Is my 11-month-old a normal size?

Is it normal for an 11 month old boy to be 31in tall and 28 lbs? He’s not overweight by any means but literally has the build of a 2 year old toddler. It is so difficult to keep up with his diaper and clothing sizes because it seems they change on almost a monthly rate. He only drinks about 24oz of formula a day total and has his baby food for his age range 2-3 times a day along with the baby snacks they make like yogurt melts, puffs, teething wheels etc. Have any other boy moms experienced outrageous growth spurts with their little ones?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is my 11-month-old a normal size?

He’s tall so it makes up for the weight .

There is no such thing as normal size when it comes to comparing kids


I remember my daughter was in a 4t when she only 7 months . She slimmed out as she grew taller . I wouldn’t be worried about it at all

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Definitely normal my kids are tall and weigh a good amount :sweat_smile: as for the constant eating that never stops

all kids are different mine has always been tall. If they wasnt healthy the dr would say something

My babes did this too. I noticed around18-20 months they would plato out and grow at a slower rate.

My son was the same,at 9months he weighed 10kg,he drank infacare as a baby,he’s now 12 and still has the weight,I took him to a doctor and he was given a specific diet but doctor said as long as he’s active he is Ohk,

My husband was a big baby. Toddler size shoes when born. We have a picture of him at 1yo with his older brother who’s 3 years older and they’re the same size. He was over 6ft and 250+lbs by 11yo. Good luck to you :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

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Everyone is different I have 2 nephews and when one was two he was the same size
As the
4 year old

It depends on a lot of things, is your baby’s dad very tall , or yourself? I know of a person whose husband was 6’6” and she was 5’7” and their son was above all charts for weight and height but he was healthy!

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my oldest was 20lbs at 6 months old lol… my middle and younger child were a size 4t at age 10 … they all ate the same stuff and raised the same way- each child is different and until the doctor says something i wouldnt worry about it

He may just be a big baby. My daughter has been a year ahead of her size since she was 1 1/2

This would be a question better suited for his dr but if he’s that tall his weight is normal… many factors go into his growth… your size? Dads size? Don’t compare him to other kids everyone is different I have a 2 month old son who weight in at 14lbs 13 oz yesterday… but guess what he’s 24 inches long …both his height nd weight are big fir his age…every kid is different

My son was the same, he slowed down significantly from 2 to 3, slimmed and grew a little taller but not much. He went from 99th percentile at 18months to now 60th percentile at 3

Your little man is fine. My daughter is 10 months, weighs 21lbs 11.5oz and is 28 in long. She wears a size 12 months clothes and a size 4 diaper. If the pediatrician isn’t worried then all is good.

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My 11 month old girl is the same size as your baby.

I have 2 skinny kids and 4 not so much. You can’t compare. As long as he’s eating then you’re doing your job. Plus the pediatrician will order blood work if they feel it’s needed

Yuo, my little guy is 90th percentile for height. Was changing his clothing size so often at one point but since he hit 2 his rate of growth slowed a bit.

Your Pediatrician tells you their percentiles at what should be annual check up.

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A cousin of ours on my husbands side has a 1 year old that’s as big as our 2 year old daughter and bigger than my niece who is almost 3 (she’s really tiny).

Mine was like that, too. He’s 8 now and is over 5 feet tall.

My daughter who will be 3 in november wears size 6x/7 clothes and size small/medium pull ups (we’re in the process of potty training so please don’t judge) and my 4 month old wears 12m clothing and size 5 diapers. I have tall and chunky children lol

Very normal. All my kids were pretty much wore double their age size. None of them are overweight now. 25, 23 and 16

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All my boys were big. My 3yo is the same size as his 5yo twin brothers, my oldest is over 6feet tall, and the baby 8mo is in a 18mo size clothing. Daughter is petite lol :laughing:

Yes, we all come comes in different shapes and sizes.

Babies are different sizes. Ask your doctor if you’re concerned.

That is a big baby. But not in a bad way, just tall i imagine. As long as his doctor isn’t concerned i wouldn’t worry about it.

My son was bigger than that! He has always been big! Off the growth charts!

I had a tshirt made that said “give me a break. I’m only 2”!

He was going through the terrible twos and throwing himself down everywhere in public! He looked like he was at least 4 at this time! My son is now 27 and is 6’2 230😂

Baby Gap has pants/jeans/shorts that have buttons on the inside that can adjust the waist! These are the only clothes that fit him correctly!

