Is it normal for baby to stop moving so much?

I didn’t feel much of anything until 30-31 weeks pregnant. I’m almost 33 now and it’s my first pregnancy as well. I worried a lot in the beginning but after going to the doctors a few times and nothing ever being wrong, I don’t worry as much now. Baby is healthy, it could be you’ve done too much during the day or day before and baby just doesn’t feel like moving. I would feel mine a few times a day before and then nothing for 2-3 days. Have a dr appointment, and nothings wrong. Follow your instincts though! Not every baby is as active as others! I completely understand being worried with your first! I’ve blown up my best friends and moms phone with questions and concerns when I couldn’t get ahold of the doctor the last few months, but after everything being completely normal everytime I was seen, I don’t worry as much. (Unlike my fiancé who thinks every single little thing is a need for an ER trip :sweat_smile:) get checked if no movement by the next morning and you’re freaking out. Stress can make baby not move as much too. Happy thoughts momma :heart:

Saying baby movement slows down at or around this time because they don’t have much room is bs. As someone who has lost a baby go to the dr/hospital. No advice from people on the internet is going to reassure you more than a medical professional. If I could have my time again I wouldn’t have waited & went to the hospital straight away. I hope everything is okay & bub is just being cheeky. All the best.


You need to see your doctor or go to the hospital, whichever one will get you in ASAP. I was pregnant in 2015 and around 27 weeks, my baby wasn’t moving as much either and I had a stillbirth. :pensive: It might not go the same way for you at all, but you know your body and you know your baby, so please get it checked and let us know if everything is alright. Praying for you. I’m sure the baby’s probably alright but it’s better to be safe! Sometimes early labor can make them move less too from what I’ve heard. Never know.


My daughter stopped moving as much around that time in my pregnancy as well. I’m guessing because not as much room. You can put a ice cube on your belly. That would get my girl to move. But if you’re nervous go to the dr. It will ease your mind. The stress isn’t good for either of you. She was my rainbow baby as well I asked my dr so many things because I was so scared.


I’d go in honestly. I’m 29 weeks and have went in twice just for lack of movement. My OB said if you eat or drink something sugary and lay down and baby still isn’t moving a lot to go in to l&d and get checked.


I went in for reduced movements and my girl made me look like a liar as she started bustin moves when we got there🤣 BUT they would always rather you go in and get checked better to be safe x

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Babies are generally still when you are moving…so they tend to move when you are at rest…drink water and call your doctor to be sure :heart:


For me, my guy stopped moving at 29 weeks. He was active before, but for 2 days I couldn’t count kicks. I went in to get checked out and he was born within 24 hrs via emergency c-section. If you’re worried, trust your instincts and get checked. You never know how stressed baby is, and it’s not worth taking the chance. My guy had very little fluid and wasn’t getting oxygen. Good luck, mama!!


It’s normal. Babies still have days where they are sleepy and don’t move around as much. I’d be more concerned if you felt no movement at all. But if you’re worried, which I know you are I was the same way, give your doctor a call!

Drink cold orange juice and lay on your left side for a while, you should feel the baby start moving or kicking. If not better to be safe than sorry and call your OB. My daughter stopped a lot of her movement and it turned out my amniotic fluid was really low so I needed an emergency c section


Go to dr asap or the er have them check you yo give you peace at mind. When I was pregnant with my youngest he kept me in and out of hospital thinking he was funny doing it. Ik when he was born at 36 weeks 8 lbs 3 oz it was his way of saying now.

My baby stopped moving at 28 weeks. Doc said “no worries, it gets crowded in there is why”…

At 37 weeks I said “still no movement” he did an ultrasound and found NO amniotic fluid- so emergency delivery. Baby was ok, but it is dangerous.

I would say to call your doctor as soon as possible and ask for a ultrasound and for them to check the heartbeat. Make sure to let them know what’s happening and what’s worrying you just to be safe but it is kinda normal for babies to move around less as they grow because they’re running out of room to move around.


