Is it normal to see a pulse in your stomach?

Can you ask a question for me? I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, and for a week or so, I can visibly see a pulse in my stomach, I’ve seen it in different areas, usually above the bellybutton, but I can’t feel it only visibly see it! Has this happened to anybody? Thanks so much


Yes, that’s normal. Had it the entire time I was pregnant with my daughter. Thought it was her heartbeat for a long time actually lol

It’s probably your baby’s practice breaths

It’s completely normal, especially when pregnant because your body is pumping extra blood to your uterus causing the pulse to be stronger.

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It happens even not pregnant


Yes that happens to me even without pregnancy🤣

Totally normal, I get that even not pregnant lol

I can see my pulse in my stomach even when I’m not pregnant. Especially if something like my phone or a remote is laying on my stomach or I’m laying flat on my back. There’s all kinds of arteries and veins running through your abdomen for all your organs, etc. If you’re concerned, ask your doctor.

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Its your heart beat. You can see if even when your not preg

This is normal even without pregnancy lol

It’s normal even when you are not pregnant. Lol

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I was wondering the same thing! Im 35 weeks today and for the last month I could see it and feel it. So much that if I rested my arm on it, it would pulse my arm up and down! Always in the same spot. To the right of my belly button. So wired lol

Completely normal, something to do with increased blood flow while pregnant making the pulse stronger I think x

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Its your baby having hiccups

I have this and I’m not pregnant. Pretty normal

I don’t have a pulse with my ice cold heart I was told. :rofl::joy:

Yes I believe it’s the abdominal aorta.

Yeah its your aorta and depending how your baby is laying it can be more prominent.

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I see it even after I had a baby it’s your own heartbeat if you aren’t pregnant

It could be baby hiccups! My son had them ALL THE TIME, and I could usually feel them AND see them. They were so rhythmic I thought it was a pulse at first too. And it would move, because he would move…

Not while pregnant but otherwose its common for me

I did earlier in my pregnancy. The doc said he had the hiccups but I don’t think so lol

Could either be hiccups from baby, or could just be pulsing from the extra blood flow to your uterus. I had that a lot in early pregnancy with my oldest!

Its your pulse :blush: your blood volume doubles while pregnant.

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Im 34 weeks and see this too it’s really strange when I felt my tummy it felt like she was sticking her foot out and pulsing the same time, I haven’t got a clue what it is tho :grimacing: x

I’m 36 + 2 days and ive seen my pulse in my belly most weeks x

I have always seen my pulse in my stomach since my daughter 12 years ago. It is more pronounced now at 26 weeks than when I am not pregnant, but I have seen mine for 12 years now and it is my normal

Yes. Mine did it as well. I just would turn on my left side and it would stop.

There’s an artery that run right through that spot, so it’s completely normal to see a pulse there.

I can’t lay on my stomach while not pregnant because the pulse from that artery bugs me when I lay on it

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It could be a pulse or hiccups, both are normal.

I am 25 weeks and 6 days I see my pulse in my tummy all the time

Yes, i see it even when I’m not pregnant. There’s an artery around about where you have described. Easier to see when your pregnant i guess because your blood goes up alot :woman_shrugging:t3:

Its normal momma! I had same with all 3 pregnancies

I’m not pregnant and I can see a pulse in my stomach. You’re normal.

It happened to me while pregnant

Happened to me! If your all belly your going to notice it more.

Happens to me even when I’m not pregnant.


Not pregnant and I can see it… what i find really odd is phantom kicks lol that you can feel as if a baby was in there lol


It’s your main artery!!


You can see your pulse but also since u r so far along. It might be the baby practice breathing that you are noticing.

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Its your abdominal aortic artery. Pregnancy pushes it forward more, normal to see it. :slight_smile:

I’m not even pregnant and I can see my pulse in my stomach when I’m laying down. I googled it and it said that you just have a strong heart beat :woman_shrugging:t3:

My daughter would get hiccups in my belly and you could see the “thumps”

I remember this happening towards the end of my pregnancy. 33-36 weeks. From what I understand it could be the baby sucking it’s thumb. Or practice breathing OR your artery!

Currently experiencing this since 14 weeks

Happened to me and the nurse said it’s the baby having hiccups :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: not sure if that’s true but I taught it was cute