Is it normal to stop caring about your appearance?

I blame college, when it was “cool” to go to class wearing sweats. Once I opened that can of worms, there was no going back. Now, with motherhood and being 36 added into the equation… Getting me into pants that aren’t yoga pants or sweats is like pulling teeth (and the same for makeup). Pretty sure the mailman, neighbors, and delivery people must wonder if I ever do anything, because I’m legit in comfy stuff 98% of the time they see me. But do I care? Nope. So no, you are not alone! :grin:

Make up is just a mask society wants us to wear. Fueled by consumerism. Men don’t wear makeup, or feel the need to do so. But, make up companies sure would love their $$$

It is totally a human trait to decorate ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with painting our faces in self expression. But most of our make up in our culture is to make us look flawless, rather than creatively expressive.

I stopped wearing makeup somewhere in my 20s with the exception of when I had a job which required it. If I do now, I’m usually gonna go crazy with it! Lol. I look to Queens, their makeup is about art, that’s how it should be!

I feel the same way since turning 40

I don’t have time and my 2 yr old just destroyed the last of mine I’m 28

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Be yourself…
Only put on a tiny bit when going someplace that is more dressy…
In my job it just runs…

I’m 34 and wear sweats and t shirts :joy:no makeup hardly ever. I just don’t give 2 shits anymore.

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Pretty much I mean I will be 39 in a week and I wear makeup for work but on my days off I dont my husband doest really like me to wear he says I’m beautiful naturally anyways so I dont really get dressed up or makeup on to impress anyone

No I could care less about my makeup.

The only time I put on makeup is when I go to work so I don’t look dead :joy: I’m 29

Same girl. The most I do is a little mascara and some lip gloss

I’m turning 30 this year. I’ve never been one to consistently put on makeup only days I went out. I am a nurse so I’ve never felt like putting on makeup to spend the day coding patients and wiping ass… so yeah. Now that I have a kid my ass isn’t putting on make up for anything except special occasions like weddings.

Me ! I’m only 23 somedays I do my make up but rarely after I had my 2 kids I dont have the energy time or desire to put on make up

I’m 32 and feel the same way!!

Yes, I’m in my 40s and I’ve downgraded alot on makeup. Usually it’s just a mascara day.

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Glad I’m not the only one feeling this way… Apparently a lot of us do.


I’m the same way. I rarely wear make up and I feel a little silly when I actually do. LOL

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I even go down the street in my pjs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: can’t be bothered even getting dressed

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I feel this way I am 33

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Some women look beautiful without makeup, others look crazy witout makeup. But if that’s your natural look hey no problem.

I rarely wear make up maybe 3 times a week. If it’s not for a school meeting or doctor appointment I find reasons to go without lol (I’m 32)

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I dont wear makeup anymore. I used to be prideful of my appearance and since my 3rd and last daughter I dont really care for make up as much. But these bags under my eyes are horrid. All my make up is ruined and I have no desire to buy more.

24 and I’m already there lol. Been like this since I had my daughter 2 years ago

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I’m 52. Quite a bit older than all the ladies commenting. But here’s my take on this…
I always wore concealer and mascara. Teens, 20’s, 30’s and probably early 40’s. Not around the house, but if I was going ANYWHERE I felt unattractive without it on. I think it was just a “thing” an idea…that carried on from my teens (the 80’s). Now days I feel crappy with even concealer on. Though if I’m not wearing mascara people tend to think I’m unwell lol
I concentrate now on skin care. Could be because of my age.
But I also have no patience to even dress up or do my hair. Its always up unless it’s a special occasion. It just isn’t important to me to go out of my way to “make myself more attractive.”
There comes a time when one feels just take me as I am…or don’t :relieved:


Oh yeah. It becomes less of a priority. Only put on the basics so I dont look totally dead.

I have worn make up once since my wedding 3 1/2 years ago. That was for 80s night at a bar my friend was djing at. My husband actually said he didn’t want me to even wear make-up at our wedding because that’s not who I am.