If you’re feeling movement still at night I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I do think babies do most of the movement during the night so you may be sleeping and not feel all of it. Usually drinking something cold will get the baby to move. But if you’re concerned for sure talk to your obgyn and see what they say about it.

Mine did during the day wouldn’t move at all but at night when I’d lay down to go to bed she would be very active

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It’s normally normal, this pregnancy, baby is super stubborn. If he’s sleeping, he won’t wake up even after snacks and what not. But my pregnancy hasn’t had any complications and he’s completely healthy! But if you’re worried, there’s no shame in going to labor and delivery even just for peace of mind❤️


Yes get checked! My baby was moving and what I thought was normal movement turned out she wasn’t moving enough and then they did an emergency c section an hour later

Call Dr for sure. But while waiting to hear from them, assuming you are not diabetic, drink some cold oj or ice water and lay down on your side and see if baby moves more. They used to have me do that before and during my nst’s.

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As baby gets bigger they run out of room to bounce around. Do kick counts. If you’re worried request an ultrasound. I bought a fetal heartbeat thing so I could listen to baby when I got worried


Babies do slow down on moving as they grow because there isn’t much room in there and bubs could also be moving when your asleep but if your worried definently get checked.


Call the doc for peace of mine but at some point, baby begins to run out of room. So long as you do feel baby, i think its okay but I would still absolutely call the doc. You can buy your own little at home heart monitor thing as well

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I would go to the hospital and get a non stress test, if somethings wrong you will know if nothings wrong then you will know :heart:


Mine was super active until about 30wks. Turns out he just didn’t have the room to be as active since he came out with giraffe legs :rofl: if you’re worried, go see your Dr. I hope everything is fine.

Some of the advice on here is shocking. You need to ring your day assessment unit to get monitored. Your baby does not run out of room to move especially at 28 weeks, they have lots of room left. Any change in movements need to be monitored!

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You need to go to the hospital if your babies not kicking 10 times an hour. Could be your placenta or you babies in umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck. Could be life threatening for you and your baby. Could be a number of factors

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I just had my baby
and some days she was just content in one spot and didn’t move!
Cold stuff like ice water helped sometimes and they also said laying flat and then trying to nudge baby then can help (the light and sugar tricks did not work for me)

When you worry call your ob and take the pressure off

Keeping your blood pressure down and remembering your brain controls your body is the best thing you can do :slightly_smiling_face:


Had this happen to me and found out there was a rip in my placenta. Very scary and my baby had to stay in the nicu for 10 days! Go to the hospital

My baby stopped moving for a couple days at 31 weeks and when I finally went to the hospital they told me they’re glad I came when I did, I had to have an emergency c section due to pre-eclampsia. If I would’ve waited any longer it could’ve been worse.

So much bad advice being given here :scream: babies do not run out of room. Once you have a pattern of movement baby should follow that pattern until birth. If baby has slowed down or is moving more it is signs that baby is in distress. Always, always get checked if there is a change. It’s so important.


Follow your instincts. If you think its slowed down id call or go to the hospital. They can because they run out of room. But thats not for everyone. I was monitored with my last two (baby 2 and 3) due to single artery umbilical cords (haven’t been told about 4 yet so we shall see.) So I had to do lots of kick counts amd if I didn’t feel at the certain times I knew the baby was awake I had to call.

Go get checked immediately! It def could be totally normal but if it’s a drastic change or you just need peace of mind def go in. I don’t want to scare you, but it can also be signs of distress and that would need immediate attention! Please be checked. I’ve seen too many bad things happen that could have been prevented had the mom just went in and got checked.

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So as you get further along in your pregnancy. The babies movements slow down to more like a tai chi movement. Because there’s not alot of space left. So depending where your placenta is. If it’s at the front then it acts like a boxing bag for your baby and most of the movements you will feel are to the sides or light ones. You should also take notice at what time during the day or night baby moves more, they usually stick to a similar movement every day.

As always if you are worried, always go in and have yourself checked. It’s better to be over cautious then not at all.

