Is it painful to have mirena removed?

Hey mamas, I have a question. My nerves are at an all-time high. I went in for my Mirena removal a few months ago. I hadn’t been to my OBGYN since they put it in, which was 12 years ago. I know. Long overdue, but anxiety gets the best of me. Well, they couldn’t find the strings, so they did an ultrasound to see if it was still there, and it was. I go in today to get it removed under an ultrasound. Has anyone gone through this? How painful is it? I’m so super nervous!!!


I just had mine removed and replaced a couple weeks ago. It was not painful at all, you may have slight cramping when it’s being removed but that’s it. I also had one replaced and felt nothing… just a note that they are only good for 5 years and the risk of infection is there if left in longer than should so it’s best to have it replaced every 5 years!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it painful to have mirena removed?

I had mine removed it was uncomfortable for a few days.

No but everyone is different and different pain levels

As WILDLY uncomfortable as the placement is, when I had mine removed I was also super nervous (because it hurt like hell to have put in) but I took a breath and it was done! So easy!
My next placement will be under conscious sedation :woozy_face::joy:

I’ve had mine removed and it’s a little uncomfortable at first almost like cramps and then I was fine. I love the Mirena. Well worth it.

I experienced cramps for a day or so, nothing major, but it was well worth it.

My first insertion gave me contractions but I didn’t even feel the removal. Definitely was better for me :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t even feel it both times I had it removed.

:wave: hi, I’m the person who is apparently completely different than everyone else. I had my old one removed and a new one inserted at the same time. I had very intense pain and dizziness. I threw up in the parking lot(luckily from the pain of the first one I had my mother drive me, I knew it was going to be bad). I went home and was cramping bad. Honestly, small hits off a joint helped more than anything :woman_shrugging: im not a big smoker but I do believe in its medicinal purposes and this was definitely one of them. Helped way more than any Advil or Aleve. The girl that inserted it told me she had been telling the manager that they need some type of numbing cream or spray for the people who know they are going to have a lot of pain, hopefully they have it when I go again in a couple years. Still the best decision IMO, after about 2 days I was completely fine and back to my worry free baby free life :joy:

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Same boat here!! I’m terrified to have mine removed. My doctor told me it doesn’t matter unless I wanna have babies… but when I got it put in it hurt so bad, I ended up having to be transported to the ER from the dr office cause my body went into shock.

Awe man couldn’t wait it was uncomfortable in once removed it was like the pain was instantly gone

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great BC, and I haven’t had any periods since they put it in…

If they numb your cervix that hurts pretty stinking bad.

No, it doesn’t hurt. Maybe pop a Tylenol before you go in just in case but I had no issues at all.

I went into a free clinic to get mine out after 5 years and they couldn’t find the strings. No ultrasound or anything here. The nurse was extra annoyed and asked why I never checked and it was some, I never felt the strings and she called me a liar. I lost my insurance so I never could go back after it got put in. Anyway, she came back trying to hide what I clearly caught a glimpse of a needle nose pliers. Lol I wasn’t worried about the tool. I mean i keep needle nose strictly for my hobby, not to be use on anything dirty. Anyway it was a pinch and a little uncomfortable for a bit but wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t even spot after but you can definitely spot after.

It’s so much easier to get it removed than it is to have it inserted. I never even felt it but the cramps and bleeding hours afterwards were pretty bad.

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Mine was impossible to remove in office. I passed out from the pain. They ended up having it surgically removed and they put me out. It was horrible, I’m so sorry you are going through this. I hope your removal is better then mine was

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I didn’t even feel mine being taken out. I thought it was more “painful” being put in!

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Hope they find it I’ve seen many patients have to come have surgery and get it removed because they can’t find it

My boyfriend took mine out for me it was uncomfortable and caused some slight cramping but it wasn’t horrible everyone reacts to pain differently too though!


