Is it true you are more likely to need a c-section if you give birth at 40 weeks?

I’m 40 weeks tomorrow, and I’ve been told that when you give birth at 40+ weeks, you have a higher risk of needing to have a c section. I was wondering how true this is and what other people’s experiences were?


Never once heard that. Heard your chances of one are higher if induced before 40 weeks though.

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I’m gonna go with no because a due date isn’t always accurate

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Never heard that. I was 40+1 and had a vaginal birth, no complications.


Never heard this before. It doesn’t matter how long you go 38,40,42 weeks it depends on your body mostly.

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Not always the case. 3 of mine were 5 days to 7 days over. 1 was on time all of them were normal delivery
1 was 10 days early. She was a csection

It’s not true. It’s higher chances of medical intervention (c-section, forceps, vacuum, etc) if you’re induced, but that is at any point in pregnancy. Not just over 40weeks. I have 7 kids, births ranging from 35 weeks to 42 weeks, both induced and natural.

Natural birth at 43 weeks… 2 csections at 39 weeks

C-sections are for medical emergencies or requirements… It is normal to deliver full term naturally.

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I’ve never heard that before. My 5th child was just born in May at 40 weeks and I didn’t need a c section.

I haven’t heard of that, all 3 of my pregnancies, I went about a week or two over the 40 week mark and never had a risk of c-section

All three of mine were well overdue. No c section

No it is not true. Pregnancies are meant to go 40 weeks and c-sections are usually reserved for medical necessity such as an emergency or complication. Induction at any point in a pregnancy does raise the likelihood of a cesarean though (being 40 weeks doesn’t matter).

Personally, my son was born all naturally at 41 weeks and 2 days with no complications.

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I was 42 weeks got induced and had to have csection :frowning:

I gave birth to both my babies at 41 almost 42 weeks and not once was c section even mentioned

Yes. That the current info from ACOG. Stillborn chances also rise.

Never heard of that but I was 39 weeks and i had a csection

All my babies have been over 41 weeks. Remember it’s called an ESTIMATED due date, not an actual due date.

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I was 41w3d when my 1st decided to make her appearance. I was induced but had her vaginally.

No. My mother was 42 weeks with me and had me naturally.

Not always true! I had my babe naturally at 40wks 4days

Not in my case i was 40 + 5 and 40 + 6 with my girls and ended up having them naturally. Although i did nearly need a c section with my 1st but don’t think that was because i was over 40 weeks.

I had my twins at 38 weeks via c section due to twin being breach
2 years later with my singleton they wouldn’t let me go past 40 weeks and had c section on that day.

No it’s not true at all.

C-sections are either due to complications or you opted for it in the beginning of your check ups.

Some pregnancy go to 42 weeks before they induce you to give birth.

My mum carried me till 42 weeks and was induced and here I am 33 years later a healthy person.

42 weeks… Vaginal birth

4 kids all went to 40 weeks no c sections

No lol not at all true

:raising_hand_woman: I have given birth to 4 healthy babies and all healthy babies were 40+ weeks (the last 2 were 41.5 and 42 weeks) and all babies were vaginally delivered without complications AND I was in my late 30’s for the last 2. :blush:

Not true. My last put of 4 was 2 weeks late and i never had a c-section

You may have a bigger baby meaning you would need one but usually you only have a c-section if there is complications with pregnancy, labor, baby being feet first or cord around babies neck, labor won’t progress or if you have had one before you will probably have another. Your doctor knows your body best but when you are in labor anything can happen regardless.

I went 41+ weeks with both my girls and had them as good as gold 6 years apart

No, went past 41 weeks with all three of my kids and never had a c-section.

I was induced at 40+2 and I had my daughter vaginally

I was induced at 41+2 and had mine naturally. It’s normal to go over if it’s your first

I was induced at 41 weeks, there was a possibility of a c-section if labor didn’t progress properly/safely. Fortunately everything kind of kicked into gear and we didn’t have to.

I’ve never heard this.

No I was 40+5 and had him naturally also to add he was 9 lbs

I have never heard of that!

I carried all 5 of mine full term and had no c sections

Not for me, I was nearly 42 weeks, all natural, very smooth labor :blush::blush:

Only reason I can think that may cause issues would be if they are really big, or you’ve had issues previously but that can happen with any pregnancy, not just 40 weeks plus.

No, needing that had nothing to do with varying to term or ev part. It’s for medical necessity like a few would be baby is breach, prolonged labor, too narrow hips/pelvis, cervix not dialating past a point etc there are more of course

If your induced it increases the chance of c section. If you go into labor natually, it doesnt mean you’ll need a csection although it is a possibility. Also if you are induced for 1 pregnancy, some Drs wont induce for future births they will go straight for a scheduled c section. Ask for a membrane strip. Sometimes that helps labor progress, naturally. Walk alot, have sex, look up excersize ball to help labor, some excersizes help move it along.

Not true. I think this is I’d you have to be induced, which always makes the risk go up. No matter the age

I was induced at 41 weeks without a C-section

I was 42 weeks, I was induced and had my daughter naturally.

I don’t wanna bash doctors but I have noticed doctors prefer c sections. Its scheduled, consistent, faster, pays more, easily controlled, etc. So they say things to “prepare” you… I have had one c section, 4 births. (The C was my 2nd). Emergency at 35 weeks. All my others came naturally. 2 of them overdue. I induced at 40+4 because I had to travel 2 hours they didn’t want me going into labor. Yes there are reasons for them. Being overdue isn’t one of them. Don’t worry mama.


