Is it possible to get pregnant so soon after giving birth?

It’s very easy to get pregnant right after giving birth

We did it once when our son was 3 months old. Our boys are now 4 and 5. 12 months, 3 weeks and 5 days apart :upside_down_face: wouldn’t have it any other way though :blue_heart::green_heart:

If you didn’t want to be pregnant this soon you think you would’ve used your brain and started using contraception as soon as you had your baby :woman_facepalming:


I had both my kids really close together, so the answer to your question is YES

My first 2 are 11 months apart :two_hearts:

Lol I heard your more fertile after having a bby omg I’ll pray for you

This definitely happened to me with my babies. And honestly… I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also had a c section with my son before I got pregnant with my little girl. And everything was totally fine.

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Honestly can’t believe your even asking this question :woman_facepalming:t2: of corse you can if you’ve had unprotected sex :rofl:


Yes. You’re incredibly fertile. Two of my friends got pregnant right after as did my mom. My brother and I are 10&1/2 months apart

Your odds are astronomical right after giving birth. It’s one of the reasons you are told to not have sex. Along with your body needing time to heal.

Have you ever read a sex Ed book…?

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Yes! I got pregnant with our 3rd boy not long after I had our 2nd. They are 2 days shy of a year apart. My little Irish twins :grin:

Yip 13 month between my son and daughter x

Definitely possible. Had a c section with my first and 4.5 months after giving birth to my daughter I was pregnant with my son!

I fell pregnant 7weeks after having my daughter

Mine are 11 months apart so yes

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Yes u can get prego because u r more fertile after having a baby

Defo I got pregnant 8 months after my first then I got pregnant 3 months after my second my kids are now 2, 1 and nearly 3 months but if u want a few kids do it straight away it’s easier than a big age gap x

After my first born I got pregnant again right away! They’re 11 months apart!

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My kids are 11 months apart… you tell me lol

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My brothers were 10 months apart

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Very likely! I know so many women who went to their 6 week follow up, only to find out they were pregnant again! Happens all of the time


Yes! My boys are 10 months apart :green_heart:

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I have 2 SETS of irish twins (born within a year of each other)

Oh hell no :eyes::eyes: I had a C section September 19th I’d jump off a bridge if I got a + HPT :joy::joy:… I had HG with my last 2 pregnancies which made me literally feel terminally ill constant nausea :sob: :face_vomiting::face_vomiting: but FYI YES it’s possible and HIGHLY so. I just wouldn’t want to go through that again our bodies are still healing your insides are not even :100: yet where the incision was.

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Yes you are extremely fertile the first 6 weeks after giving birth

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It depends on your body you are more fertile after having a baby so is highly likely but stressing yourself about it will only be hard on you talk to your doctor about birth control and see what would best fit your needs. I’ve never gotten pregnant that soon after having a baby and 3 out of 4 of my daughters were conceived on some form of birth control

Yes. in my opinion you’re more likely to get pregnant because your hormones are still going crazy … Which is why my 2 youngest are very close in age .

I got pregnant with baby #3 when baby #2 was only 2 weeks old!!! :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: And then baby #3 was 3 weeks early, so they are 9 months and 3 weeks apart!

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I just had a c section 6 weeks ago… was told there’s a higher chance to get pregnant in the first 6-8 weeks after birth.

You sure can my cousin went for her 6 wk.check and was 3 wks pregnant so yep happens all the time

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My girls are 10 months apart

You are really fertile after having a baby!!

I got pregnant at 4 months post partum the second time my husband didnt pull out

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On man… Um. You better get ready to hear that you are pregnant. Its really easy to be super soon.

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I’m the only person I know who has never gone to a 6wk checkup and got a positive pregnancy test. Literally everyone I know has been pregnant when they go for their postpartum check up. No joke

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My two sons were both born in the same year one in January and the next in December

My second and third are 9 months and 13 days apart

My oldest 2 are 10 months apart. So…ya.

My grandmother got pregnant before her six week check up 3 times :flushed:


Not being rude or shame anyone here at all but 1) anytime you have unprotected sex it’s possible 2) you are more fertile after having a baby 3) you have a wound the size of a dinner plate left from your placenta so the risk of infection is even more of a concern.

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Most women are very fertile after giving birth!

:joy::joy:🙋🏻🙋🏻 precum can easily knock you up because your so fertile… I had my baby march 31st had sex 3 weeks after pulled out and now i have a 7 month old and I’m about to be 7 months pregnant :joy: due in feb …

My oldest 2 are 10 months and 8 days apart. It can happen. They are now 18 and 17 :blush:

My baby is almost 2 and I have not been pregnant since.

