Is it possible to be pregnant but have a period?

Has anyone had a period, but weeks later found out you were actually pregnant during the period? I had a normal four day period two weeks ago, but I took a test today ( I felt off), and it was positive! But I should be ovulating this week, so I am so confused! Has this happened to anyone else?


I had normal periods for months after i got pregnant with my youngest. I was almost 5 months before i found out.

An old co worker of mine had a period the first 4 months of pregnancy… She found out she was pregnant at 5 months when she went to her doctor for a a scheduled pap smear!

I had 5 during my pregnancy. I was 2 months along

Yes. Implantation bleeding can be confused for a period as well. Our cycles are generally not always on time when we think they should be. Also, my mom and sister had regular period like bleeding all the way til they were 4-6 months pregnant and the pregnancy tests and blood tests all said not pregnant until they were 4-6months pregnant. Ultrasounds showed how far they really were. Lol

A period by definition is the shedding of the uterine lining. So it is not possible to have a “period” while pregnant. But you can have other bleeding during pregnancy that resembles a period bleed.


Implantation bleeding

6 months here! Had a blood clot stuck between placenta and uterine wall. Healthy baby girl tho :slight_smile:

Yes u can have a period the whole pregnancy, I’ve experienced it with my 2nd son,

Yes…can totally happen

I had mine for the first 3 months with my first one

I have 3 kids and it happened with me last. Was so weird because I’m extremely regular.

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Yes, happened to me!

I had one until I was told I was pregnant…so Yes it is.

You could just google it. - From WebMD
“About 20% of women have some bleeding during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Possible causes of first trimester bleeding include: Implantation bleeding. You may experience some normal spotting within the first six to 12 days after you conceive as the fertilized egg implants itself in the lining of the uterus.Jun 12, 2020”

Be careful. I had an ectopic pregnancy last year that almost killed me. I thought I was having my period but bled for 18 days. I went to the Hospital because I woke up feeling so sick and had stomach pain. They did a pregnancy test and it turned positive and they did the vaginal ultrasound and it confirmed I had a ruptured fallopian tube and was bleeding internally. Lost a liter of blood with the rupture and surgery. Awful experience but it happens.

I would take another test just to be absolutely sure.

Happened to my aunt, she still gave birth to twins.

Yes I had regular periods throughout the 1st trimester of all 3 of my pregnancies and a little longer in 2 of them!

I had my period every month with my first till i was 7 months pregnant

With my youngest I had my normal period then found out I was pregnant about a week after. And it’s also possible to have normal periods for your whole pregnancy. I’ve personally never had that happen. But I’ve heard of it

You can ovulate more than once a month so yes its possible

Yes it is. My hubby’s cousin had her periods for almost 6 months when she was pregnant with her son. She didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 6 months


My x sister in law was pregnant and hers she didn’t know she was pregnant.

Yep I had 3 with my daughter lol

Could have been implantation bleeding depending on how far along you are. I had that with my first but that was after I found out I was pregnant. I thought I was miscarrying but all was fine

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Happened with me but it was an ectopic pregnancy

I bled with my son. I thought I maybe miscarried when I got a positive test so I went in to get checkout out and 5 years later I have a spunky little boy!

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I had a period my whole first trimester

I had my period for the 1st 3 months of pregnancy.
Congratulations momma💓

My mother in law had a period for 7 of the nine months she was pregnant

With my first I had my period every month until I gave birth.

I took a test 2.5 weeks after my period. You can test positive early, doesnt mean you where pregnant at the time of your period.

Me! I had the same thing happen

Yes. By the time I was 1 week late for a period I was already 11 weeks along with my first pregnancy

My mom had 3 regular periods while pregnant with me.

With both of my kids I had my period for the first 6 months

My mother had 7 children she said she had a light period every month with all 7 of us. We were all healthy babies.

I did until I found out I was 20 weeks along with my now 12 year old son.

Yes and if you ovulate while pregnant you can get pregnant again

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With my first i had my period til i was 7 months. I knew ibwas pregnant tho

Yes it can happen. But the doctor can check if you think you need to

My aunt had periods and found out she was pregnant at 24 weeks

Spotting during pregnancy is pretty common and despite the name it can resemble a full blown period
I’ve had “periods” during all of my pregnancies up until about 16 weeks

Yes…first three months with both boys.

Yes I bled with my son like normal in the beginning. Always scared me bc I had a miscarriage that I didn’t bleed with so the blood scared the crap out of me. He was fine tho and born healthy 5lbs 10oz at 35 weeks

My mom did with her last two. For at least three times.

