Is it normal that my baby hiccups so much?

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been feeling baby hiccup for the past two weeks 3/4 times a day for a couple of minutes! Has anybody experienced their baby hiccuping this often? Thanks in advance


I’m 28 weeks also and mine little one has them 2/3 times a day

It happens. Doesn’t sound excessive. Totally normal for your baby.

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Both of mine did ot starting at 25 weeks on multiple times a day its completely normal

My daughter has the hiccups all the time. I think it’s normal

My first girl did, and it was like I could feel her irritation with them. She got them all the time and it made her so grumpy lol. She still gets that way. Perfectly normal I think. Shes 9 now, no problems.

My son had the hiccups multiple times a day every day from about 17 weeks until about 3 months after birth. My midwife and his pediatrician said it’s nothing to be concerned about as long as he doesn’t display signs of reflux.

ETA: it may also be their startle reflex developing and feels like hiccups

My second did a lot in utero, funny thing is he doesn’t get them very often at all after he was born and now and he’s 7 lol.

Yes many times. For up to 20 min.

Mine hiccuped a lot while I was pregnant and now she hiccups just as much on the outside.

I was always told means a thriving baby. All mine did and as babies lol. All 5 happy healthy

Definitely sounds normal. Definitely bring it up with your dr

Both of my babies had hiccups every day all day it felt like. They are both very healthy kids. One is 16 and the other is 1.

Very normal my son did it so frequently that sometimes I would worry if he didn’t have them :joy:

Yes. My first born had hiccups constantly

My girl used to get them all the time In the womb, I was not surprised when she was born that she was still getting Them all the time. lol. She’s now 7 and perfectly healthy.

Mine did it! She hiccups all the time now :rofl:

I was told it was normal with my kids it’s a good sign they are working on their lung function and a good sign of viability if born early (I had pre eclampsia and knew I would have to deliver early, mine made it to 32weeks and never did a day in nicu, he started hiccups at 20 weeks after my first round of steroids)

My daughter had them all the time, it use to make me laugh because my belly would do a little jump.

Yup my first did soo much. My 2nd barely at all

Its normal also sometimes when they sleep there is small somewhat consistent movements that can feel like hiccups but its just reflex movements while sleeping.

My boy I’m currently pregnant with gets hiccups two or three times a day lol

Yes!! Every day up to 3 times a day i actually got worried too and asked dr at my next appointment and they said hiccups indicate a healthy baby who is drinking the amniotic fluid which is good because they are practising their swallowing.

Yes, my son always had hiccups. He gets them occasionally now. He had reflux when he was a baby

Yes my third child hiccuped constantly! When she was born we were being transferred from labor and delivery to postpartum and she was hiccuping so loud people in the hallway were stopping to look at her because they couldn’t believe how loud she was hiccuping! :rofl:


Totally normal!! My son was a chronic hiccup-er. He had hiccups anytime I ate or drank, especially if it was sweet or carbonated! It’s funny because it was a telltale sign that he’d have them often outside the womb too! He had them ALL the time for about the first 6 mo. If that happens, gripe water will be your friend!!! I also read a study that said babies who hiccup have stronger brains… don’t know if that’s true, but I’m going with that!

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I’m 34 weeks. My baby always has the hiccups. Sometimes for long periods. Sometimes for short periods! I love jusy feeling him

Oh yes. All 3 of mine hiccuped like crazy.

Mine only hiccups during his big growth sperts… i could literally feel him growing over the course of 3 days … i would be in pain until my body adjusted to his jump of growth, he would start off the spert with hiccups and kicking hard in the evenings. And then I would feel the pain or ache and then after about 3 days of that all would go back to “normal”… the usual kicking and moving. But the 3 day pain thing was every month with him. And even now at 2.5 he still has hiccups around his sperts and then eats a ton and then sleeps a bunch during his naps . Like 3 to 4 hour naps during those spurts.

Yup mine did constantly. Husband didn’t believe how strong they were until I was on the machine at the hospital during delivery. They had to turn the sound down

Totally normal! My daughter had the hiccups 8+ times a day, almost everyday, when I was pregnant with her. My OBGYN said it was nothing to worry about.

My son hiccuped so much while I was preggers that when the doctor gave me that chart to keep a record of how many times he moved in an hour… he instead said to just record if he didn’t move that much :laughing: I guess that “hiccups happen when you’re growing line” was real in mg case lol

My youngest did. And he got hiccups a few times a day for the first month of his life :relaxed::laughing:

My.little man has been doing it since last week consistantly but personally I love the feeling

My third son had hiccups at the same time every day when I was pregnant. He’s 21 now and still gets hiccups 3 or 4 times a week.

i’m 37 weeks pregnant & my baby girl hiccups atleast 3 times a day!

Yes. When I was pregnant with my son it was a lot.

