry about

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If you call the maternity ward of your hospital they have 24/7 staff that can answer your questions or forward you to the extension of their answering service that can. Stay off of Google. Even after baby comes. Stay. Off. Google.

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If your doc is not available call labor and delivery

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Hiccups, I was told means he is eating getting nourishment & growing

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My daughter has them all the time and I’m only 29 weeks and everyone tells me she’s is healthy and has nothing worng with her I just say she fallowing her momma because I’ll have them and then shell start lol

My baby had hiccups all the dang time and she’s perfect

My daughter hiccuped throughout my pregnancy. She had a tendancy to have them occasionally growing up & grew out of the time she was 3 or 4. She’s 27 & I haven’t heard them in years!

My son had the hiccups all the time when I was pregnant and he’s a perfectly healthy 4.5 month old!

If you are concerned, don’t hesitate to call your doctors answering service. That is what you’re paying them for!

Both my sons hiccupped one had the cord around his neck the other didn’t

Hiccups are a sign he is learning how to breathe. It’s a good thing. Don’t stress. I’m 15 days from a scheduled c section and mine is constantly having hiccups. Even does it sometimes when I’m at the doc and they just chuckle because my belly looks like an earthquake. No stress mamma all is well.

I don’t know if I ever heard of that before but both my kids would hiccup alot, especially my daughter. Her hiccups were fierce. I did end up with and emergency section but that was after I was induced. Other than that, the pregnancy was healthy. Buuut my experience is as unique as yours. Trust you instinct, if you’re worried then definitely go to the hospital. At the very least, you’ll relax if they tell you baby’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Literally had them non stop with both pregnancies. Normal!

My son had hiccups all the time, came out perfectly healthy! However, if you’re nervous, trust your gut. Never hurts to get it checked out.

My daughter had hiccups ALL the time. multiple times a day, she came 5 weeks early due to a true knot in her cord. but she was also very active!

My youngest had hiccups all the time during my pregnancy… He had them at pretty much every appointment I went had with him… At first I thought it was cute but it got to where it drove me crazy lol… After he was born every time he laughed he got them until he was like a year old… Poor guy… He’s was born at 36 week at 7lbs 1oz… 100% healthy…

All 3 pregnancies, they were FINE.

My daughter did and I would just bounce on my excercise ball sometimes it helped sometimes it didnt but she is all good now

I think it’s only if its continuous and doesnt stop for LOMG periods of time cause my son had them way more frequently than that a d hes perfectly fine

See here. Son is now 22 months and still hiccups alot but he’s fine.

I’ve never heard of fetal hiccups being an issue, but if you’re concerned, call the answering service.

My little girl had hiccups constantly!!! She was just fine.

If your concerned you can call your drs after hour service or even call your local hospital and talk to a nurse.

My daughter had them all the time. And she was fine. But, like many have said, for your own peace of mind, call your doctor’s service. And stay away from Google!! Sending love and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby. <3