Is it normal to cramp while pregnant?

ive been having mild cramping in both of my sides and lower back areas not sure what it might be. tips? im 28w+5d if that means anything. plus my insurance was cancelled so im not sure if I can still see my OB or if they will deny me because I cant afford to pay for a appt this month due to financial problems. what do you guys think it could be also I been really nauseous and having bad headaches all day today


I’d say call the OB and explain your insurance and financial situation. It’s better to be seen and it be nothing than to not go

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You can apply for presumptive egibility through the insurance dept at your hospital. It’ll give you short term insurance until a Medicaid app can be approved.

But also you can call your OB and talk to them. My insurance got cancelled due to the people At my husbands work losing our paperwork so we missed the deadline. They still saw me as long as they had proof that I was waiting for my Medicaid appt to go through.

Go get Medicaid being pregant you will have no problems


Apply for pregnancy Medicaid! You won’t have to worry about paying any medical bills as long as you’re pregnant and it has something to do with being pregnant/sick while pregnant. You also won’t have to worry about paying the huge labor and delivery bill afterwards!


Typically your OB will see you without insurance if you are pregnant if you will be rectifying the insurance issue. I did this at 8 weeks pregnant until my insurance became active. Or as the lady above mentioned ER they have to treat you.

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Dehydration drink lots of water !


Also apply for state medical assistance ASAP


Go to the ER and get checked out, insurance or not your health and the health of your baby are more important. Most hospitals have financial assistance and can help with getting you on a state Medicaid plan.

Go to the emergency room they see you whether you got insurance or not

You can go to the emergency room. Drink lots of water. You could be dehydrated

You can check your blood pressure for free at a drug store, high bp is dangerous for you and baby and a bad headache can be a sign.

Could be Braxton hicks. Also they cant deny you but they will charge you and send you a Bill. Also see if they can work something out.

Try drinking water. Could be muscle I hope

Dr wants $$ 4 service now r proof ins Er

Could be a UTI turned into kidney infection.

Im not a doctor, so get your ass to a doctor for sure.

Drink some water and lay on left side if it doesn’t get better go to labor and delivery they can’t deny you to be seen without medical

Sounds like dehydration. Drink lots of fluids every day and avoid caffeine

My concern would also be preeclampsia. Which can be serious

Perfectly normal it happens

And don’t listen to Christina Lawrence I garrentee it’s not preeclampsia most people on here hear you can get this and that and think they can diagnosis everything

Go to er cant turn you down and may have program to pay for uninsured dont stress.

What state do you live in? File for medical through the state they can’t deny you if your pregnant ND and MN anyways… Drink alot of water and rest if things get worse I would go in.

Does the pain went to shake from side to side it could be your appendix and you can go to the emergency room and they don’t let them see you they can only get with you have so don’t wait tell me it’s real bad cuz if it is your appendix they can burst