Is it normal to have contractions at 27 weeks?

I just want to know if other moms have had a similar experience with their pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy. I’m 27 weeks, and for a couple of weeks now, I get contractions really easily. With any activity, my belly tightens, and a lot of times, it’s actually pretty uncomfortable. I even occasionally get cramping which I know is a sign of labor. They are never consistent like active labor, so that’s good. It’s usually just a few minutes at a time. My Dr has told me to drink more water and rest, which has been very difficult for me to do. I can drink water, that’s easy, but resting is hard. I get so bored and also very uncomfortable just laying around. My first pregnancy was so smooth, not a single complication, and I was actually 20 pounds heavier then. It’s weird; now I’m actually more fit, but I’m not even in my 3rd trimester, and my belly is still so small, but I feel so achy, and things that should be easy are so difficult (like squatting, bending, walking). I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it’s a sign I could go into preterm labor. I know I need to rest more, and I’m trying. But I also have a 3 year old so I worry I could cause myself to go into labor anytime bc I’m likely to have to pick her up or chase her up the stairs or something that stresses my body out enough to.


Every pregnancy is different. 27 weeks is way too early. do what the doctor tells you or lose your baby… if you are having contractions, you may need to be in the hospital for a couple of days

Braxton hicks starts. It like practicing labor pains. And drinking caffine can make it worse especially if this is your first pregnancy. They come in spurts but dont get stronger. Its alarming but breathe through it.

I think it’s normal. I’m 29 weeks and I feel the same way. I get alot of Braxton hicks and crampy feeling and can barely walk without feeling like I did an intense workout. My other 3 pregnancies were not like this one but my Dr said everything is going well and is not concerned. Drinking alot of water and resting does help

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It’s Braxton Hicks that’s perfectly normal but u do need to drink water I literally hate water but I force myself to drink water

My second I had contractions like this. I had a one and half year old at the time as well. Drinking more water and resting does help…I wouldn’t necessarily worry about throwing yourself into labor too much. I took care of my son and packed and moved to a new house. I didn’t go into labor until I did a membrane sweep walked a track and stadium stairs and did squats. I was also high risk and had polyhydramis with her (too much fluid which can cause early delivery). Everyone is different tho. I’d say tho If your doctors not concerned I wouldn’t worry either… if it irritates you or hurts too much try doing what your doctor suggested.

Oh girl, I am exactly as far along and you are preaching! I feel terrible too :disappointed: almost there…

I had this actually until I found out I needed insulin then things got better for me .

Ohhhh man was my last two pregnancys HARD! No energy at all and uncomfortable all day every day. crazy uncomfortable and never ending heart burn when trying to sleep made even nights unbearable :worried:I feel for ya girl!

I had painful Braxton hicks from the time I was 20 weeks with my second. I would have at least 20-30 a day

I started having contractions at 27 weeks with my first. They were not consistent and not really painful so I thought they were Braxton Hicks. Luckily, I already had a prenatal check-up appointment scheduled a few days after they started. My midwife checked me and I was already dilating. I was immediately sent to the hospital. It may be Braxton Hicks, but there is a chance it’s not. I’d go get checked just to be safe, mama.

Definitely normal but dehydration will cause cramping and it’s too early to have painful cramping. Same happened to me!! My Dr told me to drink 80-100 oz of water a day, which is also!! Once I started getting 60 or more oz a day my cramping contractions stopped

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With subsequent pregnancies, you will feel Braxton Hicks sooner than with the first one. Happened to me with every pregnancy. Also, kicks can be felt sooner, belly could show sooner, etc. as your body’s muscles and “previous experience” make you know what to look for sooner or more readily since you’ve experienced it before as it was explained by my doctor.

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Well, I had Braxton hicks and I ended up on bed rest at 14 weeks til I was 38 weeks. I started to dilate at 22 weeks which I ended up in the hospital for 1 month to stop it. I was placed on breathine…(not sure if I spelled that correctly)

Girl im in the same exact boat r in but my daughter is almost 5 and I’m 28 1/2 weeks and my Braxton Hicks r kicking in strong, I had my 1st a month early though amd it was same with her

Dehydration causes contractions! So make sure you’re always always always hydrated!

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Dehydrated drink water

Normal…Braxton hicks…drink water and eat a snack while laying on left side.


Try getting some Gatorade or Powerade in you to help with your Electrolytes coming up!!