I doubt it, it’s normal to go pst 40

I was 40 +1 and I didn’t need a c-section

My dr told me I could safely go to 41 weeks (as far as induction) I was induced with one at 40 weeks and 3 days and was 3 cm when I went in. My last I was 1cm at 40 weeks and actually went into labor the same day. Both by dr broke my water but no c sections both healthy. Also had 2 boys who came at 39 weeks and 5 days and really no difference in labors other than they were not induced

I was 41.5 weeks and ended up with an emergency c section after induction. 9.5ibs

Never heard of that. I had a csection on my first he was born 37+4 and I had a natural birth on my second he was born 40+1 xx

Sure hope the idiot that told you that wasn’t your doctor, if it was I would find a new one ASAP

I carried my babys to term and over with no c sections

Nope. # 1 was born a week late. #2 was on her due date. #3 was 3 days early. All natural.

I was 42 weeks almost 43 weeks when I had my 1st and i was induced and had her naturally

I was 42 weeks with both mine and delivered naturally

I was 41 and didn’t have a section although I believe I should have had one

This was back in 85 but my mom was a month overdue with my brother and had him naturally.

Does it matter you will have a beautiful new baby soon xx :kissing_heart:

All vaginal for me at 42w, 41+5 and 40+5. Expecting my fourth any day now!

40 weeks is a full term pregnancy so why would you need a c-section??

I was 40&3 I didn’t need a C-section

Never heard of this … 40+6 for my first and exactly 40 on my second. Both not needing a section.

I think I would just chalk it up to “every delivery is different” and whatever happens, happens! Good Luck!

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I never heard of this ?? I had my son naturally at 41+ weeks

Never heard of that, my aunt gave birth at 42 weeks. If you need to be induced they’ll most likely give you pittoson to start the labor and break your bag

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I went into my 10th month. I refused an induction, but almost had to end up having one. Delivered an 8lb 15 oz little girl 22 inches long vaginally.

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Both of my babes went past 40 weeks and both were delivered 100% natural. It’s utter crap.

I had my first at 39 weeks 3 days all natural so not exactly 40 but close. I was never told anything about a csection at my 39 week appt.

No. I had csections at 37 weeks, and 2 at 39 weeks. They are done only if needed, such as baby or mom in distress and not able to handle labor or such. Mine first was emergency because my sons heart beat dropped and my BP shot up. The second 2 were because they found out the first time my pelvis is 2 small to allow a baby to pass.

They try to convince you of that because it’s faster for them…plus the hospital and doctor make more money with “surgery”.

No that’s complete crap. Unless you need 1 then you an choose natural. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I’ve had three late births and none were C-section.

My grandson was born @ 40 weeks and 9 days It was a natural birth. don’t worry you and your baby will be fine :pray:

I had 9 naturally and was NEVER told that and all except 2 came at 40 weeks some over

No both of mine were full term and I didn’t have an issues delivering naturally

I had my son in the kitchen at 40 weeks 4 days. Lol you got this.

Both my kids were full term. No C-section needed

My first one was 41 weeks and delivered naturally. My son weighed in at 9lbs 1oz, delivered fine

I had both of mine vaginal at 40+ weeks

Mine was born at 42 weeks and weighed 15 lbs. Had her natural

I had my last one at 41 weeks natural

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No. I had my first 2 natural at 42 weeks and 41 weeks .

C sections are most often done to safely deliver stressed infants, gestational age not withstanding.

Two at 41 weeks, one at 40+3, and the last one the day before her bday…all naturally with short labors and quick deliveries! It is true the amniotic fluid levels decrease over time, which could result in the need for intervention, but right around 40 is not typically an issue unless there is other stuff going on.

You can have a natural birth regardless of how far along you are. The only thing you need a c-section is when it’s needed such as a baby getting stuck , not dilating or stopped dilating , or when your lady bits are to small. Whoever told you that lied to you.


The chances of needing one when you are past due increase, but it is still perfectly possible. Thats why doctors might recommend being induced to help increase your chances of a birth without the need for a c-section.

I was 41 weeks and gave birth naturally. I did dilate extremely slow. I was in labor for 12 hours and pushed for 1. They had to break my water for me and induce me because I wasn’t dilating fast enough and my contractions were extremely close together.

I dont think that is true. You may have a higher chance of being induced but you should be able to have a natural birth

You got this momma you stated that the doctor said it’s a possibility doesnt mean you will have a c section he or she is just saying you may or may not have one dont totally stress your self over it if you do end up having one
It will be ok it ends faster then it starts and the healing process takes a while
I wish best of luck and congratulations on new baby

No, you’ll be induced, they may have to break the waters for you to start the labor. I had 1 natural and 1 csection… i only had a csection because my youngest was breeched

I was induced at 41 weeks and had my daughter vaginally.
And I agree with most others here, I don’t think you were lied to but whoever told you this must have misinterpreted the info.

I was almost 41 weeks with my first son had a great labor no c section needed

Many reasons a mother needs a c section and that’s not one of them


I was induced at 41 weeks and had a natural birth

In todays life it seems c-section ia becoming the fav of doc too be it early birth full term or late u never know

I was 42 weeks and 2 days and had a c section because I wouldn’t dilate past 5 cm. Everyone’s different.

40+5 in labor for about 6 hours 3 pushes and she was out

No. I think its higher if you’re induced :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I gave birth at 40w6d, no c section