Is it too soon for a positive pregnancy test?

How long after intercourse can you get a positive result? We started trying for another baby. And we had unprotected intercourse on the 10th. Would it be too early to get a positive result yet?


Nope i found out 11 days after

I found out super early. When I called the doctors, they’re like what?!

If you don’t want to be disappointed I would wait.

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I found out at 4 weeks

Just wait for a missed period and then test. You’ll likely get all kinds of strange, sometimes unreadable results if you test earlier.

Normally about 10-14 days after ovulation. Some tests can show pretty early

I found out at 3 weeks with one and 2 weeks with the other

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Anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks is typically when tests will detect enough hormones

Depends on when you ovulate. I tested positive 9 days after ovulation both times, but we were tracking and knew which day I ovulated.

It won’t hurt to try

I just let nature take it’s course a month I missed my period that’s how I knew

So it depends on actual ovulation and implantation. Implantation occurs 6-12 days after ovulation and that’s when hcg starts to rise.

Not to early might as well try

Some tests say a week before your next expected period. So if you’re supposed to start next week or less than you can test now.

I found out 10 days after intercourse.

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I found out the exact day I was supposed to get my period, I was sick feeling, and tied and emotional for the few days leading up to it, and I told my husband I couldn’t wait to see if my period was gonna come, cause I just knew. Took the test and immediately popped positive

I got a positive 8 days after I ovulated

Shouldn’t be. It’s usually between 3 and 6 weeks.

I got a positive after missing my period at exactly 2 weeks lines were dark as hell… I ended up having twins good luck :heart::heart:

I found out at 1 week from a test :woman_shrugging: I just knew

I found out over a week before my missed period.

I was 18 days pregnant with my son when I found out and about 16 days pregnant with a previous pregnancy.

I tested positive 9 days after ovulation. I was testing every day though and was waiting for the positive to show.

So I was about 16 days when I found out.

Should be good to test

With both my boys I tested when my period was late. My friend got an early test and tested before her period and got a positive

I found out a day before I missed my period, I was about 3 weeks along

I waited till I was 5 days late as alot of pregnancy test are faulty

Its different for everyone honestly and i took a test at home due to ruling out a few issues…said negative so 3 days later went to the emergency room…turned out I was pregnant but according to them I was barely 4 weeks. Didnt think you could tell that early my previous I was over 8 weeks before my body had symptoms or tested positive…they also say your not required to use the first pee of the morning but if your testing really early and before any real signs I’d recommend using the first morning pee so you have a better response to any possible hormones…I’d also recommend a good test…the one that gave me a negative was a dollar store test that i previously used to find out…but if also had a doctor with my 3rd tell me there test was negative and that my ultrasound was normal and blood work before implantation a birth control found out 3 months later I was pregnant and due to measurements I was about 4 weeks pregnant when they implanted me and hadn’t detected so best I could tell you is to try couldn’t hurt…if negative wait another week…test again…and poss keep trying between now and a positive…good luck

I took a test the day I was supposed to get my period and it was positive.

I got a positive test with my second when I was 2 weeks pregnant!

If you know when you ovulated… roughly 9 days after( 9dpo)

It really depends on where you were in your cycle when you started. If you were at the beginning, then probably. If you were at the middle, it shouldn’t be. I got my first positive at 5 weeks.

Take it right around when your periods due

Assuming this was posted today, not at all. The earliest I’ve heard of a faint positive is a 7 days after ovulation. It’s been 17 days.

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I knew within 2 weeks of getting pregnant…

Nope not too soon but I’ve heard that you need to wait til a missed period. Not sure

I don’t think it would be too early ? But I could be wrong. Have you missed a period yet?

Yes, to soon. Try buying ovulation tests if you don’t miss your period and you’ll know when to really try.

I took mine the day I was supposed to start my period and 3 tests later all said positive

Depends on if you can read your body, I knew I was pregnant soon as it happened. I took pregnancy test and they came up negative. Went to the dr before my period was due and had a blood test. I was just pregnant, maybe try a test 11 days after and be patient.


