Is it possible for your post partum body to shrink in height?

Hi everyone! Is it possible for post partum body to shrink in height? I used to be 5 feet 2 inches. I feel like I became shorter. Is it possible?


Why don’t you just measure yourself? Then google it?

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Definitely. I used to be 5’9 and then I lost height after my first baby. I’m now 5’6. Having babies eats away at your calcium.


We all get shorter as we age


I didn’t know that! I am pregnant with my second and was the same height after my first. I’m only 5’3" i don’t wanna shrink! :joy:

I grew half an inch, but my feet got smaller

Ive lost 3 inches in 20 years. Hope i dont lose any more ill be as wide as i am tall lol

Maybe your posture isnt as good from losing core muscle🤔

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Is it pregnancy or age? I thought I was shrinking because I was older.

I lost 1.3 inches after my son :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: but he broke my back, so maybe that did it

I was wondering the same thing because my husband keeps asking me if I’ve gotten shorter lol

I duno abput height loss but my feet gained like half a size with each kid i had :woman_shrugging::rofl:

Did you swell after birth? That’s the only thing I can think of that would give you that idea

yes. added weight and strain on the spine from pregnancy can cause slight curvature or compression, resulting in “shrinking”. that’s why it’s important to focus on posture and restrengthening your core muscles after your body has had time to recoup

I used to be 5’ 6", now I’m an inch shorter after my first pregnancy. My feet grew a size, too.

Make sure you measure yourself in the morning. People tend to be taller when they first get out of bed, bc their spine has been able to relax and stretch.

I feel shorter after every pregnancy…until I get a realignment of my back. If you think about it babies put alot of pressure on your back and change your posture so it makes sense…

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At the end of my having children I had grown over an inch (I’m older now and have shrunk again). I had a friend who at the end of having her boys grew three inches!! I was told that the growth hormone kicks in when you are pregnant. Shoe size grew, too. Don’t know why you got shorter. Not my experince.

In theory yes. When a developing child is not getting enough nutrients innthe womb and enzyme is released that harvests it from the mother’s bones. It’s why some women are unusually clumsy while pregnant. It is also not uncommon for adults to “shrink” as they age due to atrophied muscles and osteoporosis.

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One of my doctors told me it was possible due to the extra weight and if you have multiple kids. Over 10 years and 6 pregnancies I shrank over an inch😪

My daughters and was talking about this yesterday I was 5ft 4 in now I am 5 ft and 2 in i shrink 2 in

I didn’t shrink nor did I grow.

not in 9months…measure your height…not your feels

You may need to look into getting a bone density test. Just to make sure that you dont have osteopenia or osteoporosis following pregnancy. Best wishes to you and Congratulations on baby!


I had 4 kids and never shrank or grew. I know your feet can grow but i never of anybodys height changing one way or the other.