Is it possible this is implantation bleeding?

I am 5 days late. I’ve had a weird brown spotting two days ago that lasted maybe an hour, and then again today. Could it be implantation bleeding? I didn’t have it with my first so I’m just wondering others’ experience with it (I have an appointment scheduled with my midwife btw)


I did have spotting throughout my first trimester. I’m not sure what the cause was .however my Dr sent me for a dating scan ultrasound and everything was fine . I hope everything is ok with you :slight_smile:

I had implantation bleeding just like that with my 4th child.

Definitely possible. Did you take an ept

I had a positive pregnancy test with my son 4 days before my missed period. But them had spotting, get this, every other day for a week. Lol not all the time. It was random but every other day. I just relaxed as best I could and everything turned out fine. I had zero with my daughter tho .:woman_shrugging:

If you’re already late you should be able to take a pregnancy test. I had some spotting very early in my pregnancy probably when I was about six weeks or so. As long as it’s not red and doesn’t get heavier it could be.

Yes it totally could be. I freaked out and the dr checked and that’s what it was for me. I had to lay down for the next 3 days to make sure everything was going to be ok.

If you are late you should be able to take a test to confirm pregnancy. But yes implantation bleeding happens it was dark blood. I had it with my first pregnancy at exactly 12 weeks.

I had it several times over the first month or so of my pregnancy. It was never anything too heavy or worrying. Just when I wiped.

Go to the dollar store and get a test, they’re a dollar and just as accurate as any other

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No really worth booking in with a midwife until pregnancy has been confirmed x

Is it too soon to take a test? If I’m not late yet

Ladies help me. I start in 3 days, but I’ve had stuff on the TP when I wipe. Brown rust color and a pinkish light red color :woman_shrugging:t2: but it’s been all week nothing heavy at all…what’s going on lol

Could be, could be anything. Only way to know is taking the test

Anything is possible. Did you try a test to see if you’re pregnant?

I had spotting with 4 of my kids as late as 8 weeks. The doc told me each time it was implantation bleeding, but everything I read said that was way too late. After my 1st one, I basically expected it , but I got checked out every time. All babies were just fine. If the bleeding increases, definitely get checked out.

I had implantation bleeding. It was very weird and different from a period. The blood was super red and flowed differently. I know that might be to much info .

Very well could be. It happened to me before I had even missed a period- but it was bright red.

If I’m thinking correctly implantation bleeding occurs before your missed period.

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Chilllll…take a test after ur missed period. If your 5 days late… u should be able to test positive if ur pregnant

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Some women spot a little before their period starts and that can start at any point in life, it can happen some months and not others as well.
Light spotting is normal in early pregnancy as well.
Implantation bleeding usually occurs within a few days of when your period should have started and is usually closer to brown whereas other spotting tends to be pink in color with the exception of after period spotting which is also usually more brown.
There are always exception of course because we’re all different.

At this point, 5 days late, an at home test would likely show a positive if you are pregnant, the early detection tests would be best if you do go that route.