Is it normal to feel dull aches in your pelvis 4 months postpartum?

Does anybody have dull aches that come and go in waves postpartum in your pelvic area? I’m four months postpartum and keep dealing with this and going back and forth to the doctor with no real explanation for it.


Did you have a csection?

I don’t know about normal but I had it after my first two kids. Had to do pelvic floor physical therapy.

I’m 3 months PP and when I lay on one side for too long it feels like my pelvis has moved and hurts alot until I get up and move around. Like actually walk just switching sides doesn’t make a difference. And I found that during the last few weeks of pregnancy my pelvis was killing me. I’m not having any other issues though so I havent really looked into it.

My pelvic area hurt most of my pregnancy. I had to go to a physical therapist for any kind of relief. I would suggest that.

Had this problem with both children. Turns out my hips needed realigned. Yea… never dawned on me that during your pregnancy your pelvic is constantly shifting to make way for the baby. During labor it literally opens to 10cms for your baby. And then after it may not realign the correct way causing aches and uneven legs. I literally just thought after my first born that I was only growing on one side lol but after my second child it got worse so I went to see a chiropractor. He said my hips were out of alignment and causing my pelvic to hurt almost nonstop at that point. He corrected it for me and told me to come back in a few months. Boy the relief I had was instant!! I walked better, hunched less, could fold my legs up again, sit on the floor and play without pain. I could sleep on my sides like I was dying to do lol. So perhaps you should see a chiropractor b4 its to late. Like I stated above I just thought that was how my body was after my first and because I waited 8 years before my second born and then went to a Dr. I gave myself slight scoliosis. No one ever tells you to see a back dr after birth and I really wish someone would’ve shared this tip with me. Not saying this is your issue but regardless seeing a chiropractor would help.

Not pains but I have like a clicking/popping going on right now. 6m pp

Try going to a physio therapist who deals with pelvic floor