I’m the opposite. I never cared about my appearance but now that I’m in my mid thirties and starting to notice the signs of aging I’ve actually started to care. I’ve even been thinking about learning how to do makeup

I used to wear makeup every day all day, no matter what! I noticed a change in my 50’s 61 yrs young now without it every day no matter what. I think I look at myself differently now. Natural beauty is where it’s at!

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I’m the opposite. I tried make up at 15 and was done by 16😂 Now that I’m 40, I find myself wanting to experiment. I’ve only gotten into wearing lipstick…Sometimes. I don’t like the feel.of all that stuff on my face.

I’ll be 31 in January and I do a touch of foundation on the red spots on my face, one shade of eyeshadow, a line of eyeliner on the top lid only and sometimes mascara although four out of seven days a week I don’t wear anything at all

I’m also not concerned about looking for gray hairs or wrinkles because everybody gets old who gives a crap lol

I find as we get older it’s all about being comfortable and you don’t care what other people think about our appearances. I rather be comfortable than be a fashion 50

Yup! This is normal lol! :joy: i have 2 kids. So my main priority is them! Making sure they look good. I will put some eyeliner on some mascara and some under eye cover up. Thats it! :sleeping::rofl: always tired! I also have gotten to the point where i really don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I will be 32 next weekend. So yup you definently aint the only one. Haha

I’m no help because I have never been big on make up. I wear it maybe once every year or so and that’s usually for weddings or very special occasions. When I put on make up I feel weird and kinda like I’m weighed down and the entire time all I do is worry about if I messed it up somehow and look stupid… so i just dont do it.

Ive never really worn make up except for night outs i just dont like it that much im 27

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Only time I put on makeup is if I’m having a date night with my bf. And that is rare lol otherwise I’m at home with our 3 year old :woman_shrugging: I don’t have anyone to impress but my own self and I’m just fine with how I am naturally. But my birthday and special occasions I do like getting all “dolled up” lol

I have felt the same way for about 6 years now. I have 3 kids 15,4,2 and I’m too darn busy to spend time on my makeup, I’m doing good if my hair isn’t messed up in the back from my bougie Eye mask I wear so I can sleep bc for some reason as I get older I can see ANY AMOUT OF LIGHT that is in the room or hallway. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’m 25 and I don’t give a fuuuuuck :woman_shrugging:t2: I think it’s a symptom of depression

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Ime 72 and still wear all my makeup daily I’ve never let go and never will!:kiss:


I used to always wear a little makeup to school/work but after two kids I just don’t care anymore and it’s not a priority. Maybe when they’re a bit older but right now I have a 7 month old and a very high maintenance 4 year old. Also I’m comfortable in my own skin and don’t need makeup to feel ok.

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I’m 22 with 2 kids. I don’t remember the last time I wore make up :woman_shrugging:t3:


I am 40 with 3 kids I don’t wear makeup except on special occasions I will put on eyeshadow and lipstick

Yep I never used to go out without it now Im not bothered who am I impressing? I have a partner I’m happy. I wear it on nights out but that’s probably it. Also who has time in a morning when you’ve got school runs and stuff. As we get older priorities change. Means you comfortable with yourself :blush:

I wear make up most days but just some bb cream- moisturiser with a bit of foundation- and my eye brows are done without fail. The only time I don’t is if I’m home for the day :blush: if I go out out I do my makeup properly but I know loads of people who don’t my younger sister hardly ever does unless she is out out xx

I’m the same no make up lol :joy: x

After I had my daughter, I definitely stopped caring as much. Lol I just don’t have the desire to put that much effort into my looks unless it’s a special occasion or date night. I’m happy being the natural I am :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m 59 and adore make up. It makes me look and feel so much better. Everyone to their own but it brings me alive lol :joy:


I am 26 with 2 kids and have worn makeup less the 15 times this year. Small backstory is since I started wearing makeup as a teen I wouldn’t leave the house with at least cover up and mascara on. Not even go to the gas station in the middle of the night​:woman_shrugging: I think it is totally normal and that as you get older you dont give a f**k what people think about you. You do you girl and rock that fresh face :wink::star_struck:

I’m 20 and I never wear make up. It always made me feel like a clown. Plus it always made my eyes swell

I’m 31 and dont feel like me without it. If I dont the odd time i get a you look tired comment :joy::joy::joy: baring in mind I have a 2 year old so I usually am lol

59 never really used it whole life.