I’m in the same boat

I didn’t even know when they took it out. They just said done and I was shocked how easy it was

I had mine taken out about a week ago. I had local anaesthetic though as was having precancerous cells removed. I didnt feel a thing during or after but Not sure if that was thanks to the anesthetic Xx

I think the only time its painful is when its been in a long time - it can become imbedded into the tissue which may require more than a tug on the strings. Xx

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I had my iud removed the other day. They were like it’s out I was like what?!!?! Didn’t even feel it

Not as painful as it growing into the uterus and puncturing it make sure they know it ain’t attached once they grab it its out in seconds.


Mine didn’t hurt at all

I got mine replaced 7 months ago after being a year passed due. They couldn’t find my strings at my pelvic exam so they gave me something to dilate my cervix so they could get to it. It hurt worse to get the new one put in than it did to get the old one out.

It’s alot easier getting it removed. They couldnt find my strings either but were able to remove it no issue. What was worse was when they put my second one back in after the removal. They had to clamp open my cervix. That hurt so bad. Was way worse than my first one.

Mine fell out. You’ll have mild cramping afterwords just like a period cramp but nothing major and some spotting sometimes

Mine perforated my uterus, but it was not painful at all really coming out. He did tell me to take a couple Tylenol before I came in as well.

I was put to sleep for them to remove mine, cuz they couldn’t find my strings either

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Mine hurt so bad I had tears rolling down my face. But then again mine was embedded into my cervix. There was tissue attached to it when they removed it


Mine was painful but went away as soon as they were done

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Had mine 7years and removal was uncomfortable and lots of cramp afterwards but just felt like bad period pains . Hot water bottle and a few otc painkillers for a couple of days .
It wasn’t embedded thankfully but the strings had curled upwards so took a bit of searching around to find them .

It’s like taking out a tampon… you feel slight discomfort but once it’s out you feel the best relieve immediately

Not painful. But there can be a crash from the lack of hormones. And I legit nearly wanted to check myself into a psych unit by day 4.
So just be mindful and practice self care!

Mine got imbedded into my uterine wall. So when I went for removal (twice) it was very painful. Then I ended up needing a d&c.

I actually removed mine myself on accident lol


Yes it did!!! I had mine less than a year and it came out of place and grew in my vaginal walls and they had to yank it out (and wasn’t numb) I also heard from A LOT of friends they had to have theirs removed by surgery

Take some Tylenol or motrin about an hour prior. That’s what I do every time I have mine replaced

Getting it in hurt more then out. U barely feel it

I had my copper implant removed and it wasn’t nearly as painful as it getting put in. You got this don’t over think it and take meds before heading to the doc

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I had mine for about a yr. My doctor literally just yanked it out. I had to stop in the restroom to get myself together to drive home. I bought the over counter medication for urinary infection with the pain relief. It helped SO MUCH!

I did! It wasn’t painful at all!


I had an IUD in for 4 years. When they took it out I was not a happy camper. Just remember ,You can get prescribed something to help with the pain if your sore. The miracle that will come after is worth it

I did they put me to sleep. Few cramps after and it was fine.

Take some Tylenol before hand and be prepared for clotting Amber bleeding for a while afterwards.

Mine was very painful, very uncomfortable, and lots of cramping afterwards. I would highly suggest taking 2 tylenol before your procedure, and a heating pad for afterwards.
Good luck!

I had it in after my 1st out to have my second back in again after that and out again to have my last and in again always agreed with me no problems just a bit of pain relief needed

I felt so much better after having mine removed after 5 years. I lost 10 pounds and don’t feel bloated all the time…my uterus faces down so my doctor had a hard time getting to it but it wasn’t painful, just a lot of pressure.

Gosh I’m hoping not….I blacked out (cervical shock apparently)was on a drip for 4 hours due to blood pressure dropping when I had mine put in, so I’m
not keen on getting it removed :weary:

I had mine in for 7 years no pain at all but but no problems finding string I as awake through it all

For me, the removal was better than when I got it put in

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Umm I had awake surgery to remove mine. I’d rather give natural birth 50 times. It was after 6 years.