Aren’t we supposed to be waiting 6 weeks or being cleared by your dr before having sex or am I missing something?
There is a reason MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS tell you no sex for at least 6 weeks, ESPECIALLY after a c-section.


Anytime you have unprotected sex there is a chance of pregnancy… and you are most fertile after having a baby

Everyone saying women are most fertile after giving birth need to do more research. I just looked it up and its not necessarily true

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My kids are 11 months apart . November 6 and December 2nd

Yes :clap:t3: mine are 10 months apart

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Yes my Sister x4 kids, year after year! Your very fertile after having a baby. Good luck honey!

Yep! Tori Spelling was pregnant when she went back for her 6 wk appt

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My two youngest are10 months and 19 days apart.

My niece’s kids are 10 months and 8 days apart.

Yes, mine are 10 months apart

Yep it is. I have 2 kids that are 11 months and 1 day apart

Super super likely. I have a girlfriend who got pregnant 4 weeks after giving birth. Her kids are the cutest but I felt awful for her having only a few weeks non pregnant lol

Sorry but it is :woman_facepalming:t2:I had my daughter 13/04/17 and couple months later I got pregnant with a second girl born 01/06/18

Yes… I was pregnant within 6 weeks of giving birth 11 months in between my middle kids

Very much possible, I had one born in February and the other December of the same year.

Yup :raised_back_of_hand:t3: I was pregnant by my 6 week appointment but didn’t know. I was prob like 3 weeks so it wasn’t testing positive yet. Good luck.

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Yep my first was born August 8 2008 my second August 30th 2009

Yes!! Mine are january 6th 2017 & November 16th 2017​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Yessss lol I was one of them :joy::joy::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

You are super fertile for the first 6mos-2 yrs after having a baby…my man and I were so paranoid that we used 3 methods of bc for almost 3 yrs after our youngest was born…

Very possible!! Mine are 11 months aparts

My best friend got pregnant soon after her first. 6-8 weeks after.

Literally this exact scenario happened with me and my husband. My first daughter was born 2/27/12 and second daughter was 2/13/13. Willllld.

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Oh girl pray hard because you are more fertile than when got pregnant in first place.

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Yes!!! I got pregnant 4 weeks after my first. They are 10 months apart

Yup my boys are 10 months one week apart

Sounds like a case of Irish twins!

My sister’s kids are 9 months 6 days apart… she found out she was pregnant at her 6 week checkup.

Take the morning after pill, as it’s very possible

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I know somebody that had twins. After having her first set of twins


My aunt and uncle are 10 months apart lmao

The odds of getting pregnant soon after birth are sooo much higher than any other time. You are extremely fertile for the first bit so it is super super likely that you’re pregnant.

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My girls birthdays are 12/14/98 and 12/9/99

My awesome grandsons are 13 months apart!:two_hearts::baby::baby::blush:

Mine last two 11 months apart! Yes it can happen. They’re like twins.

Yup i have irish twins my daughter was 2 months old when i had the positive result.

You’ve got like a 99% chance you are pregnant. You’re super fertile after giving birth.

All of my cousins are 9-18 months apart…

My sister and I are 10 months apart

Girl yes! I had my baby on 4/14/15 had my next baby on 4/05/16​:blush:You’re most fertile after having a baby!! Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Very possible, and high risk so soon post c-section (higher likelihood of uterine rupture)

All three of my siblings and I are 11 months to the day apart. It’s very possible.

I hear your most fertile after you just have a baby… good luck

My husband and brother in law are 11 months apart

Yes I have had Irish twins. My first 2 are 11 months apart

Like everyone has said, you are most fertile after having a baby. I got pregnant with my 2nd baby 3 months after giving birth to my first. Was not planned or expected.

Yep, my friend got pregnant 5 weeks after delivery.

You are most fertile after you give birth and also right after a miscarriage that’s what my doctor told me

Temporary lapse in judgement is the best form of birth control. You’re safe :wink:

My nephews are 1 year and 2 week apart. It can happen. Be careful!!!

My first 2 sons were 10momths apart both born in same year so yea it is possible

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Yes it can happen I did the exact same mine are 13 months n 2 days apart

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That soon after a csection would be rough. I’ve had 3 and my doc advised me to wait 2 years in between.
Granted I’ve known people to successfully do it but supposedly it’s risky, not to mention I’m sure it’d be painful without letting your body properly heal.
With my 3rd I waited 2 weeks to have sex, my others I did the full 6 weeks, but I was terrified and ended up getting a plan b and didn’t do it again for a bit :woman_facepalming:t2::rofl: