Is it safe with my husband to vape in his office?

Husband vapes all the time. It is very frustrating and annoying. I told him no around the kids in the car around me, so he does while we are outside or while he is in his office room in the house with the door shut… Is that safe? I’m super worried about it being in the house at all.


As long as no one is inhaled the second hand then I would say so. I vape in mine from time to time if I know theirs a gap when no one is home

As long as it’s not being done right next to you and/or being blown in your face, you’re fine.

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Have him check out what vaping is doing to his own health. Sometimes it’s deadlier than smoking cigarettes.


Vaping isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is.


It’s vaping…not heroin :unamused:


I don’t think I bullied my husband into quitting but I did call laugh at him every time he pulled out his banana flavored vape until he stopped


Strange the things some worry about. Do you worry about the endless chemicals you use in the house?


It’s vape it goes away.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: let him go. Its vaping!


It’s vapor that u can’t even smell after 2 sec of them doing it I think ur a little much and if I was him I would tell u that ur not my mother that’s redicoulus that u don’t let him at his home that I’m sure he pays bills in smh


:woman_shrugging: I agree with the ppl saying for him to consider his own health. Vaping hasn’t been around long enough to understand the long term health effects. We at least know cigarettes are bad.


It’s vapor😂 If it’s harmful for anyone it’s the person vaping, not those around him.


I hate the film it leaves. Nothing like that is allowed in the house or the cars anymore. Sometimes you just have to lay down the law


It’s so dangerous to VAPE if it leaves a coating on everything your lungs are getting it too killer

Wowww studies have shown vaping is way safer than cigarettes


There are many unknowns about vaping. It really depends on what he is smoking and the additives that are in there. People used to smoke around kids until years of studies proved the damages. As a mom, I think your concerns are legit and warrant additional information but make sure you understand what is in the e-cigarettes before you go jumping on your hubby.


Not safe for him. It will kill him.

My mom wouldnt let us smoke in the house but shes not too worried about vaping when I’m here. 90% of that vape (chemicals) are already inhaled into his system, the rest is being exhaled mostly water and the flavor. So I say it’s ok to vape in his office. Definitely should compromise


Its his house too. Express your opinion but the fact he is already respecting and only doing it in his office… you seem to be so controlling. ICK…
Do you let your kids play at parks. Swim in the lake. Eat fast food…

Guarantee him using a vape NOT around HIS kids too … is not going to be the worst thing for them.


Really?! Vape smoke is 100% safe to others around it. Be glad you don’t have to deal with him smoking actual cigarettes and smoking in ur house and car like my MIL likes to do…mine and my kids health be damned. Had a bunch of teens,niece’s friends, vaping in my home. It is pretty much a mist that does no harm to those around it. Wish I could get the MIL and other in laws to vape,but they tried it a month and went back to straight cigarettes. I’d leave him alone or he might start actual cigarettes, cigars, or something that has smoke that will do harm to those that breath it in

Tell him to open a window, put a fan facing out the window, and blow it into the back of the fan so it goes straight out the window. If he chooses to vape that’s up to him.


As long as he’s not blowing it directly in your face it’s fine. It’s liquid vapors, it disappears

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Stop trying to control him. He’s not doing it around the kids. Other than that he is a grown man and can make his own decisions about it.


Buy him a air filter

It’s Vapour not smoke!

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Adults can choose to do whatever they want and put whatever they want into their own bodies!
As long as he is in his own space and he respects the rest of the house, then he’s a grown man, let him be!
Let him tell a woman she can’t do something in her own house!! You would get alot if diffrent answers.

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The vapor is just steam and scent, the nicotine is inhaled. It’s not like real cigarette smoke at all. It’s safe.