Is it normal to stop caring about your appearance?

Is it normal to care less about make up and appearances as you get older? I’m in my mid thirties and find that I have no desire to get all made up like I used to. I actually feel silly with a lot of make up on, the older I get. Is this a thing for anyone else?


Im 24 and already dont care lol


Ill b 33 Jan 6th and I feel that way already lol

Shoot I just turned 30 I stopped caring about my appearance about 10 years ago other people’s opinions of my appearance are irrelevant. It takes too much effort to do makeup so I stopped wearing it years ago

I’m 40, I hardly wear make up especially going to work and I am usually in jeans and a T-shirt. Mom life takes its toll.

Iam 39. My theory is you don’t like dont look lol


Im 25 and stopped caring earlier this year lol

That’s where I’m at. Unless I need to look professional or put together for a job specific reason I just don’t have the need or desire to do any extra.

I feel the same. The older I get the more I realize that you should take pride in yourself of course and take care of yourself but it is no longer important to me to get all done up all the time

23 and don’t care :joy: I have a 5 month old and rarely find the time to get all prettied up like I used to.

I’ve been like that since my early 20s

I stopped caring many moons ago. But as the years go on, the only thing that matters is comfort. That seems to be working out for me.

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34 I don’t care. Havent for awhile now

I never was a big makeup fan usually eyeshadow and mascara when younger now you lucky I do it all

I wear make up to church on sundays the other days I don’t care

23 with a 9 month old & 4 year old… I stopped caring alooooong time ago :sweat_smile:

I’m 34 and I haven’t cared about my appearance since my oldest daughter was born when I was 22

I’m 27 and feel like this :joy:

Yes I definitely think as you get older that becomes less important, I stopped really caring at all around 26. Unless it’s for something important I just don’t care lol

WhAt I wear and how much makeup I put on doesn’t define who I am. I’m 34 and and work a lot. When I’m not at work I want to be comfortable. I don’t care what people are think. If you judge me by what I’m wearing. Your no friend of mine.

i never cared about make-up. wasn’t my thing. i never cared if others kept with their makeup stuff. but when I was little, (mid teen, make-up age in my grandma’s eye) she kinda forced me to wear make up to take good pics. so, yea, not a big make-up fan.

I’ve never been a makeup person except for my grade 9 year other than that I have always went without makeup and it’s so much easier and when you do go and get dolled up it feels cool. I have worn makeup maybe 5 times in 20 years and love being natural :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol I got zeerooooooo f**ks. I look presentable but that’s it unless I’m going to a meeting or whatever.

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I’m 23 and it’s not that I dont care but honestly it’s the last thing I worry about … i worry about my kids, and my household first then the rest comes along.


Yep. They dont pay my Bill’s so their opinion does not matter.

I’m in mid thirties n feel same way

Im 25 and never really gave much of a damn . lol
I never was into makeup and contouring , I do my eyeliner and mascara occasionally just to feel cute (sometimes as a treat for hubby) but i think once you have kids and settle down you get more comfortable with who you are it doesnt really matter much … As long as youre content with it .
Not caring about your looks and not caring about yourself are two different things .

I can’t tell you the last time i used a brush :woman_shrugging: my hair is always in a messy bun


I’m 34 and only look nice when I have to. I’m also a mothrr of 3 and dont have time for anything more than wiping Cheerios off me finding a not thrown up shirt to put on and some smelly goods

I feel so uncomfortable

I’m 18 and I feel this way, I barely do my makeup and when I do I feel embarrassed

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I stopped caring when I got too comfortable in my relationship but in general have always cared :thinking: probably too much to be fair.

I’m 32 and stopped wearing makeup, taking care of my hair, eyebrows etc, and wear leggings daily to work. It’s just not a priority anymore.

:grin:22 baby. You do you. I barely brush my hair​:ok_hand::joy:

Yeah man I pretty much just roll around looking like a troll most days. Sometimes I throw on some eyeliner and call it a day.

As I got older I realized I just don’t care. I make sure I don’t look homeless and that’s enough. :joy:


I’m 30 and havent worn make up in years I used to have cover up and mascara for dinner date or what ever but it’s a waist of time and money and it just makes my skin more gross.and would jsut end up bad before using it all lol

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I havent worn makeup for a very long time and now i find it inconvenient. Its silly to not be able to touch my face or rub my eye and worry about smearing something.

I always figured if we deem men attractive and they dont wear makeup, then why cant i be viewed the same.

Plus its expensive and took more time out of my day than i would ever want to give it again.

So yes, lol, obviously i think it is incredibly normal to have little desire to put on makeup and i fully encourage it. Women are beautiful just the way we are. No need to alter our faces so someone else thinks we look acceptable to them.

31 and letting my hair go in its natural glory. 15 years of dying it!

