Is pinworm common?

I have a 6 year old daughter who has been complaining here and their of itchiness in her vagina I took her to the doctor they prescribed her medication, creams also they did the swab nd everything looks good I dont know if its because she dont have good hygiene she doesn't wipe after going to pee I keep telling her reminding her to wipe and show her and she doesn't listen. So I took her back to the doctor and she treated her for pinworm just incase it was that my question is does anyone have a daughter around 6 years old that ever had pinworm if so what were your daughters symptoms? All my daughter complains of is itchiness in her vagina here and their like once or twice sometimes 3 times a week. I've never heard of pinworms in my life so I dont know if it's common here in the united states. We dont know if its pinworms or just mayb since she doesn't have good hygiene because they already did the swab and she has no yeast infection and no uti. So in girls what are the symptoms of pinworms? Is pinworm even common here in the USA?

Pinworms are disgusting, hideous little things, but are also super common, especially in school age children or younger ones that go to daycare. My oldest has had them twice. My cousin had to treat his whole house because both of his kids had them, and he and his wife caught them too. It’s not a reflection of you as a parent or your child. It just happens. They can get it from all kinds of places, including the dirt they play in outside. Don’t be embarrassed or feel ashamed. I was startled the first time, too, until I realized how common they are. Just make sure you wash ALL bedclothes and wipe down your surfaces during and after treatment. Good luck!

Look up Dr. Diane Arnaout’s post from today on Facebook about genital irritation in pre pubescent girls. Lots of good info!

Hi where can I find the post of Dr. Diane Arnaout’s?

Do you have a link to the post of Dr. Diane Arnaout’s?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is pinworm common?

It’s very common among young school children. They have pinworm medicine over the counter that you can get…


Pinworms effect the anus mostly. She’s still 6. Make sure you’re wiping her still. Or atleast checking her when she’s done. Baking soda baths for yeast. Epsom salt baths work well too.

Pinworms can be spread from wiping wrong. Like scratching your ass and carrying it to another part of the body.

Instead of complaining about her hygiene, help her. Teach her how to wipe CORRECTLY front to back, and proper hygiene. She’s 6, go to the bathroom with her and make sure she’s doing what she needs to be doing. My daughter is 5 and I couldn’t imagine blaming it in her hygiene. If her hygiene is lacking, that’s MY fault.

Leave wet wipes in the bathroom so she can use those to wipe as welk.


We suspected my 2 year old had it when he was in daycare. He just complained His butt itched…. Another child in the class had it, so we had him treated as recommended by his pediatrician. I googled the info on it

Make sure she only wears cotton pantis and changes them every day. Make her take a bath every night. Get rid of any epson salts, essential oils, and bath bombs. Those things are horrible!! Only let her use bathbombs with her hands in the sink. Make sure you clean the tub out EVERYTIME someone takes a bath. Use baking soda and vinegar.

I hope this helps


Pinworms are common. The most likely culprit is dirty fingernails in the mouth or if she plays outdoors barefooted. There is an over the counter treatment. Usually the itching is not the vagina it’s the rectum. When the worms lay eggs in the warm region of the rectum and they move outside of the body it causes itching.

When I was little, I pooped pinworms. I had to take medication to get rid of them. Here’s more information about pinworms Pinworm Infection


They’re common in kids her age. My daughter is 7 and recently had them. She just had an itchy bottom. Took the medication for it and they were gone after the treatment. If you check her poop, you’ll be able to see them

pinworms are extremely common - however they are in the butt, not the vagina.
my daughter has had experience with vaginal itching as well, she is 7. she was given a cream from the doctor - but i have noticed encouraging showers instead of baths & changing her panties twice a day has helped!

Pinworms normally make the butthole itch, more than the vagina. But there is no harm in treating for them, she didnt have a yeast infection? I treat every animal and person in my house twice a year, mainly due to us having livestock. So I worm everything at once, twice a year.
It’s really no big deal, but most people that live in the city dont think of things like that. I never really did either growing up in the city and my parents didnt either. But just bc you are not around livestock, doesnt mean it isnt possible to contract pinworms. When my daughters hoohaw itches I will treat her with some lotramin ?sp? The foot antifungal cream, drs always had me use that when she was young, twice a day for 4 days or so. Applied externally. Good luck with it all!