My babies were both extremely active until around that point. I would have to force my daughter to move. She was so lazy and still is at almost 1. Get a doppler to calm your nerves?

I would go in to the hospital and have them check. Definitely something to be concerned about. Better to be safe

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You should consult your OB dr; they may want to do a non stress test ; if that’s normal , I had polyhydramnios. Which is excessive amniotic fluid. The baby was flipping around, but because of the extra fluid , she wouldn’t touch the walls.

Always call a doctor if you’re concerned, don’t take someone’s else’s experience and compare it to your own, it’s better to get checked and be sure everything is fine. :heart:

I’d go and get checked and would have a day ago!
Could be as simple as bubs has moved and kicking towards your back but you never know.

Yes definitely go see your doctor. Probably he or she is running out of room.

They said for me it’s really only a concern if you don’t feel any sort of taps. 6-8 a day as you get further along

While babies do slow down and don’t move as often the bigger you get, I would consult your doctor anyhow as peace of mind :heart:

Eat ice cubes to encourage movement but seek medical advice if you are worried. No two babies/pregnancies are the same and only you know what is the norm for your baby. Xx

People saying it’s normal are giving dangerous information. It is not normal for a baby to stop moving as much get checked. Reduced movements are serious

If in doubt, just go see your doctor and tell them about it and they will check to make sure everything is ok.

Always check with your dr if you feel any doubts. But at this stage babies are running out of space as well. Better safe than sorry.

When my babes stopped moving i would drink coke or pepsi…got them moving every time :joy::joy:

Yes call your doc they will have you do a kick count and they’ll let you know if it’s normal. My doc did that and I’m 28 weeks. Everything was fine I just needed to stay more hydrated

ALWAYS go get checked if you are worried!! If everything is fine then great, you’ll know that for sure and be able to sleep better! If everything isn’t fine then getting checked could literally save your baby’s life!

There are times when they don’t move so much.
I was pregnant this past winter and sometimes hed go all day and sometimes night without feeling him. But if your active you won’t feel them as much. As when you’re Iaying down. Poke him a lot. Move your belly around.
Go in and get an ultrasound done to give yourself a piece of mind. Because I have also been on the opposite end of this.
Id be going sooner than later.

See dr… er is best… sometimes baby is just tired and running outta room… eat somefruit watermelon… with best you could be dehryated… either wsy just go. Er knows what to do

Drink orange juice or something cold. Also poke your belly sometimes thwt will get them moving. If you dont notice anything for sure tell your ob

No its not normal for them to move less id go get checked out, im sure everything is fine but they don’t run out of room the bigger you get like a few comments ive seen on here😩

I would call your doctors office tomorrow morning and request an NST. Even if for nothing else, the peace of mind will be worth it!

If your feeling this way mama, I think it’s best to go in and get a doctors opinion. :pensive::yellow_heart:

I know they tell you to drink something cold or even a sugary drink to wake baby up and get them moving

I hope everything is okay :sparkling_heart:

You need to go see someone, count the kicks is very important.

Eat are drink something and lay in your back , but if than don’t feal nothing call Dr are you could bean fealing something else than movement and baby’s seddeling and than will start moving more

Any changes in movement must be checked go to the hospital ASAP even if it’s only to put you mind at rest best off luck x

I had to call my doc if I didn’t feel 10 kicks an hour. You might want to give your doc a call.

You should see the doctor just to see if everything is ok

Yes alittle,theyre running out of room.but you should still feel them i think i was told at least every few hrs.

Kicks count app, go and get your self checked out at the

If it’s enough that u notice it it doesn’t hurt to go hospital

If you are ever concerned about the movement of your baby please go to the hospital.

Discuss with your dr. The bigger they get the less they tend to move. The general rule is about 10 movements in 2 hours

Go straight to emerg or labour and delivery.

In my opinion if you ever feel worried about owt always get check x

Drink some ice water and see if baby responds. Since it’s less movement then normal I’d definitely reach out to a dr.