Yes. I’m 24 and barely wear makeup or do my hair up anymore

I don’t wear makeup everyday cause 1 it’s expensive, 2 I sweat it off throughout the day 3 it clogs my pores, and 4 it makes me break out… So I only wear makeup for pictures, events like Christmas concerts where I would be on stage and on camera and occasionally to church. And I always been this way, it’s okay to not wear a ton of makeup everyday if any at all. Wearing it occasionally is better for you!! And we are all beautiful without it, now I do care how I dress, I wear cute stuff!! But in all honesty I can care less about makeup 98% of the time :grin: and I’m 26, I thought I was odd lol turns out I’m not!!

Ya I’m 26 and during pregnancy and ever since it rare I have any type of makeup on. I literally used to do my makeup every day even if it was only brows, eyeliner and mascara but now nope nothing and I could give a rat’s ass less unless it like a family or friend gathering then I feel like I need to cause I know I look like a worn down mama and dont wanna have pics taken unless I am done up nicely

I stopped wearing make up when i got married but then again i only wore the basics like foundation and eye liner

I’m the same way its been years since I’ve worn make up and done my hair. I’m lucky if I brush it daily it’s usually up in a bun or a claw clip.
I used to make sure my hair and make up was done before I took the kids to school now I don’t care about the make up.

Almost mid 30s and im the same. Makeup dont imporve my looks much anyway so i just dont even bother.

Yeah, this is me.
29 no makeup ever
Never do my hair
It’s an event if I put mascara on

:100: normal. Idgf what I look like or what people think lol

I’m 56 it’s NEVER been my desire to wear makeup I believe in working with what GOD has given me. Natural hair Natural EVERYTHING. Be comfortable in the skin you’re in

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I’ve worn makeup I think 2 times in the last 6 months. It was my wedding day and the makeup trial. Maybe 4 times total this year if that. I just didn’t have time or energy to care. Plus I noticed when I wore makeup more, my skin got paler and reacted badly. So I rarely wear it period.

I mean unless you live in Fort McMurray everyone seems all
done up even for 8am school drop offs! :woman_shrugging: makes me feel like a slob even though I could care less.


No make up since i got my lashes done. I was a slave to make up when I was younger…now I need all the time I can get for more important things

Yep! Pushing 50 and don’t really care what I look like

I m almost 74 n the make up i use when i wer tou ger made my face dry brittle it has been yrs since make up never again

Omg I’m 22 and could give a shit what I look like in public :joy::joy: girl I go out without a bra on come on now. Your fine lol a lot of women are like that I think so anyway

I’m 29, four kids, and work full-time. I never wear makeup on the days I work. On my days off, I usually don’t have a reason. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve put it on it the past 6 months.

Going on 42 and these days I find myself in a baseball cap and no makeup. If I do wear make it’s very minimal as I just look more tired. It doesn’t go on like it used too. :cry: Sadly, I have 2 toddlers that are well dressed before myself so even if I get ready hours in advance, I always have to cut corners when it comes to myself. Every time…:woman_shrugging:t2::weary:

You be you and don’t worry what others think

Totally! With maturity you learn to care less about what people think of you.

In my mid-30s I stopped wearing make-up daily. I am more than my looks!

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Nobody is coming up to me attempting to solve riddles for passage so I guess its all good to keep it basic :woman_shrugging:


Only when I go to work.

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I’m 30 and while I still love makeup and enjoy putting in on when I do, I no longer have the strong desire to wear it all the time as I did in my early-mid 20’s. I used to refuse to leave the house without makeup on even just for a quick trip to the store. Now I wear makeup just because a few times a month and whenever my boyfriend and I have date night. I personally feel that my skin looks and feels way better now that I’m not wearing makeup all the time as well and since I’m 30, I’m far more concerned with aging lol.

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I had my little girl in September and I’ve worn makeup maybe two times since then! Most of the time it’s leggings and a mom bun!

I have to put eyebrows on because I was an idiot in high school and overplucked and it never grew back, but I generally just use a light whipped foundation over the red spots on my face, maybe some mascara and my eyebrows (the pencil doubles as eye liner) and a tinted lip balm and I’m good. If I’m going somewhere like church or out to dinner I do a little more but other than that I’m pretty happy with minimal makeup. I have neon red/pink and lavender hair so I don’t have a need for a lot of makeup these days. :grin:

I do not wear make up never have…or fancy clothes. I could care less about appearance. Its humbling to wake up and go about your day without wasting time ir money on makeup or friverlous crap…

I stay in pjs all day… hell i cant afford any thing else…

I tell people… if ya dont like the way i look… buy me a new wardrobe…


Most recent picture I have. I literally can not find one where I am wearing makeup itd take a min lol

Ive been like that since day one. Some of us don’t care about appearance like that.

I’m 23 and I’ve worn make up once in the last 3-4 years :woman_shrugging:

Im 33 and only do my hair. Its a short spiky hairdo. I have make up tons but only ever wear it for special occasions.

