Is it normal to have hot feet while pregnant?

Has anyone else developed extremely hot feet at night during pregnancy?? My feet burn at night, waking me up several times a night. The rest of my body is cold, but my feet are total opposite! I’ve even resorted to wetting socks and putting them in the freezer then wearing them to bed… but that only seems to help for 10 minutes or so. I told my ob but she just brushed it off like it was no big deal but it’s driving me crazy and I don’t know how to fix it and get some rest :sob::weary: help


I’ve been just the same with both of my pregnancies and afterwards. Took a couple of months after my first to go back to normal. Will soon find out if it takes as long second time round. I’ve found just being barefoot as much as possible helps and wearing flipflops out. The cool mist/air can spray could help a bit.

I had the same problem, I slept with a thick doona and left my feet out with a fan blowing on them, I tried wet towels first but found they would warm really quickly! I spent all of summer heavily pregnant so I completely understand your pain! This is what I recommend but goodluck in finding what works for you

So I look after an old lady who often complains of burning feet and it turns out to be from nerve compression in her lower spine.
Could just be pressure on your nerves from where bub is sitting.
It could also be from feet swelling, carrying extra weight from pregnancy or changes in hormones.

Pearl ice packs!!! They work! I had one on both feet and sometimes my back under a blanket :joy:.

My whole body gets hot at night it doesnt matter what the air is set on i still wake up sweating

Sounds like a circulation issue. Maybe try to do some stretches before bed? Can’t hurt.

Put aloe vera gel on them

lotion lotion lotion!! i would wake up & put lots of lotion on them and it helped so much