I’ve never been into makeup, I dont care what people think, I feel free knowing I can wash my face and head out all naked face, cause no one has really seen any different, mascara and a bit of foundation is as far as I’ll go makeup wise.

Also wear it when i"m out and about. Not at home

I stopped caring about how i look when i was 19, now im 34😂

I’m 36 two kids and I’ve never really worn it much mainly as I’m shit at it :joy: I’ll put a bit on if we are going out for a meal /date etc but day to day I can’t be arsed xxx

Same. I used to wear a ton of eyeshadow and lipstick. Now I’m lucky if I do more than foundation, powder and mascara. I’m in my very late 20s. It just doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Iv had 4 boys, this is me now also. Its a real thing, very rarely get to do anything for myself or spend money on myself. At the end of the day my kids love me regardless. But it would be nice to go and get my hair or nails done once in a blue moon. Or wear an outfit that isnt 10 yrs old lol

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Yes I’m fat again I have 5 kids to worry about I do t get time for myself or with my hubby

I’m not even 25 and I almost never wear make up.

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I was the opposite. I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in my late 2o’s. I never wear alot of it. Just a little foundation and something on my eyes, a little gloss and that’s all. It wasn’t that I wasn’t allowed to when I was living at home. I just didn’t want to. I was just never really into it. And before someone says something to the affect of “try doing it with kids,” I have 3, that are eather teens or no more than 18 months away from being teens.


I’m 30 mom of 4. Haven’t really even been a fan of make up. And when I did wear it like 6 years ago. it was only eye liner and eye shadow. I dont have time for it, dont want to spend the money on it, and dont care how people view me. Why hide under 10 pounds of make up? Be and feel beautiful without it. If people dont like it, they can pound salt.


I used to never walk to the mailbox without a full face on. Then I was ok with wearing cute hats and minimal makeup for small errands, like dropping kids off or going through drive through. Now, I straight up will walk into a store with no makeup, hair in a no washed-bun, and clothes from yesterday. I think it’s a combination of 4 kids and aging that does it.


Sweatpants and ponytail for the win!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… I don’t wear makeup unless it’s a special occasion …


It’s not that I don’t care about my appearance, I just feel more comfortable wearing just blush & mascara

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I’m 32 and don’t even care what I look like anymore. I wear no or less makeup and sweatpants everywhere. Also got 5 kids and a baby on the way, so yeah, don’t have time to get all dolled up just to take it off at the end of the night

I had… i was never a big fan of it anyway but i had stopped it mostly when i became a mom at 25…

Not if you go out looking like some of those folks in the Walmart pics lol. I have never worn much makeup and haven’t worn any in quite a while. My thing has always bee just be clean! Always worn Jean’s and tennis shoes. Throw hair in ponytail mostly. Like comfort but not the kind that looks like you just rolled out of bed in clothes you’ve worn 24/7 for a week.


Are you happily married with too many kids? That’ll do it everytime. Like who are you trying to impress? You need to save your energy and time for dragging your 6 children under 6 out of the store when they all melt down at once. It’s simple cause and effect.

I never cared what I looked like ever haha! I’m 28 and only ever wear makeup for special occasions and even now that’s just too much of a hassle that I’ll just put on a light layer of lipstick lol

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Totally. I used to doll up, do my hair, put on the makeup etc. Now…I could really care less.

A little makeup is good. It makes me look & feel happy within…lol

I have always been too layed back to care. I only cared when I met my husband. He was out of my league and I was determined to get his attention. After we got to know each other he let me know when I didn’t put any make up on I was my prettiest.