Went into labour at 30 weeks with my first and delivered a 3 lb 5 oz baby girl. 29 weeks with my second, luckily with my second we caught it early enough (at 6 cm dilated) and were able to stop the contractions, then bed rest until the day I delivered at 36 weeks. Be cautious and seek medical if you’re worried it’s more than just Braxton Hicks

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It sounds like Braxton Hicks to me.

i had a much harder second pregnancy as well same situation. i was heavier and about less active with the first. my second i barely gained 5 lbs but was always so uncomfortable and couldn’t even tell i was pregnant until i was in my 3rd trimester,i was like 30 weeks before i showed. i also ended up with preeclampsia that continued postpartum so that really contributed to my discomfort ,the only fix is to deliver , as for the braxton hicks mine got painful at times to . i went and got watched for 6 hours and they told me i was having so many contractions and has to drink lots of water or i was gonna need to be hooked up to iv and given a pill that makes you feel like shit so please drink as much water as possible. best of luck to you and prayers for a safe rest of your pregnancy and delivery.

I had the belly tightening at 24 weeks. I wasn’t in pain and still working. When I went to my doctor appointment I was already dilated to 3 cm. I had to go home pack a bag and was put in the hospital to stop labor. Had to take a pill after that every 4 hours to keep the contractions from starting again. 2 rounds of steroid shots but I ended up making it to 34 weeks 1 day. It was my first pregnancy and it was twins so I really thought it was just because I was so small and they were trying to make room.

Uh…you need to listen to your doctor. Doesn’t matter if you get bored. Your health and the health of your baby is more important :woman_facepalming:t5:


Sounds like it’s nothing but if you’re really worried look for another doctor. Nothing wrong with getting a second opinion. I have 3 preemies and I believe that if u don’t feel comfortable you need to do something about it. If any spotting or ur water break go immediately to the hospital. Do your best not to stress because that made me land in the hospital at 5 months with my 2nd pregnancy. Everyone is different though.

I had contractions start at 25 weeks with my second. 60-120 contractions/day. I was drinking over 100 oz of water/day so it definitely wasn’t from dehydration. I was put on pseudo bedrest, at home, just not able to work from 26 weeks on. I was bored out of my mind, but I carried my baby boy until 37 weeks, delivered this past Christmas Eve, and he was born healthy. DEFINITELY listen to your OB and REST!!! it will be worth it in the end!


Omg this literally sounds like me pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago. I worked in an office where they kept making me walk (even though someone else totally couldve) back and forth. My belly would get so tight and I would get so uncomfortable I refused to do it, I explained I was worried about the stress it was putting on my baby. I was sent home (:roll_eyes:) and had to get a drs note for them to not make me do that. I also drank as much water as I possibly could and put my feet up as much as I could until I had her. I also would use a jazzy thing in the grocery store until I was trying to induce labor at 40weeks

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I had contractions 20 weeks and on for both my kids. Early labour at 32 and 34 weeks but didn’t have them until 39 weeks.

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Started at 25w with my 3rd and 17w this time with my 4th… Bedrest SUCKS majorly for this amount of time, but it helps. Bedrest and drinking lots of water :blue_heart: I’m at 30w currently, and my doctor thinks we’ll make it to fullterm this time as long as I stay off my feet and keep hydrated.

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This is my second pregnancy. I started having Braxton Hicks at 14 weeks and I’m now 20 weeks and having contractions.

Sounds like Braxton Hicks

This is me exactly. I feel your pain

I started having contractions at 22 weeks and was 2cm dilated. Had to go on bedrest and take a pessary to stop labour which was hard as I had a 13 month old already. Ended up giving birth at 27 weeks. Although I was carrying twins.

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I started having consistent contractions (4 minutes apart) while laying down with my almost 2 year to take a nap at 28 weeks. I was put on bed rest for 3 weeks. I also had gall bladder issues while pregnant with my second. It was stress in my case. I ended up carrying her until a few days shy of 40 weeks

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You are probably experiencing Braxton Hicks and not actual contractions. This is normal. But not drinking enough water can cause an increase in cramping and Braxton Hicks. Drink more water and try to rest when you can. You won’t go into labor taking care of your three year old. Lots of women work full time jobs while pregnant and taking care of other children. Just make sure you are eating enough drinking water and taking care of yourself.

Look up prodromal labor. Your symptoms sound a lot like what I went through with my last 2 pregnancies. Contractions started at 24 weeks for me and they thought I was going into early labor with my second and kept an eye on me but I made it to full term and due to the prodromal labor I had her 2 hours after my water broke and the last one I had no pain during actual labor until they broke my water when I was dilated to 6cm and then went from 6-10 in less than an hour. Best delivery I ever had though. Quick and I felt like super woman after :muscle::rofl: Definitely listen to your body just to be safe but hopefully this will give you a little piece of mind and maybe some hope for a quick and easier delivery because that’s what prodromal labor basically does since your body is “preparing” for so long lol