In a change in movement needs to be checked x

If u get 10 kicks a day its considered normal… 3-4 kicks in an hour

It is ok to go to the doctor and ask! They will check. You will feel better.


Try drinking some orange juice & go from there. Sugar normally makes them a little hyper. :heart:

Call your dr ASAP or visit L&D. Never ignore decreased fetal movement

Go get checked. Better to know for sure just for your peace of mind if nothing else!

Like most said, call your Dr if something is concerning you. You dont want the baby feeling your stress. Good luck :heart: keep us posted

Call your OB office and leave a message with the nurse and they will call you back and advise you what you should do

Go to the doctor ASAP!! It’s not worth being wrong about.

Listen to your body and heed how you feel. You and your baby live within your body, so you need to do what your instincts tell you.

If you’re concerned, see a Dr. Better to be safe

The biggest they get the less room they have to move as long as u feel them 1x an hour ur good

Go to the hospital &get a check up can’t hurt to be sure

Please see your doctor, if only for the peace of mind.

Drink some cold water. That always got my bby to move in there.

Call your ob and go into hospital for a nst

Absolutely call the doctor.

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I would be getting into the doctor.

I would go see my doctor

Go to the doctor baby.

I would ring doctor ASAP my son had reduced movements he wasent growing any more in my stomach i have birth a month early and had to be induced he was a tiny 3 pound 6 so please def get checked out especially as u say ur child was very active before hav u also tried to jump up and down see if u can, get movement that way but please ring doctor ASAP or go hospital coz its not great x

Try drinking some orange juice that usually got my babies going, also call your doc if you are concerned, they are well prepared for all kinds of calls from moms, no matter how many babies they’ve had!’

Go to labor & delivery at your local hospital, they’ll put you on a monitor to make sure baby is ok and you aren’t having early contractions or other issues. Even if nothing is wrong, you won’t be the first nervous mom that has come in

Always go and get checked if you’re concerned.

Even if it’s just for your peace of mind.

Drink a glass of ice water.

Go to labor and delivery and get monitored

Yes it’s normal but check with dr

Lay back, put your feet up, and drink a.cup of cold orange juice or something similar and sweet. Poke at the baby,.and give it a few minutes. Once you start feeling movements count your kicks for about 5-10 minutes if you don’t feel any or just a couple call your doctor just to make sure. If you count quite a few kicks / feel a lot of movement you should be fine and it mightjust be the baby being less active due to its position changing, a growth spurt, ect. But if you’re still nervous afterwards it’s always good to call your doctor just in case :heart:

First off, don’t bother asking us for advise. If you have issues call your OB. We are just on the other side of a screen and can only guess answers and give our opinions. However, they are just that … opinions.

Your OB will not be upset if you call them all the time. It’s literally their job to make sure you and baby are ok. If you have ANY concerns just call.

With my son (my first pregnancy) I had the “lightning crotch” symptom really bad and I had no idea what it was so I freaked out and called them. They told me to come in and get checked. Everything was fine and looking back on it the symptom was very normal for me. I had it with my daughter as well. I’d get it bad so I would often get stopped right in my tracks and had to wait a minute before I could walk again.

With my first I was super paranoid seeing as I didn’t know what was normal or not. My doctor said I should feel movement every hour but that never happened. My son would sleep all day with the occasional flip or kicking and then be up all night. He’d do anything and everything at night. Used to make me so mad lol hard to sleep with a 9lb kid doing circles in you :sweat_smile:

My son was very stubborn and would only move on his time. Didn’t matter what I did, if he didn’t want to it wasn’t happening. If you are concerned ask your OB but definitely don’t overthink every little thing. Babies aren’t awake all day and night. They are also like us. Some days they might just be lazy and not want to move around as much.

Good luck :heart:

I’d say no, u should go see the doctor

If you notice any change in movement of baby for more than a few hours you should always ring to be seen x

Drink a glass of orange juice and lay on your left side. If you don’t feel babes movements pick up then you need to call your doc sweetie.

I was told yes. The baby is just running out of room to move

Any time something doesn’t seem right I would be at Dr