Is it normal that my 2-year-old acts like he wants to choke people?

My two year old has been putting his hands in a “choking” fashion around our necks lately. Idk where he learned this from, but it really concerns us. Is this normal behavior? He’s such a sweet boy I don’t understand why he’s suddenly doing such a disturbing thing.


Maybe hes been watching the Simpsons…?


My 2 year old does it too she’s now 2 and a half and I just ignore the behavior and just redirect her with a hug. Idk where she got it from either she still does it on occasion but again I redirect her with a hug and I don’t show any reaction to her trying to choke me.

He saw it somewhere and must’ve done it and seen your reaction and now keeps doing it to get a reaction. Next time he does it firmly tell him no and put him in time out.

At 2? I would only address it by saying “ouch, dont hurt_____” but I wouldn’t spend the energy picking that apart.


My 2 year old does it as well and there wasn’t any way of her seeing that behavior. Shes home w me 24/7

Redirect or discipline. Normal testing the limits behavior. Perhaps another child has done it to him?

He continues to do it because it gets a reaction.

My son when he was little would grab you from behind and choke you with his arm. He learned it from watching wrestling with my brother while he babysat and I ran to the store 🤷

My 2 year old tugs my hair. I’ve started naughty step each time. Not really stopping him but hopefully in time

Hhhh my son is 1 years old an does that just ignore it i try to even tho it’s funny how he does it.

I saw it on a cartoon not long ago , my nephew was watching .

Maybe something off of TV or seeing it somewhere else (daycare, family memeber)
Redirect. Make sure they know that it is painful. If that doesn’t work then try disciplining

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2 year olds don’t always comprehend things well.
Is he really trying to choke or is he trying to put his hands on your shoulders or hold your face? My son choked me but i realized he wasn’t trying to…he was trying to hold my face.
It can look malicious but in a 2 year old it can also just be a misunderstanding.

Redirect him. Say ouch. Show him an appropriate alternative.


Something he saw on T V??

Are you sure he’s not trying to tickle you? My daughter started doing that a few months ago and we’re like um, wtf? Than we realized she was trying to tickle us like she tickles her so now we just remind her about gentle tickles

My 4 year old never did it until the night we left the fair… I yelled at her and said you dont ever touch me like that again! And well she hasn’t since, it must be normal-ish behavior and I’m not sure where she learned it either

My son (2) does this but he picks it up from the cartoons my older kids watch.

Could be tv show, playing, tickling, trying to get your attention. Try and think about what was going on everytime he has done it. I know my daughter did it because i was watching the walking dead and didnt think she was paying attention (she wasnt even 2 yet) but sure enough the guy on the tv did it so she came over and did it to me and then laughed. I guess she thought it was funny she didnt know the guy was getting hurt. So no more walking dead while she was awake. Kids are funny. Just redirect him

My 3.5 year old does that because he either wants to piggy back or because he wants us pull us down on him lol

Maybe a TV show hr saw on accident. They pick up on everything at that age just redirect the behavior

My 3 year old does this she is autistic though she dont squeeze though I think it’s trying to tickle since I tickle her neck.

Someone has done it to him . Thats not a natural 2 year old thing!

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then let him know, now is the time to teach him right from wrong. You are the parent, the one in charge, but tell him why it’s wrong or right.

My 2 yo daughter does this but she’s not being malicious or trying to choke me she’s just putting her hands on my neck. I’m gently redirecting her so that she doesn’t end up doing it to other kids or anything

All mine did when they wanted a hug but I was distracted and they didn’t squeeze or anything

Your son has seen that somewhere or someone did that to him. You need to investigate

Cartoon I’d think. My advice has been repeated over and over on this post. Just make sure they know its not nice and hurts. My son is 1 and saying stop didnt work ever when it came to him pulling my hair. Started fake crying with it and hes stopped FINALLY

Unfortunately it is rather common amongst little boys, since it just started you can probably change it to a new habit as he is probably doing it when he is frustrated with someone-he probably saw it one time and started doing it