Is light bleeding in early pregnancy normal?

Ask obgyn not the internet- whats wrong with ppl

yes, my uterus(was it, or the sac)? i for get exactly partially tore away; i never realized that there could be risks(so don’t freak out); doctor knew; but acted kinda casual about it; we ended fine; it stopped a few months later and my daughter will be sixteen this christmas :slight_smile:

No matter what anyone else says, go to doctor

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It’s normal. Some bleed through an entire pregnancy. I bled in the beginning with 4 of my babies

Some women may spot early on however do not take it lightly. Please make sure you keep in contact with your Dr.
Take care of yourself and rest and listen to the dr.

Call the dr My 1st pregnancy I had light bleeding for three months my baby was fine

I mean for the most part its normal… I was always told as.longas it’s not red and you dont need a pad…but every month for the first 6 most I bleed like I was on my period…total stress out …but everything was fine for the most part…she was early…but completely healthy:)

Go to doc. Also rest and refra6from intercourse for a while.