Is it normal for sex to feel uncomfortable while pregnant?

I am currently six months pregnant with my 2nd child. At the beginning of my pregnancy, my sex drive was super high, and I never had issues. For the past six weeks though my sex drive has been literally the lowest it has ever been, which I understand comes with all the hormones and stuff. But when I do have intercourse with my partner, about 3 minutes into it, my vagina starts to hurt/be uncomfortable. It’s not a cramp, and it is not because “I’m dry” I don’t know how else to describe it. It just feels weird and super uncomfortable on a certain part of my area. I have an appointment coming up and will be talking to my doctor for sure but I wanted to come here for some similar stories or advice or any outcomes? This whole pregnancy has been different. I have been super paranoid even though baby and I are 100% healthy. I appreciate anything you guys have to say!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for sex to feel uncomfortable while pregnant?

Sex was super uncomfortable for me my entire pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my second around 4 months sex hurt so bad. Almost like sand paper inside me and the pain after I’d cry. I needed ice. It was awful after the baby came it was better.

Have you tried different positions? It could be where the baby is sitting


My sex drive never went down with my 2nd, but anytime we would have sex after my belly really started showing it was always uncomfortable for me too and I would just get super annoyed and it ruined the mood for me :woman_shrugging::roll_eyes::woman_facepalming: It was a loose loose situation :unamused:

No need to worry yourself. It’s common. Yes it does feel uncomfortable, it’s just pressure from the baby. The pelvic pressure might stay the remainder of your term.

I’ve experienced this with my current pregnancy about same time frame. I’m 34+4 now.

I have this too & I’m also 6 months along. For me it’s like a burning, & it’s so uncomfortable.

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Anything that’s different or uncomfortable or painful should be stopped and speak to your doctor.


Those damn hormones!!

Totally common :raising_hand_woman:t4:

Unfortunately it’s normal

Totally normal. I had to stop at 28 weeks (I’m almost 29/30 now) bc it was too “uncomfortable” bc it didn’t hurt but it didn’t feel anywhere near good no matter what position.

I’ve been uncomfortable with sex and really anyone touching me my whole current pregnancy (#2 successful), I am 31 weeks and I also get an achey feeling even when I am not doing the deed. I was told it’s the extra blood and possible pressure from how the baby is positioned and that for most women it increases the pleasure/ sensitivity but can cause minor aches and/or feel uncomfortable during intercourse. Totally normal, although if you ask my partner the world is ending because I never wanna do it​:rofl::wink:

I literally hated sex for 8 months :roll_eyes:

I don’t even have a sex drive at all. I’m 27wks

This sounds like me! I couldn’t have sex from 5 weeks until delivery because it was just so uncomfortable

Could be the position your baby is in.

Unfortunately it is normal. My 4th pregnancy was like that. I had 0 sex drive and any time I did do it it was so uncomfortable. It lasted the whole pregnancy. My doctor said sometimes it happens nothing she could do about it except suggesting trying different positions. I found alot of foreplay helped a little bit. You can also try a vibrator/ silver bullet on the clit during sex. Might ease some of the pain from intercourse.

I’m definitely the same way right now and I’m only 4 months along😅 but it’s normal.

It’s normal. For some women it’s uncomfortable. Especially if you’re far along.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for sex to feel uncomfortable while pregnant?

I am 3 weeks postpartum and I was the same way with this past pregnancy (2nd). It was super uncomfortable and sometimes we just had to stop. I was high risk and my OB told me to try different positions and if that didn’t help than my next appointment we would talk more. Different positions helped but sometimes it was still uncomfortable but I never brought it back up bc I was always side tracked by the other health issues that was going on and intercourse was always last on my mind when I went LOL

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for sex to feel uncomfortable while pregnant?

I had issues like that with my 2nd pregnancy, the Dr. Said It was caused by a yeast infection caused by a hormone imbalance, was causing the discomfort, it’s not much but I hope it helps

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My partner and have high sex drives and when I was pregnant it was no different.
The further along the pregnancy gets you have to find different positions depending on where the baby is sitting (my son was in the head down and low form really early on) what was comfortable one day wasn’t the next, its all about finding the comfortable position.
Also make sure you don’t have vaginal thrush/yeast infection as that can cause discomfort also and are quite common in pregnancy.

Though I can’t compare the difference between my first and secound pregnancy as I didn’t have sex at all during my first pregnancy.

I know how that feels. I experienced it. But towards the end of the pregnancy it gets easy. It won’t hurt as much as it does now.

I stopped completely with my spouse at about 6 months pregnant because it was just so uncomfortable

It was normal for me

Is the certain part of your area the cervix? It’s a bit swollen and tender in the 3rd trimester

And it could be because the baby’s getting bigger and so there’s less room in there and it depends the size of him I’ve always heard the joke it that if you’re getting a bigger and bigger that the baby is start getting poked in the eye lol :joy::joy::joy::joy: but all jokes aside see your doctor find out what’s going on but it probably is just that the baby’s growing and so it makes it uncomfortable I wish you luck with your baby that you have a very healthy little baby

Just remember momma every pregnancy is different. Trying to compare them would be like comparing apples and bananas. It could be nerve pain it could be a yeast infection, it could be lots of things. For sure bring it up to your doctor. Congrats on the baby!

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My last was the same…he was working his way down the birth canal. Literally only thing holding him in was my vaginal lips. They sliced me and out he came.

Caitlin Bagnall this is really interesting