My baby girl did and even after being born still hiccups often :joy: it’s so cute and completely normal from what I heard from my doctor’s! Although if you have any doubts on if it’s normal or not, you can always call a nurses hotline :slight_smile:

My son had them all the way up to 40 weeks, multiple times a day. He’s now one month old and still gets them almost daily. My OB was not concerned when I questioned them. I’m sure all is fine momma. :heart:

YES definitely! When I was pregnant with my daughter I thought she was kicking…my mum felt my tummy and said no it’s just hiccups…

Normal . My son would vibrate his leg when i was pregnant. It wasn’t until he was born and stretched his little leg that I actually saw what i was feeling … i miss all of that :weary::sob::sob::sob::heart::heart::heart:

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Both my boys had hiccups when I was pregnant with them… my youngest had them bad and it still happens a few times a week…

My little guy had hiccups multiple times a day. Definitely normal. He gets them now if he gets too full. Don’t worry they don’t seem to bother sweet little babies! :relaxed:

Yeah my little man used to do this all the time when I was pregnant and its completely normal. But if your worried get checked xx

My daughter constantly hiccuped when i was pregnant. I called labour ward in the end just for reassurance and they told me not to worry but if it was continuous and i was worried to call back. X

Yes, my baby gets the hiccups at least twice a day. Doctor says it’s completely normal.

I had the hiccups EVERYDAY from about 20 weeks to birth. Right after I would finish the baby would get them. Or vise virsa

Here in holland they say it means the babys heart is growing :slight_smile: when i was pregnant i thougt it was a funny feeling. He had short periods a day.

My first born was constantly doing it. Even when she was delivered she had it. Get checked if you are concerned though

My daughter had hiccups all the time when I was pregnant with her!

Both of my kids had the hiccups so much when I was pregnant. With my daughter my whole stomach would bounce but I was alot smaller when pregnant with her

Yes!!! My daughter had the hiccups all the time when she was inside me and when she came out she was the same way! She’s almost 4 months old and I’d say she gets the hiccups almost once a day lol

I am almost 40 weeks and my baby hiccups every single night for what seems like forever, lol

Same here! Happened all the time. Dr told me it’s nothing to worry about and that it’s completely normal!

Yes…with all my babies at different times of the day and always as soon as I managed to get comfy in bed at night! :rofl:

My youngest did it all the time. My doctor had noticed it and asked if he always did that I said yes? Not sure why he would ask like that tho

Both of my babies (girl & boy) have had lots of hiccups in the womb.

Yes. My daughter did this A lot also. Weird feeling lol

I read somewhere that it’s how they practice breathing

Mine hiccups all the time the midwife doesn’t seem worried :blush:

Yeah my son hiccuped lots through most of my pregnancy and still does it randomly now :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yep. My daughter had hiccups alot too.

Yes!! Omg my son hiccuped about the same as yours!!

My daughter did it everyday for months

Yes…my son hiccuped for months!

Hiccups mean the baby is growing more

Yeah my son did too!

Not one of my babies hiccupped .

Yes with my first son 30-60 minutes after I ate for at least 4 months. No lasting issues

Normal i had twins doing it alot lol

Yes my daughter did and on the scan she was thumb sucking , hence the hiccups! Shes 24 and still does lol

Omg my first son lol… He had the hiccups constantly!!!

Everyone said oh he’s gonna have a lot of hair :rofl::rofl: he was slick bald :weary::rofl:.

I never felt my baby have them lol

Yep. I’m 32 weeks and my daughter hiccups probably 5 times a day (sometimes more) for several minutes. Doctor said it’s actually a good thing because their practicing how to breathe outside the womb

All three of my baby’s hiccuped like crazy throughout the whole pregnancy! It’s really normal! Especially if your laying or sitting a certain way that sparks them! :kissing_heart:

My son hiccuped a lot when i was pregnant with him, I especially noticed it when i would lay a certain way. I was told it was normal and that some babies just tend to do this more than others. If youre concerned I would reach out to your doctor. Btw my son is 6 months and still hiccups quite a bit, gripe water usually helps him and he is very happy and healthy :relaxed:

Yes. My son,now 23,hiccupped a lot when I was pregnant. I actually found it amusing.

My last pregnancy (number 4) my daughter had hiccups multiple times everyday. She came out perfectly fine and healthy :two_hearts:

I did with my first son…none with my daughter…and I’ve experienced it again with my current pregnancy

My baby hiccuped multiple times a day in my womb and for like 30 minutes at least each time… even here on earth he is doing the same thing✌🏼

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My daughter did too all the way through i used to wonder if it was a weak diaphragm was told not to worry…19 years later she’s fine

Yup it’s normal… My little one is 8 months old now but when he was a newborn he would get the hickups every time he would eat

Completey normal lol… it feels weird but it’s normal

Yes!! All the time with my last lol

Completely normal, all 3 pregnancies I experienced this :heart::blush:

My second one hiccuped all the time.

Absolutely normal. My daughter had hiccups all the time when I was pregnant with her!

My first had hiccups lots, I read that its normal.its there stomach acid acclimating. Getting used to digesting .

My son did and he ended up having acid reflux. He is on medication now and my currently pregnant with number 2 and i feel it may be the same thing

I was told it was a good sign:) healthy baby

Please…i was pregnant with twins and one of them would have hiccups 4 times a day.

Mine got the hiccups 6 times a day. Born term 7 pounds 13 ounces 19 inches long. Healthy lol

Totally normal. Mine did it CONSTANTLY. Doc said it’s fine and it doesn’t bother them at all :blush: