Is it wrong for me to tell my husband he needs a hair cut?

Am I a jerk for saying something to my husband about shaving and getting a hair cut just general maintenance?? Like why do I have to shave and keep up my appearance, but he doesn’t?


Maybe he likes his look :woman_shrugging:


Who says you have too? I mean go all natural. I tel my husband when he needs a haircut but mainly because he keeps his head shaved. I also can go 2 weeks without shaving and it not be an issue. A haircut and shaving isn’t that big of a deal. But if he isn’t showering and just simply not taking care of himself then he maybe depressed.

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Does he make you keep up your appearance ? It’s nobody’s business what a person does with their hair/body hair.
I haven’t shaven my legs since last July and my husband has never said one word about it. Why? It’s my body and I make those decisions.

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I have no problem telling my husband when he needs to shave and get his hair cut.

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I tell my husband we need to wax the jungle in his crack. I think telling your husband he needs a haircut is fine.

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No, it’s called communication. I tell mine when he has to lose weight and he tells me. Just dont it in a respectful way. Shouldn’t be an issue


I think you should feel comfortable enough with your husband to be able to tell him these thingsI definitely wouldn’t be rude about it but it seems weird that you’re not comfortable enough to tell your husband these little things


Not at all!!! :joy::joy::joy: i tell my husband when i think his hair and facial hair is getting kinda ridiculous and he dont ever mind me saying so…

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I always tell my hubby to shave (although he does it every Sunday night/Monday morning before work… its just when he gets scruffy by the end of the week… it’s usually when he try’s rubbing his hair on me when he kisses me. (Think he does it on purpose lol)

An I tell him when he needs a hair cut, again it gets to a certain length but honestly he doesn’t ever mind me telling him to get one.

Lmao…no you are not the jerk. Mine gets surprise tweezing and shaving if it gets to be more than I can take :joy: like hey hun…your neck is a jungle. Buzz buzz. Nit anymore :joy:

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I tell my fiancé he needs a hair cut, his breath stinks, he needs to cut his toe nails etc I don’t see what the problem is


When my hubby gets scruffy I tell him. I literally say " you’re scruffy" and he always responds with “I know”. I wouldn’t dream of telling him to groom himself, he is a grown ass man who is entitled to wear his scruff or remove it as he sees fit. And as far as yourself, who are you doing it for? If it was for yourself, then it doesn’t need to be mentioned. If it’s for him, I would stop lol. I take care of me, and he takes care of him.

I don’t think you’re a jerk. I cut my boyfriend’s hair and when he is getting a little scruffy, I tell him it’s time for a haircut. He likes it short. I honestly don’t care either way, but I don’t think it’s bad to say something if you are kind about it.

Just wondering why you feel you “have” to shave and whatever. It’s your body, just like it’s his body.

you can voice your opinion - nicely
but at the end of the day he can do whatever he wants to his body and you have to respect it … my husband is currently rocking a stache, I told him I don’t love it but if he wants it he’s clearly entitled to it regardless of what I think :joy:

I ask my husband if his new look is Hobo chic :joy: when he says no i tell him maybe he should cut his hair and trim his beard then.

No, if you don’t like something you need to be vocal about it communication goes a long way, if his feelings get hurt that’s his personal problem.

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Lol I’ll mention something to my husband he takes in my opinion but at the end of it he’s his own person as long as he likes the way he looks and feels confident then I’m ok with it hell I take my husband opinion in but he he really has not much of a say in how my hair is I recently back in December cut it all off and went back to my natural color at first he kept saying I don’t want it short but after I did he liked it way better short saying I look good and now thinks I should keep it short

If he don’t maintain then you don’t maintain💁 He’ll learn real quick.

Honestly it’s his choice when he wants a hair cut. I never tell my husband when he needs one I leave it up to him he is a grown man

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Again how old are you people :joy: this would be one of the most immature arguments ever lol


I think it’s odd you feel you have to shave and “keep up your appearance”… do whatever tf you want. If you like to do that, great, but you definitely don’t have to, and you certainly don’t have to do anything for anyone but yourself. :woman_shrugging: And if your husband likes his hair long, then who cares? But it is ok to communicate that you prefer a certain style, but ultimately it is his choice. So I guess to answer your question, no, it isn’t wrong to give him your opinion, lol.


I don’t “make” him do anything but I’m very vocal if he gets too gross, the occasional ew helps .

not wrong. if he can’t take care of it himself, then he can be treated like the children and let mom make arrangements for him to get a cut and shave/trim at the barber.

who says you gotta keep your self up?

I don’t tell my husband what he has to do with his body, and he doesn’t tell me what I have to do with my body. Mutual respect :slight_smile:


No? Communication. Don’t have to be mean but you can just tell him you want to vocalize something.

Yeah you sound extremely rude in my opinion. Would you be okay with your husband telling you that you need to shave and go get a haircut? You’d be furious and tell him it’s not up to him. So why is it okay for you to tell him what to do with his hair?!

You don’t? He doesn’t either? I only shave if I want to. He shaves when he wants to.

Does he tell you to do those things? If not then yes you’re an asshole.

I am the first one to speak up when my husband needs to shave his head and face. I have sensitive skin and his facial hair irritates it. We made a deal, I wouldn’t chop my hair off, if he will continue to keep his freshly shaved, lol

Who are you keeping up your appearance for anyway. Does your husband tell you to shave daily? Shoot I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t care if you shaved or not unless he only married you for your looks and appearance. Then that would be a whole different story. Most states are still in lockdown anyway. Nobody but your husband’s gonna see you anyway. Maybe your kids if you have any.

I tell mine a ll the time if he needs a haircut or shave.

Is this a serious problem. Its your husband. How immature is this question… im literally laughing. Girl we have so much better shit to worry about. Say your piece and let it ride. I just break out the clippers and tell him to sit in the chair in the kitchen and i clip/shave his head. He dont give to craps about his head. He only truly cares about his beard.

I tell him and since covid started I been giving him one too!

If its ok for you to criticize how he looks and tell him he needs to change it… Dont get pissed when he tells you you need to lose weight change your hair makeup clothes etc… Shit goes both ways sweetheart…