Yes, my mother had her period with my brothers until she was about 6 months along with each. She said they were lighter than usual but still there. For the youngest, she had no idea she was pregnant and got a complete GI series (radiation to her stomach) to check for ulcers when she was about 4 months along.

I had my “period” through both of my pregnancies

I implanted during my period. I had a light short period though.

Yup :joy: Mine went on 7 months till I found out I was pregnant at 7 and a half months with my daughter. No symptoms what’s so ever until I got a flu like symptom that wouldn’t go away for weeks.

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Yes I actually had two light ones! When I finally found out I was pregnant I was so surprised

Yep, I didnt realize I was pregnant with my first until I was at 10 weeks. I was on birth control pill at the time and had gotten a typical period so I had no idea.

With 2/3 pregnancies, I had a period till 20 weeks

Yes. I had my period for months with 2 of my 3 pregnancies

Yep its possible I bleed from 4 weeks all the way to 34 weeks when I hemorrhage and had to deliver. I bleed every single day

Yes, myself with my daughter. I had two normal periods in the first 3 months, and due to some other symptoms and my tummy poking out, I took a pregnancy test- positive. Went to OB and confirmed I was TWELVE WEEKS. I had no other signs except puking up my vitamins one morning, appetite change, and some intense cramping. Surprise!

I bled for the first 2/3 months with my oldest I didn’t even know I was pregnant until one month I didn’t get my period… I had my first anatomy scan at what was supposed to be 12 weeks found out I was closer to 24

I didnt miss a period with my son til I was almost out of the first trimester and the periods I had all acted like my normal period just as long and heavy as normal

So allot of the ring early bleeding is Implementation bleeding. When you have a period your uterus is shedding it’s lining so you literally cannot have a period while pregnant. But bleeding is completely normal early in pregnancy

I didn’t know I was pregnant with my youngest daughter until I was 20 weeks because I had what seemed like a period the whole time

I started the pill and didn’t bleed for 2 months. At exactly 2 months I got extremely painful cramps that turned into contractions. I was having a miscarriage and didn’t even know i was pregnant.


5 weeks or so into my 5th pregnancy, I was actually told by my primary physician that I needed to go to the ER because I was having a miscarriage.:sob: Ultrasound in ER found baby in perfect condition and doctor called it “breakthrough bleeding”. :hushed: I then had my period every month of first and second trimester.:roll_eyes: That baby is 9 now and in perfect condition. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When I was pregnant with my second son, who by the way is 54 years old, I had a period for 5 months but never really felt good. Kind of nauseous and tired. So I went to my gynecologist and she examined me and I asked her if I had the flu and she said and it will be gone in about 4 months. You’re pregnant. I almost fell off the examining table. Wasn’t expecting that answer. So yes it’s possible to have a period and be pregnant

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I had periods for 4 months with my last 2 couldn’t tell when my expecting day was because I didn’t know when I got pregnant. Both boys were full term and extra large boys

Yes!I had a full 3 to 4 day normal period with my first daughter. I dont know how but i did. My doctors also said they arent sure how but i wasnt even that light or anything

I didn’t have my period for a whole year… so I thought since I’m almost 40 that I was done having them… WELL, now I just found out I’m pregnant with baby #2 in April. My one and only child turns 7 next month.


Yes, you can have a period during pregnancy but it should be lighter than normal. If you’re having any cramping you could be miscarrying.
**Everyone is different but I was taken off the pill for blood pressure reasons on 6-23 had a period immediately and was pregnant by 7-3. It can happen. Any cramping though… make a doctors appointment with your OBGyn.

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With my daughter I had a “normal” monthly period until I was 6 months along. I didn’t find out until I was nearly 12 weeks because I kept getting my period and thought my sickness and being tired was the flu bug. With my son I had my period until about 20 weeks, not as bad as with my daughter. It was scary because I has miscarriages and always panicked when I started. Ib got a doppler with son so I could hear his heartbeat at anytime at home. Totally worth it off Amazon.

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I was 16 weeks when I found out with my sin that I lost at 20 weeks i had a period which is why I didn’t think or know I just figured I had the flu when I went to the dr but I had been throwing up non stop for almost 2 weeks when I went to the dr

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Yes I had 6 kids and one out of my pregnancy’s I didn’t even know I was pregnant for 2 almost 3,months because I had my period. it wasn’t till I took a pregnant test, feeling nausea…did it come back positive . Now my daughter is 17 yrs old .