My daughter hasn’t ever had pinworms but my son has. Usually pinworms are around the anus. They will make that area itch and it’s worse at night. You can actually see the worms if you look. Dr told me to get one on a piece of tape and bring it in to confirm.

Pinworms are in your butt. Not your vigina

When I was little probably around 5. Me and my brother both had them. I can remember I medicine liquid was terrible tasting

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My daughter never had them but my mother did when she was little. Talked about how itchy they were but that you can see them in your poop. So I would look in her poop to see if you see anything. If not she’s prob just not wiping good and that’s why she’s itchy.

Very common with kids. Especially here in the south. Going barefoot is one of the easiest ways to get pinworms. Kids get them a lot. Mine never did but my husband did as a kid.


I had pinworms, they are nocturnal and very itchy and miserable.


My son contacted pinworms at 3 years old. It is very common especially if you have kids in a public environment. I actually was changing his diaper & physical seen them. The pediatrician said the common signs are the butt hole itching & with females the vagina itching to. The worms typically only come out at night so that’s when the best time to check is. I felt so worthless finding out he had them but its so common now a days. Hopefully you get some answers. My son is 6 now & completely healthy.

Don’t let her sit in bath water or use eny thing but ivory soap

Probably just precautionary - common in young school age children and more common when paired with poor hygiene
(No offense)

Talk to her quietly…she MIGHT have found it’s a way to get extra attention, or perhaps someone is molesting her and she is afraid, or doesnt know how to share this fact.
Iam not trying to cause problems, but I’d have a conversation about it,with no drama involved. :heart:

My best friend’s little brother had them when we were younger. He was real young, around 5 or 6. Pretty common, easy to get. Poor little guy was miserable, his bottom itched real bad at night and some throughout the day.

Pre pre puberty is all I could put it down to for my little girl who had the same issue but was very clean and wiped correctly.
She’s 10 now and has had 2 actual periods but started getting white discharge at 7.

Growing up my PH was always off so I stayed itching/burning down there I grew out of it but I had to use the creams from the dr

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My 6 year old daughter & I both had them a few months ago. She had same symptoms & I actually seen one. Dr treated us & it was no big deal. I also know other girls in our circle that have had them. We are nail biters so our Dr said it is very likely that is how we got them :woman_shrugging:

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Just do the treatment and see if it helps. Even if she doesn’t hav them, no harm done. Could be irritation, I know my daughter can only stand to wear a certain kind of panties or constantly complains her booty tickles :woman_facepalming:t3:

Pinworms are common but not with the vagina. They hang out in the back door if you catch my drift. So I’d say her PH is off

If it is piworm the whole family must take that pill…
Otherwise you will just retransmit

My daughter got them around that age from playing in a sandbox.


My niece use to be the same and her doctor told my sister to put apple cider vinegar in her bath, she hasn’t had any issues since using it

So my child had this issue a few years ago where she had an itchiness and knew her vagina and her anus and you could actually see the little worms her doctor prescribed meds actually to everyone in the house because its contagious

It’s very common. Kids are dirty and put their hands on everything. Just playing in the dirt can cause it. I would go ahead and treat her.

Give her a little bottle to fill with water . Have her squirt her self after she pee’s then pat pat dry. I tell my grand daughters to pat so they dont rub too hard.


She doesn’t have good hygiene?! She’s 6….
Of course she doesn’t have the best hygiene that’s your job momma


Worming people use to be a very common thing. Especially for those who had pets and farms. You can pick up some types of worms on your hands and feet.

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Baths were an issue for my child for a while. Started showers at 4 yrs old and no issues


Kids can get pinworms of course, but they are nocturnal and itch like h*** so I doubt that’s what she has or you’d know. Wipe her🤷‍♀️ My 5yo isn’t the best with it either and she refuses to tell anyone when she poops so we check her a couple of times a day, both of us do to ensure she’s being kept clean enough. We have baby wipes and recently bought a bidet as well and we all like that. Bc we know she’s not a great wiper we keep a rag out for her and she has to clean up every morning and evening, only time we’d skip is if she got a bath but even then, if she’s gone potty between then and bedtime then she wipes up again. Just water, no soaps of any kind on the vagina though! It kinda sounds already like she’s sensitive down there which was my next topic bc I have always been as well. No soaps, if you do bubbles or anything added to the bath make sure to rinse her thoroughly before getting out of the tub and don’t let her be in too long bc sometimes that’s all it takes. