Is it normal formula comes out of my babys nose?

Has any of your babies ever spit up formula milk out their nose? And is that part of a normal thing or is that something I need to ask the doctor about? I know it’s normal for them to spit out of their mouths. But their nose, not too sure that’s supposed to happen


My experience with this issue was my daughter was on NeoSure because she was really small. It worked great until she was maybe 3-4 months old and caught up on weight. Her doctor and I concluded that the formula “became too rich” (our theories made much more sense then, and not so much now, writing it :woman_shrugging:t3:). We switched formulas and never had another problem.

Not normal baby could have an undiagnosed submucous cleft palate they thought my daughter had one and that was always their first question if she had formula come out of her nose.

One of mine used to he had reflux.

Sometimes that happens when the baby lays flat or almost flat while drinking formula. Baby headed always needs to be elevated and burped after eating. Don’t lay down for 30 minutes after feeding