It is possible I’ve known people that had their period their whole pregnancy. I did have 1 during my second pregnancy and went in for an ultrasound because I was worried and the baby was good. But I also miscarried and it was like a normal period. I would talk to your doctor

Yep. I bled for 35 days straight. I had been very irregular after my first was born. Went to doc to discuss a hysterectomy and discovered I was pregnant!


I thought I was having my period. Same situation as you mentioned. Doctor said it was implantation bleeding. I ended up being further along than I thought bc what I thought was my period


While pregnant with my first kid I had my period regularly for 4 months. The only thing that hinted me towards it was throwing up every 15 minutes.

My Sister had a normal period pretty much her hole pregnancy. She was having bad cramps went to the hospital they took a pregnancy test tested positive. They do an ultrasound to find out she was 8 months having a boy an was having Braxton hicks contractions. She delivered him just a few weeks after finding out. Me and my mom both was with her. It was a shock , but very excited. She is tall an skinny an never had a baby bump.

Yes my first one didn’t realize I was pregnant till my second trimester. I felt stupid for not realizing I was. My doctor didn’t believe me until i kept getting it.

Yes having a period the whole time and not know you are pregnant. please get medical confirmation and take really good care of yourself. This could be a miracle for you.

I have a close relative that found out she was pregnant at 37 weeks. She’d only missed one period (right before she found out) and had been on birth control the entire time with negative pregnancy tests at the doctors office every visit for her birth control refills. Anything is possible when it comes to the human body.

My sister insisted she wasn’t pregnant because she continued to get her period every month, for five months! My niece was born perfectly healthy four months later.

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I did. I actually went to the dr because they were lasting longer than usual and they were checking my iron but decided to do a pregnancy test and I was 3 months pregnant.

I was almost 4 months pregnant when I found out bc i had a period every month. Went to the doctor bc i couldn’t get over a ‘stomach bug’. Turns out i was sick from pregnancy. I had actually just finished bleeding the day be4 i went to the doctor.

I did with my youngest son. I had a period up until October took a pregnancy test in November. It came back positive. Went to the Dr a week later they did and ultrasound and I was 4 months along. He is 3 now.

Yes…I had cycles for 3 months and was also prego during those 3 months. My obgyn told me that its very common thing especially if your putting out a ton of hormones. I am currently almost 25 weeks pregnant with a healthy babygirl!!

No all three times I got my period for an hour and then nothing… took pregnancy test… positive!

My sister had her period for 5 months before she was late. when she went to the doctor she couldn’t believe she was that far along. Baby was healthy no complications.

Its not common for you to have period and be pregnant but it can happen if you want to make sure it wasnt a false positive i would get in to your dr and see if they can do blood test

I had a neighbor who delivered a healthy baby girl and had no idea she was pregnant. Period came every month, on time. She smoked & drank and did the occasional illicit drug throughout. Thank God that baby girl was ok.

You can have your period all the way up to delivery I did with my son but it is pretty common.


While you can bleed while pregnant for many reasons that can also make it look and seem like a period, it’s not possible to be having an actual period. If you’re bleeding, it’s always advisable to speak with your caregiver and they can determine if there’s any cause for concern and likely the cause of the bleeding. But it’s not an ordinary period.

I had a period at 7 weeks and all was good…however I would definitely see a doctor they will do a blood test or ultrasound

Yes three of my four children I had a cycle after I was pregnant, sometimes the pregnancy hormones are low in the beginning and our bodies don’t recognize we have conceived so it sends another egg. Have a friend who had her regular periods up to her sixth month and didn’t even know she was pregnant

I had this with my 3rd child. Happened for the 1st trimester. It was due to the placenta not fully attaching to the uterus yet and causing pockets of blood to form.

Did anyone have cramps and low back pains every day during this time? I’m just wondering cause I have all the symptoms.(assumed it was just stress, except boob pains etc) Then got my period. The cramping has been daily for a couple months though.

It could have been implantation bleeding instead of your period.


With my 2nd kid I went to the Dr. thinking I was 6 weeks pregnant only to find out I was 5 months. Still had a normal period.

With my daughter I had a normal period for 3 months. Had no clue I was pregnant. With my son I realized I was late and was craving something I only wanted when I was pregnant.

Yes, It can actually happen and I can assure you because that happens to me with my fourth baby. I had my period and I found out I was pregnant till 11 week.

They always say it could be implantation bleeding but honestly I bleed everytime when my period would be due while pregnant. They can’t explain it. :woman_shrugging:

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That was me! One of mine didn’t know for 2 months took 8 tests all negative
Blood work came back and I was positive