My son just turned 10 months and he was 27#11.5 oz and 30 3/4 inches long. We’ve been through the same thing. He’s wearing 24 month clothes. As long as your drs not worried it’s fine. Just a big boy.
Once he’s mobile and walking he’ll slow down. Don’t worry

My youngest is 3 months older than my nephew and and nephew dwarfs him lol always has. Some kids are just big :slightly_smiling_face: healthy is all that matters and this age

This can be a slippery slope. What’s normal for yours may not be normal for mine. Good to remember forever and ever…amen.

All kids are different.

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My son was a big boy from birth and stayed waaay ahead of the curve until he was about 4. After that he leveled out and is average height and weight. He’s actually a lean build now at 11 years old

My middle grandson was the same way he went off the growth chart at 2months and has never been bach on it he is now 6and towers over his big brother who is almost 9. The six year old is literally the size of a 10or 11year old they have sent him to specialist and tested him for giantism . Does not have it just a big boy (I have cousins close to 7feet tall)

my oldest was almost 24in when born he’s almost 9 and he’s already almost 5ft and 100lbs

No two children are alike, just be thankful he’s healthy

I did. My one year old was wearing 3t clothes and now he’s a 6’5" man

Look at both sides of the family. Are the males big.

My 7yo son is 5ft tall and 80lbs, some just grow quicker, nothing wrong with it.

My son was like that he is now 11yrs old 5’9 170 and plays football.
Can’t compare children to others.

My daughter was very much like this she was already in the 90+ percentil since birth some kids are just like that and she ate very healthy, i didnt put anything in her breast as far as im concern just made sure i took my vitamins lol tall women also run on her dads side

Kids grow on their own schedule. I wouldnt worry about it. Some grow really quick then it takes awhike for another growth spurt. Some are super small and sprout up later.

My 9 month old son is 25 pounds and 30 inches tall. Also has 9 teeth :woman_shrugging:t3: pandemic babies are brutes. He was also 9 pounds 4oz at birth

What does the pediatrician say?

My little one was born a little under 8 lbs and he was the same way and now he is 14 and weighs in at 300 lbs and is 6’2". He was always bigger for his size in height but the growth spurts seemed to hit at least twice a month. He is just a big tall boy. Everything is fine health wise.

Take him off the baby food and baby snacks and let LO eat regularly healthy food. Sounds like a normal growing baby though.

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My now 3 year old was/is the same way

I’m a girl mom and my daughter has always been tall for her age lol

Is no normal I’ve 5 kids. My 4th was like a mini sumo from 4month my 5th was a tubby one also. All breast fed so wasn’t frowned upon. All kids are different and they lose it crawling walking. My kids you’d never have known they were tubby ones now as no rolls lol.

… wellness checks with their pediatrician will tell you the answer to this question.


As long as your pediatrician isn’t worried, I would not be. All kids are different. My daughter was 2T on her 1st birthday and 4T on her second. She was always at 100th percentile or off the charts in height and sometimes weight but was perfectly fine.

Yep. But mine stopped eating baby food at about 8- 9 months. He eats regular foods. Basically whatever we eat. So maybe ditch all that baby food lol mine also drinks about 21ish oz of formula a day.

I did with my son. He was big for his age until about 4. Then he was small for his age until he hit puberty.

Mine is he’s fine. My husband is the shortest in his family at 6’1" his tallest brother is 6’8" even his sisters are tall at 5’11"and 5’9". I’m 5’ even thought when I had my daughter is get lucky nope she’s 2 and already 38"tall

My boys were about that size. My 3rd weighed 29 lbs at 1 yr I remember because my husband weighed that on his 5th Birthday according to his baby book. My boys were 36in 35in 37in and 36 in on their 2nd birthdays. They say double the height at 2 and you get a good guess for Adult height. It’s true with my first 3 but my youngest is 13 and still growing ( 6ft, 5ft10 and 6ft2). You are probably just looking at a good size boy in the future

My 13 month old is 21 lbs. Id make and appointment with the peds office if you have a concern

How long was he at birth?? My son was 22 1/2 inches long and by the time he was a year old he was about that length. He was 36” at 2 years old. He’s probably gonna be a tall boy.

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Every child is different! Mine is almost 2 and is tall for his age and is also skinny. Sounds like a normal growing baby to me. Every child goes through growth spurts. My son has always been above average for his height, he’s in the 99th percentile for height!

Mine was like this, 23lbs at 8 months. He’s now a 22 year old giant. As long as his height and weight are on the same centile it’s fine.

Sound like my son … same exact thing!! Now he turned 3 in oct and wears a size 6/7

All babies and kids grow on their own growth curve. I’m sure he’s great.

