Is it normal to cramp in early pregnancy?

I need advice…
I am 8 weeks pregnant. Tonight I have been having painful cramping and dark pink spotting (not enough to need a pad but enough its there every wipe)…
I was wondering if I should just go to emerg and check it out?? I have a fairly physical job and want to make sure that wont cause more problems - I havent told work yet so if there is an issued Id want a doctors note for me to take it easy for a couple days if necissary. I live in Canada and the hospital is a 10 minute drive…


I’d definitely go in.

Go in ASAP !!! That happened to me and I miscarried.

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Yup. Nothing wrong with checking.

Go to the emergency room, shouldnt be a question

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If you want to make sure then go in… I dont understand why you waste time asking fb ans waiting for a response


Go in. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Have them do an ultra sound to see how the baby is doing

Go to the hospital if it’s so close why not just get checked over


Go in. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I was supposed to take it easy at my last job but bc we were so short staffed I was constantly on my feet and lifting heavy shit and I really feel like it is why my water broke and my son came a month early.

This sounds similar to when I miscarried, i would go asap just to be safe.

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I miscarried after spotting.

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Go to ER now good luck hope everything turns ok with the baby

Get it checked Now don’t wait

Always when im doubt go check…
I did not bleed 1st pregnancy and it was a miscarriage.

Second i bleeded as a horse incl cramps and i was pregnant with twins who i carried to full term…but i got a hematoma from choking on a glas of water…:pensive: that was over after couple of weeks tho with rest.

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Go get checked out. Prayers that everything is ok

I had the same thing and I went in anyway. Granted everyone’s pregnancies are different… I would definitely go in just to be on the same side!

Go to the ER and plz update when u can good luck mama

I spited for a month and they told me everything was fine… it wasn’t. Go get checked

Go to the ER!! I did 2 times with my daughter but it was nothing but better to be safe then sorry!!

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I don’t see why you shouldn’t just go and get checked out. This question seems kind of unnecessary. Anytime you have bleeding during a pregnancy you should ALWAYS go get looked at.

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I’d get checked out but implantation bleeding is common…i had it and my son was full term

I would definitely go get checked. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope everything turns out okay for you.

Get checked right away is the best

It never hurts to go get checked it puts your mind at ease

Maybe it’s time to stop your heavy physical job nd go to the doctors.

I would definitely go to emergency and get checked out just to be safe.

Idk why everyone encourages y’all to go to the ER when there isn’t anything that can be done anyway. All that will do is take up time and space in the ER. The best thing to do is just rest and call your OB in the morning.


I would go get checked. God bless you.

You’re in Canada which means your hospital visit is free. Go.

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Has anyone honestly ever been pregnant and went to the hospital because of spotting this early on??? I have a I’ll tell you it’s a waste of time there is nothing the hospital can do for you but charge you money and tell you to call your ob! If it’s heavy bleeding they do a exam and maybe ultrasound but again what is that going to do if your this early if your going to have a miscarriage it’s going to happen and going to get checked won’t stop it ! Going to the hospital isn’t always the answer


In the first trimester, spotting and mild cramping is common, but should be reported to your Doctor. Having painful cramps is a bit concerning, it wouldn’t hurt to check in with you OBGYN.

Go to get it checked out please be on safe side

Er. Any bleeding needs to be checked out while pregnant


Get a note.
You simply can’t do overly physical jobs right now. It’s not safe. :blue_heart:

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Absolutely let your dr know

Actually there is something the ER can do! They can tell you if your baby is ok or not! Yes cramping and bleeding can be normal but it can also mean something bad that you don’t wanna hear so you have to always get it checked out just to be safe


It’s probably nothing to be concerned about, but I would go just in case. You never know. Go for your own peace of mind. Better safe then sorry! Hope everything is okay mama :pray:t2:

You need to drink water andofs of it

Everyone says go to the ED but the 2 miscarriages I had at home, they hurt and everything but I was able to just pass them in the bath. You can go in if you want but they can’t do much for you there. Best to wait it out at home. More comfortable


This happened to me at with my 4th pregnancy called my doctor who told me to rest and come in the next day Even at that visit it was to early to hear a heart beat but the bleeding had stopped have a son now I was scared yes but there really is nothing the ER can do Call your doctor to see what you should do They have the best advice

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Hi you will feel better if you get it checked out it took me 6 years to get pregnant and with my first boy I spotted and bled up till the 5th month and I did some of the same with the second one not as bad they were both late my two weeks but you still will feel better to know for sure especially if you have a real physical job good luck carolann

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10 minute drive and 10 minute drive back is worth it for you and your babies health and that’s what matter more than a job!!


Go to the er that’s a sign of a miscarriage that’s what I did with my last three miscarriages

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Please drive the 10 minutes to the ER

See Dr. don’t panic might be nothing

I would be very concerned you need to go to the hospital
10 minutes is not that far away​:bangbang::bangbang:

I spotted the first 3 months with my youngest. She is now 23. If your scared go to the ER or call your DR. first thing in the morning. Best of luck to you

I spotted until 6 months pregnant here’s my baby now❤️

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Go to the hospital… Don’t even hesitate.

Same thing happened to me at 8 weeks. Triage nurse was annoyed I was there, told me not to come in again unless I filled a pad in an hour (however I was seen by a doctor after 6 hours and everything was fine). Go with your gut!

Call your OB’s emergency line and see what they say. If the cramping gets worse and/or unbearable then you definately need to go to the ER. There isn’t really anything they can do aside from pain management if needed and if - God forbid- it is a miscarriage, make sure you don’t need any further medical intervention. I bled off and on from 7wks until 6months due to a placenta previa with one of my twins. Good luck.:heart:

Get docs or nurses advise not people’s advise they are not qualified

Go to the ER you could be having a miscarriage