Is it possble to gain 10lbs in 1-week while pregnant?

I’m 16 weeks pregnant is it really possible to gain 10lbs in one week I’m so scared I’m gonna gain to thinking maybe early signs of diabetes.


Yes and it’s not a bad thing

Sign of pre-eclampsia, actually

10 lbs in a week is not a good sign.

Definitely a question for the ob Doctors or at least make a call to yours

That is a tad worrisome.

Same scale? There could be a calibration issue between scales.

Check your blood pressure and make sure you’re not swelling, just in case. Be weary of headaches… they’re common in early pregnancy but shouldn’t persist into your second trimester… even if you’re prone to headaches. If you have ANY visual disturbances (shooting lights/blurry vision), go in to the hospital immediately.

I had pre-eclampsia with my daughter and am 37 weeks pregnant with my son as a high risk of pre-eclampsia.

I gained a lot of weight… 16 lbs in one month it wasn’t anything then my fatt ass eating… needless to say I was 165 when I gave birth (starters at 100)

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Check the batteries in the scale too. Just saying. Weak batteries can make the number wrong

Ask your doctor to run the test. Talk to your doctor about your fears. If your can talk to your partner. Talk to your mom,Grandma or special friend you are not the first to be scared. Some thing might be a little off it could be hormones your are learn new body. A closed mouth bird does not get fed. Better safe then sorry. The only silly question is the one you don’t ask. Or you just maybe gaining to much water. ASK.

I gained 5 to 10 lbs a week during my frist pregnacy after around 20 weeks gain 90 lbs had a perfectly health 8 lb baby no preeclampsia or ges. Diabetes. My seconds i lost 50 lbs and had both!

I was 180 when I got pregnant by the time I was 37 weeks and in labor I was 260. Luckily I dropped at least 60 pounds.

Well I don’t know I gained about 10 when I first found out I was pregnant and then shortly after I lost 20 then gained 11 pounds by the end of my pregnancy with my second child now with my first child different story I lost 20 lb in the beginning of my pregnancy and then after 6 months I started gaining weight like crazy I gained 80 lbs during that total pregnancy and I didn’t have preeclampsia and I didn’t have any gestational diabetes I had a home birth healthy baby Healthy Mama just be careful what you eat if you’re eating way more than what you normally when you’re not pregnant then that could be the cause of it always consult your doctor if you’re too concerned but every pregnancy is different I know people who don’t gain any weight and actually lose lots of weight and I know very small people who he liked 105 lb ended up playing like 205 when they gave birth so it all depends

I have gained 60 pounds with all 3 of my kids. Just ask your doctor I’m sure everything is fine.

Yes I did one week of my pregnancy. And I got checked for stuff and I was fine. Then I went back to gaining the normal every week or every other week