I took on one day before my period was supposed to start and it was positive

Usually 14 days after you can turn a positive via blood test.

Personally the earliest I had a positive was 4 weeks

I knew within 2 weeks of sex

As soon as you start producing the pregnancy hormones the test can be positive, with my first born it was positive after 5 days

Could always try but may be too soon. All my test came negative until I was 4 weeks along with my first and 5 weeks along with my second. My body didn’t produce enough of the hormone to get a positive test but I knew I was pregnant based on other symptoms

Usually closer to your missed period

Waaaay too early…assuming you ovulated the tenth, it takes THREE DAYS for sperm to reach their destination. Assuming you DID conceive that day you would only be about 2 weeks or so along. There wouldn’t even be symptoms yet. You need to wait until about the day you’re due to start your period


Nope usually you wait about a week anyways x

No way! I got a positive at 2 weeks even with very low HcG levels! Best of luck to you! :heart:

I had positive tests when i was only 3 weeks pregnant


I found out 3 weeks after :woman_shrugging:t2:

I found out at 4 weeks. My at home test was a very very faint line

Use your first of the morning pee. If you are pregnant the pregnancy hormones will be stronger in the pee from overnight

Ours turned positive when we was 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I felt like I was dying literally and didn’t know what was wrong and took 8 pregnant test,when to hospital turned positive there than went to baby dr a week later and found out we was 4 weeks and 6 days along and now we’re over 30 weeks.

i tested positive at 3 weeks

I found out with 2 of my kids at only 3 weeks pregnant

3 weeks after we were trying I got my 1st positive result and I was practically skipping a day between tests at end of week 2 to near end of week 3.

You should wait until close to when you should start your period (earliest is like 5 days before your missed period) depending on how close to your period you conceived it could be 2 weeks more likely 3 or 4 weeks

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I’ve had a positive after 4 days everyone is different

I got a positive result 12 days after I ovulated.

9 days after ovulation so right at about 3 weeks prego with both of my last 2

It’s usually a week to two weeks later, you’ll know.

Us it was the week before my period was supposed to start and it was a faint positive!

My positive test came 12 days later

No it’s been enough time.

You might get a positive. Usually wait at least 2 weeks. Id wait 3 to be sure though. I got a positive 13 days after

I found out after 2 weeks with my daughter. I got pregnant around January 13/14th and had a positive January 28th.

2 weeks after you ovulate is the soonest typically, but some tests advertise that it CAN detect pregnancy sooner. My son didn’t show up on a positive test until a week after my period was due.

It depends on your ovulation cycle

I always get mine super early, 9-10dpo and usually at a level around 15HCG

It depends when you ovulated, it might be long enough but it might also not… so if you get a negative, I would try to not let it get you down. When we were trying for my daughter, I used the fertility friend app and oral BBT thermometer. Was able to tell when I ovulated and see the implantation dip

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I tested 2 weeks after we started trying to the day and got a positive.

I had a positive test 7 days after my husband and I had sex. A week after our wedding.

Wait until you miss your period. That’s how it was for me

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I found out I was pregnant 10 days post ovulation. I conceived on the 9th and found out on the 19th.

One week before period date

It only took me 13 days to get a positive

Hoping for a positive result :crossed_fingers:if not , try and try again…all the best. Let us know​:heart:

Got mine as early as 10 days, quite faint though and used a sensitive test

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6 days before your period is supposed to come is the earliest

It has nothing to do with how long ago you had sex. It had to do with when you ovulated and when your period is expected. Try tracking those things and you’ll get a better idea.

I was 3.5 weeks pregnant when I took my test & it probably would’ve popped sooner than that. maybe try in a couple more days?

Don’t stress over it dont even think about it. Just continue to try as often as possible of ots to happen it will but stressing about it won’t help. Good lucky dear.

I was about 2 weeks pregnant when I got a positive test with both of my kids

I’d wait til near your period