My sons 8 months old and in 12 month clothes size 4 diapers and weighs 20lbs! He’s growing so fast I can’t keep up and he doesn’t eat a lot. It’s just how our babies are built :blue_heart:

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Honestly you can’t compare kids. Charts are only a guide and as long as everything is following a curve…it really doesn’t matter which one. Im 5’ 3" my son is 6’6…beware the teenage years…he’ll have a never ending appetite lol

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put that kid on a diet and place a brick on his head jk

My daughter was 30inches at 11 months? At her 4yr check up she was 3ft 7ins and 45lbs :woman_shrugging:t2: she’s 100% healthy. All kids grow differently and are different in general. No need to compare when no 2 will be alike


What does the doctor say ? I wouldn’t worry unless the doctor shows concern.


Yes, but his dad is 7’ tall

My son was born and in clothing for 6-9 months he’s now just turn 10 on March 1st he’s almost 5ft 5 size 8 adults shoe.
My husband is 6ft 9 so I’m thinking I’m going to have a 7 footer.
He was always over the highest percentile since birth.

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My twin girls are 16 months and wearing 2T clothing and it wont be long until they need to size up again. At their 12 month appt they were 30 and 35lbs. Neither are over weight. They are in the 97th percentile for height.

Yep… my son 15 grew 6 inches in 5 months this past year :sweat_smile: when he went to kindergarten he was 5 he was in 24 month clothing by the time he was 6 he was 5T :sweat_smile: he has hit many spurts and real fast. Lots of leg pains, eating and sleeping

My oldest daughter was like that. She still is kinda. At 1 she was wearing 2 and 3T clothes. 99th percentile for growth (height weight and head circumference). She is now 11 years old 5ft tall (if not over 5ft) wearing a size 6 womens shoe and fits in all my clothes.

Some kids get their growth early. I think he’s fine.

Once a woman I knew introduced me to her 5 year old daughter. She looked me in the eye. I’m 5’2’,lol .

Buying different size clothing often is normal. My 2 year old is 4t in shirts 3t pants.

You just have a big strong boy is all

Ask your doctor! And if he is a big guy, let he be what he is meant to be. He could be the next Tom Brady or Earl Campbell, or Shaq!

My 11month old grandson is 27.5 lbs and 30 inches tall doc says he is right on track actually alil short

Lol my son at 14 is 150 lbs and 5’ 10 1/2" and growing like a weed still…his uncle (my big bro) is 7’ 2" . im 5’ 7"

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My 3 month old is 27 inches and Just over 15.4 lbs so I think at 11 months its about right

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That’s about how big all my kids were at that age.
My 2 oldest daughters are now 5’10" & 6"

This is my 5.5 year old who is over 4 feet tall and 70lbs super active but just husky

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My son was in 2t when he was 6 months my dr said he was fine cause his hight and weight matched on the growth chart

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My 3 yo is as big as my 6yo. Some of the clothes my 6yo wears are to small for my 3yo.

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If your doctor isn’t worried, I wouldn’t be. He just sounds like a big strong boy.

If your doctor isn’t worried, then don’t worry. Just like grown adults come in all sizes, so do kids. :joy: My baby isn’t even a year and a half yet and already in 3T clothing. He’s perfectly healthy. Just long. :woman_shrugging:

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Every baby is different…as long as they’re healthy it’s good! I have a one year old chunky grandbaby that fits 6-9 month clothes!!!

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Look up his percentile as he grows. As long as he stays in the same range for hieght and weight, he should be fine. It’s the big jumps for their age that are cause to worry

My 3 year old isn’t 28 lbs. but my kids have always been small but when I stand 4’11” it is difficult to say ur apart of the normal sized people definitely more on the shorter size

I need to learn to slow down when I read these posts :rofl: I swear when I first saw the post I thought it asked if it was normal for her 1 month old.
I’m like “:eyes:… noooooo!.. oh wait, 11 month old” :woman_facepalming::rofl:

My son was the same way. After the yr mark he slowed down.

I believe it’s normal for some children. By the time my son was 6 mos old, he was taking size 2. He NEVER was a fat child and is not a fat man now. BTW, he’s 6’6".

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Yes. He is going to be a big man one day

My 3 year old was the same at that age, he’ll be 4 in September and in a solid 6T in clothes. Will not be surprised if he’s in a 7-8 by the end of the year :laughing: he’s just a big dude, built solid and taller than most kids his age

I don’t like to compare children like that. If their doctor isn’t worried about it wouldn’t be. Of course he’s probably at the 90 some percentile for growth and weight and still be normal and fine.

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My son started in the 99th and stayed there. Huge kid. If your doc is not concerned, don’t you be either.

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