Normal hell iv never liked makeup I do keep myself clean trimmed up hair brushed but that’s it I don’t put extra into it I dress like I want usally a tee shirt with my fav shows like dragon Ball z and Pokemon or my fav videogames as long as you are happy doesn’t matter I’m 26

I’m 32. I don’t wear makeup at all…but I have makeup In a bag somewhere under my bathroom sink. I put my hair up In a ponytail all week for work. I shave my armpits. But I only shave my legs every few months since I always wear pants. I don’t care. Hell I barely wear a bra…but I wear one when I go to work. I’m a single mom. Live with my mom. IDGAF. Either like me the way I am or not at all. I like all natural. I don’t like caking stuff all on my face. But that’s just me.


I’m 22 and barely ever wear make up or do anything with my hair I don’t care what people think about how I look :100:

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Haha omg I was just talking to someone about this exact same thing today. I’m 38 so yes it’s perfectly normal, maybe because we feel like there’s more important things to do.

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I’m 52 have kids ranging from 28 to 10 and still do makeup to leave the house. Standard battle armor light foundation bronzer/blush eyeliner and mascara. I know lots of moms who have so I guess its how ever you want to live. I like looking a little put together even if its to the grocery store or kid pick up / drop off.


I used to always make sure i had on makeup… now I’m in my 40’s I really don’t care unless Im going somewhere

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Bin like this my whole life pretty much!

Totally normal I think the older you get the less you care about what other people think and more about what you think


It comes and goes. I go through weeks were I care and weeks when I don’t lol. I buy makeup pallets like They are going out of style but I just like the colors lol

36 and I’m not big on makeup. I do however get dressed and do my hair.

Completely normal, the older you get it’s why bother, be comfortable in your own way!

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I stopped caring in my mid-early 20s. Be you, and if people don’t like it, oh well.

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I haven’t really worn make up much since menopause especially face make-up. I would sweat a lot so why bother. I do still color my hair

I quit caring in high school

I’m 53 and the last time I wore makeup was at my wedding 11 years ago. I was never a makeup person even when I was younger

I could care less how I look since my husband passed.

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The only make up i use regularly is concealer on my dark eye bags from having 5 kids and never getting any sleep, and a little mascara. Less is more in my opinion! I envy those who don’t need it at all, but i don’t want to look like the walking dead :joy: my hair is usually in a messy bun cause who has time for that?? Girl be YOU! Who cares about what others think

That’s how I feel and I’m only 23.

I don’t care how I look in public, I go everywhere makeup-less now a days. I just don’t have time with three kids, work, home life and social life and whatever else is thrown at me. I do however put on makeup when I do happen to get bored at home but I don’t go out lol

I’m 57 very seldom I’ll put make up on I don’t wear like I use to

I have stopped wearing as much make up too. I am also in my mid 30s. I think it actually makes me look older.

It’s not about people putting make-up on,it’s to feel better about yourselves when you get older and your pride.

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I felt this. Before kids i wouldnt leave My house without it. Im pregnant with #3 and maybe once or twice a month do I put on a full face.

I’m 67 I still like to wear make up and my hair I don’t want scare people but I don’t wear it every day just when I’m in the mood

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I have a ton of make-up and barely make myself up ever

Girl, I’m 23 and stopped caring 2yrs ago when I fell pregnant. Yes I work out, and I’m not self conscious with my body anymore but there’s no way In hell I’ll ever put make up on or go out :joy:

I have noticed that if you don’t ever wear makeup, you’ll never miss it! Once I started working in the kitchen, I found that it didn’t make sense to wear it to work. I always wore it outside of work, though. Nowadays, unless I’m going somewhere special, I generally don’t wear it. I do have to admit that when I do have makeup on, I feel a little more upbeat! I never leave the house without filling in my eyebrows, and some lip color!

Well I am 34 and I wore make up daily until my mid twenties… I feel like for me the older I got the more comfortable I got with just being me. At this point to be honest the only time I find myself wearing it is when I am feeling insecure. Whether it be because I’ve gained a few pounds and feel my partner might be less interested or because I have to meet with people I don’t feel comfortable with being myself around. Maybe 6 times a year at this point so I hope that’s normal.

Lmao I’m 36 year old and I was never into make-up. My teens, I bought it but never wear it. Couple times friends did my makeup but when we got where we were going I’d go to the washroom to wash my face. Once in a blue moon I’d just wear eye liner and mascara, thats it!! But it was pretty rare!! I just hate the feeling of it on my face!

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Im 19 and i dont wear make up often i actually find it weird to dress up just to go to town. Idc how i look in public bc im not trying to impress anyone.


I’ve just turned 31. I care how I look but instead of make up, I’m more focused on good skincare now. Anti aging, tone correction etc. I find my skin doesnt tolerate make up as it did in my younger days and most of the time it looks awful now especially foundation. I wear it every now and again on special occasions but most of the time I’m makeup free

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It’s funny because I constantly find myself wondering how these women have the time to do all that. I’m a mascara, undereye concealer, and chapstick kinda gal. Anything else is extra and I’ll really be feeling myself if I have that much time.

The fact that it takes a zillion steps to properly apply it now a days is too much!!! Give me some eye liner and mascara I’m good!

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