Is it possible to have another baby after having your tubes cut/tied?

I had my tubes tied/cut? In 2017. Now we want just one more. Has anyone else done this? I don’t know much. Is it just taking an egg and sperm, starting the baby making process then inserting it? Where do I begin to look into this?


In FL it’s like $10,000 for a reversal. IVF runs about $20,000 here as well. I think those would be your 2 options.

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Either the surgery to get your tubes re-attached ( not usually covered by insurance) or IVF sometimes covered or partially covered by insurance

Check your state, it depends on type, and doctor. Usually not covered under insurance. I have the easiest reversal(just clips) and my state is roughly 3-5k for undoing it. While IVF is around 100k.

Check with your insurance. Sometimes they help with the costs depending the state you live in.

Don’t do a reversal it has a very very slight chance of working and normally ends in blocked tubes. Ivf is definitely expensive but not 100k. But being that your tubes are tied GO for INVOCELL. I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant after my tubes tied burned and cut 15 years ago. Invocell cost us $7999 including meds.

It’s $10,000 to have your tubes untied and fused back together. And still will be hard to get pregnant after and could face a lot of complications. Talk to your obgyn about it

I had my tubes burned, clipped, an tied. 3 yrs later I have a 3 yr old. I was shocked! But I guess he was meant to be here

Yes you can do ivf after having tubes cut/tied and even removed.

Go straight to IVF i had my tubes untied ended up having one tube still closed and the other had to be removed from an ectopic pregnancy now i have to pay for ivf anyway

Yes there are a couple options. You can pay to have it reversed or you can do ivf. Either way, starting with talking to your primary care physician will be best. They will refer you to the specific places you would need to go for either route,

Yes it’s possible I know someone just had the baby big boy prefect

Tubal reversal or ivf.

Ivf is very expensive

Call your o gynecologist

Getting it reversed is not typically very successful. However, it also depends on if they tied, cut, removed, etc. Your doctor is the best one to ask. They know your history.

This is why yoy should always be 100% sure when you have them tied, but it is your choice to have it undone. Talk to your obgyn and see what they have to sah

Had mine reversed from cut & tied. Was not successful w achieving a healthy pregnancy for 4 yrs and turned to ivf. Had our baby girl 7-17-2020. Currently rocking her now :heart:

A reversal can be done, depending on if they were cut or tied… Otherwise, IVF is also an option.

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I had mine tied & cut! Tied they can undo them once they are cut I was told there is nothing that can be done!

IVF is one way my obgyn told me we could after I had mine tied and cut😊

I would speak to your OBGYN, they will be able to give you all the accurate information and refer you to a specialist so you can have another baby.

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I had my tubes reversed, my daughter is now 20 years old , it does work :blush:

Years ago my mom got hers tied and decided to have 1 more but had to pay to get them untied.

You’re asking FaceBook viewers!!! Amazing🤔!!!


Had mine cut and tied had a reversal had our son 3 years later and our girl 4 yrs later. 37 years ago. We were so blessed

If you want your tubes put back it will set you back about 30k if they can do it on you it’s not always possible

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My grandson,s wife had her’s untied and they have a daughter who is now six.

Maybe start by asking an actual doctor?

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Big difference in tied and cut. Talk to your doctor

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Do your research on line then fined a doctor to talk to.

I had my tubal reversed because of scar tissue .put tube back together after removing parts of both ovaries.told me I couldn’t get pregnant,but 3 months later I was.not had to worry that it might be a tubal pregnancy.gave birth 4 week
too earl to a 8.2 lb girl

That was 36 years ago

I had them tied and untied had 2 more children.Married second time.

It’s a long microsurgery and isn’t always successful.

Yes. I’ve seen it happen

Dr Facebook can’t help you. Try an obgyn

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