Is it okay to have second baby shower?

We had one for all 4 mostly because they r far apart in age. And I never kept any baby stuff after they grow out I just have no room .

Even if the gender is the same, I see no problem in having a baby shower for every baby. Celebrate the new baby!

You can have as many baby showers as you want! Gender doesn’t matter. Anyone who has a problem with it doesn’t need to come. All babies are blessings and deserve to be celebrated.

A baby shower is about more than just gifts. It’s a celebration of your new baby and every new life deserves to be celebrated!

Why shouldn’t you be able to celebrate another baby… i do not see an issue with a second baby shower if anything you need it more the second time around :sweat_smile:
If you feel uncomfortable do it a little differently but at the end of the day it us each to their own don’t let others opinions get to you!

If it wasn’t for Covid id recommend having it after the baby is born. My 2 showers (opposite genders) I had a shower a week or 2 after, you tend to get nicer stuff cuz people can bond.

Its called a sprinkle party

Have as many showers as you want! The people who want to come and gift you and the baby will do just that

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Depending on how long it’s been between kids and gender, absolutely. My first was a girl, five years later we had a surprise little boy. Since I’d gotten rid of EVERYTHING, we started all over again lol

I’ve had one for each of mine. My first two were girls. This is a boy but it’s been 5 years :joy: so whatever you want. I always say if you’re in need of baby items and diapers and things a shower wouldn’t hurt. If you’re just wanting to get together with family you can let them know gifts are not expected. I had a friend who called hers a celebration not a shower because she didn’t want anyone to bring gifts, we did anyway lol but do whatever makes you happy

You can have as many baby showers as you want!

In our family, we do a baby shower for every baby. No matter gender, or how many kids you’ve had before…

Uh yes!!! Have a baby shower for 50 kids if you have them!!!

Yes! I’m currently pregnant with my second girl and my sister and mother in law are throwing me a baby shower! Baby showers aren’t just about the gifts they are about celebrating the new baby!

Some say it’s a faux pas. I think it’s okay, especially if the SEX is differ t that the first child. Those having multiple showers can be seen as excessive.

We have a shower for every baby in our family doesnt matter how far apart or gender. Each child deserves to be celebrated


Every baby can have a shower or two ! Why not !? Congrats little Momma !

I had a baby shower for all 3 of my kids. Why not?

My first pregnancy I had 3 baby showers total I was overwhelmed with baby things! But over all so thankful for everyone who participated!
My mom threw one with friends and family my aunt from dads side threw a surprise one with distant family and my in laws threw another… it’s totally okay to have more than one. :woman_shrugging:t2: just make space because they definitely SHOWER THE BABY WITH LOTS OF THINGS​:sparkles:

I had three baby showers 💁

Every baby deserves to be celebrated

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Each is special screw the people who don’t want to pay for another gift

Do what you find fit I see nothing wrong with it


My family thinks it should only be for the first child. They say to buy gender neutral baby furniture and save everything from your first and that having a second shower seems greedy BUT I have heard of and know many people who have a shower for each baby :blush:

Babies are all special. Be sure to take pictures so she knows that she was as important as your first. Family and friends also want to celebrate with you.

I had all intentions of having a shower if our second was a boy but we are having a second girl so we are not having one

Every baby deserves a shower. Car seats can’t be reused (they have expirations on them, and restrictions for multiple use, in case you didn’t know), as well as pack & plays … which most mom’s use as a basinet/crib/playpen. Every new baby needs diapers, and new bottles, and Dreft laundry soap … Things that new parents can really appreciate some help with, especially since they already have kids and are probably living on a budget. Hand me down clothes from a girl to a boy are not cool, and every baby needs their own, personal, first baby blanket to pass down to their own children one day.

I had a shower for all 4 of my kids

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have a baby shower for all of your babies. :purple_heart: who cares what others frown upon.

You do you. Celebrating a new baby is not only for baby gifts but helps destress by having fun and socializing!!

If you want one have one.

Yes its fine especially when its a different gender family dont care as long as they get invited lol.

I didn’t have a second or third shower. We had one large shower for baby 1. I find it’s asking a lot of family and friends to purchase things again and again. Some send gifts and cards regardless. I had 2 boys 3 years apart and then my daughter 5 years after that. My parents and in laws sent gifts but otherwise I felt odd making a registry etc… Truthfully we needed new everything by the time my 2 boys had used and abused it but we bought what we needed and tried to be practical in what we bought.

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Its your baby, its your pregnancy. Remember that you don’t have to call it a baby shower either! You could call to a gender celebration, or a baby viewing after baby girl is born. I think anyone would be down for a get together or a party. Have a diaper raffle
Ask people to bring a case of diapers or wipes and then number them and at the end of the party pick a winning number for a small gift, if that makes you feel better.
But all in all, its your baby do what you want to do.

Yes you can they are always coming out with new things for babies. Absolutely!!

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Have it! If someone has a problem with it they won’t come. Celebrate that new baby!

Some people do if they have a big gap in between kids… or you could do a keg shower

2nd baby, different sex gets full on shower. If it was the same sex you could do a ‘sprinkle’…also if there is a huge age gap there is a whe shower

I only had one for my first. I think that’s “standard”. Have a gender reveal party. Don’t people bring presents to those?

Absolutely acceptable! Especially if the gender is different!


My kids are 7 years apart and different genders. I needed everything. We called the party a sprinkle

Some have them calling it a Sprinkle shower

Absolutely. It’s your baby do it your way.

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I have 4 kids and had only 1 shower .

I think you can have a shower if you want to.

I had a baby shower for all 3 of my kids

I didn’t and right now given what’s going on, I wouldn’t want to. If you’d like to make a registry fog those who would like to give you something, that would be ok I think.

I think if your friends and family throw it then you are fine. I had one for each of my four kids.

If you want. I had boy then girl. I had a shower for the boy then I just did a gender reveal for the girl.

Most people throw one for each baby regardless of gender

Yes its a celebration of that baby…

You do you, who Cares what other people say

When we have our second we will definitely be doing a “baby sprinkle”. My girl will be out of diapers, out of all baby clothes and furniture and toys etc. I’ll need all new baby items again, she’ll be around 3 lol.

Every baby deserves to be celebrated! I understand it may feel uncomfortable to think about but I promise your fam and friends will want to celebrate your baby!!!

Every baby should be celebrated! I had 3 baby showers

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