Is my postpartum bleeding normal?

I’m 2 months postpartum and have been having this discharge lately. I’ve had sex from the 24th and on I’ve been using protection but still paranoid. I remember I got this when I was pregnant. Has this happened to anyone? I need some peace of mind since I’m 2 months postpartum and definitely don’t wanna be pregnant again.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is my postpartum bleeding normal?

Just a question I thought you was spouse to wait 8 weeks to have sex again… :thinking:

Are you on a hormonal contraceptives? You have just said you use protection so is it condoms. Did you go for your 6th week post partum clinic? Either way go see an obsgyn. All the best.

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Seriously people!! If you’re concerned, GO TO THE DOCTOR! I get real concerned with some of the questions people ask, stuff that could be extremely harmful to themselves and especially if you are pregnant… doctors, not Facebook!


If My Vagina Started To Leak Anything Outside Of My Normal Clear Discharge … I’d Be At The ER ASAP

Me! This is my second and I stopped bleeding at 14 weeks pp :sweat_smile: and i was still spotting when the doc gave me the okay to have seggs again

Sometimes this could be normal. When you went for your 6 week check up what did your OB say? And if you are concerned, call them up . If something doesn’t seem right, it might not be.

You’re most fertile after giving birth so depending on the protection you’re using and how careful you’re being you definitely could be. Or it could be a uti or vaginosis or something

see a doctor or don’t have sex.

I had a lot of spotting and random heavy bleeding for almost 3 months until my period finally leveled out. I had a c-section with no complications. Remained pretty active after and breastfed. I would definitely recommend calling your doctor either way, but it sounds like it may be a normal type of thing after giving birth and things changing.

they would have so much more actual info


Could be that you still have a big hole down their trying to heal but it could also be infection if you get a fever got straight to doctor this is why they said wait to have Sex :grimacing: third take a test on you six week check up I did and found out we had another Abby on the way :scream::fearful: also I was breastfeeding my newborn no issue with milk and then all of a sudden baby didn’t want to feed he would just frustrate and keep trying like something was bugging him then my milk started drying up over night

Girl Facebook is not your OBGYN.


I’m 4mon PP and my bleeding/hormones are still all over the place. Be patient, keep protection, see your OB if you’re genuinely concerned.

Note to self: never ask a question on here :grimacing: maybe she has a call in to her doctor and figured she’d ask a bunch of compassionate moms in the meantime? :thinking::woman_shrugging:t2:


I had no idea that I’d bleed for months after I had my mija . . It was 3 months postpartum and the bleeding finally stopped . . Serio though , ask your OBGYN or nurse line whatever . . :white_heart::white_heart:

If you had sex with no protection, well, then, there’s always a chance you could be pregnant. I mean, it’s not rocket science. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is my postpartum bleeding normal?

Yep, your hormones will be adjusting for a while

I had lots of discharge. I’m only 7 weeks PP. I think it’s normal. Just got over my first PP period

I bleed for a month straight then went two weeks with just discharge and started back bleeding for a regular period

I still get it 10 months after. Ive freaked out a few times and tested like crazy because of it.

I bled at 6weeks post portum and ended up hemorraging 5 days later at home due to having half the placenta still inside go get checked if your worried. Sometimes it can be normal others not so.
If its more discharge than a bleed dont wait

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For the ones spouting “go to the doctor” maybe she can’t afford to or maybe the doctor brushed it off, alot of doctors are pricks. Maybe you shouldn’t be in this group if this is what your gonna “contribute” to it


I had postpartum bleeding until my son was probably 8 months old. I went to my doctor and we tried 3 different birth control pills and then finally I got the Mirena IUD and my periods started leveling out after that.

I feel like the entire first years are a blur :joy:…maybe take a test for reassurance…best of luck!

3 weeks postpartum with my son I started hemorrhaging at home, bad enough to where I had to call 911 and ambulance took me to hospital. I had to have surgery to get out placenta that was attached to my uterus, 45 minute surgery turned into 4 hrs cause my dr sliced my uterus in multiple spots and had to cut my abdomen in 3 spots and go through and get water that escaped before it caused severe damage.

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After giving birth you bleed for 4-6 weeks sometimes even longer. But definitely ask your doctor these kinds of questions

if it’s bothering you call in a check up!

This happened to me at 3 months post partum and I was pregnant