I mean… it hurt me lol. I got off of all birth control and now I’m happier, feel better, and losing weight. I mean sure I bleed a little more now but the pros are better than the cons when having it removed. I hated it

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If it’s not lodged it’s en easy removal but have them do a paps while there

If skin has “healed” around it it will feel like cramps

It wasn’t bad. Same happened to me. Was in and out. Slight cramping after

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Mine hurt SO BAD. Worse than labor. They couldn’t find my string either so they had to dilate my uterus. It was bad.

Same thing happened to me. Had mine removed before expiration bcuz it was out of place for a year nearly falling out. It was a very painful experience. Dif for everyone.

If done correctly no

It’s definitely a hit or miss on the pain for having it removed. I’ve helped assist on removals for lots and lots of women and I’d say probably 90% experience a tiny pinch and then it’s over. Even if the strings are super short.

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Not at all, and had my ne one put in, however I was dilated slightly. Was given a pill to take 2 hrs before my appointment

They couldn’t find my strings and took it out while in surgery. (I decided to have my tubes tied)

Not so painful just a bit discomfort at first if the stri g is lost this may cause a little more pressure

It does not hurt one bit I was so scared to get it out I waited 10 years!

It’s pretty bad, but quick.

Mine was out of place and couldn’t get it. Had 2 obgyn’s try and decided they had to do a d&c to get it

I mean it’s not comfortable, but I wouldn’t call it painful. It’s like a hard pinch for 2 seconds, then it’s done.

having my mirena removed was extremely painful. they quite literally just pull it out.

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Not painful at all! You should be fine

Shouldn’t be painful. Why was it allowed to be in that long? I thought there was a 7 year max limit…

I pulled my own out. Couldbt stand that thing. Didn’t hurt much, just like a tampon

Not to scare you but mine was awful, took 3 times in absolute agony, it was stuck in my cervix and had to be surgically removed, would never have it again!

Took three appointments to get mine out. Almost had to be put under to get it surgically removed. The strings went up and wrapped around the IUD. Was on its way of being pushed through the cervix completely. No fun but glad I didn’t need to be put under. Good luck!

Mine really hurt a quarter as much as it hurt being placed

I procrastinated and kept mine in for longer than I should have because I was scared it was gonna hurt because of how painful it was to put in. It literally took a few seconds and when the nurse practitioner said she was done I was shocked because I didn’t feel a thing. Everybody is different and I’ve heard stories about it being painful which is why I was scared but for me it wasn’t

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How did u have it that long? My ob said 6 years max. If no problems. But mine was taken out at 5 due to my issues I have. But nothing to be scared about. It’s just uncomfortable like when they put it in. Take come Tylenol after to ease the cramp feeling.

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I’ve had 2 removed and have my third in now. I did not feel the removal of either of my removals.

Let us know how it goes…I’ve had mine 7 years and was supposed to go last month to get it replaced but rescheduled

It was uncomfortable removing it. But having it put in was way worse

Honestly when I got mine out, it was super uncomfortable for a second and then it was fine. I had a little pain for a few days. Mine was put in after I had my son, and it was taken out like 3 months later because I was constantly in pain.

Didn’t hurt removing it for me. But was hell getting it in

This post is scaring the shit out of me :sob: I’ve had mine in for just over 12 months and I’ve heard it’s very painful to get out :grimacing: I was under when it was put in due to a miscarriage at 10 weeks

I had one removed many years ago …it was uncomfortable … but not too bad …

Take some Tylenol or something for pain prior to the procedure.

I had a half second of cramping when they pulled the strings and once it was out, no pain or discomfort! It was much more painful when it was put in.

it didn’t hurt getting it removed, just uncomfortable

More painful putting it in than removing

No pain for me. And mine was in similar years to yours. Just a small tug. If your due for a smear do to it at the same time. To easy x

It’s not even remotely as bad as putting it in. I barely felt it being removed. It being put in was miserable tho

I just feels like you’re getting a pap smear done, nothing more and nothing less.

It doesn’t hurt just uncomfortable just like it is when getting one put in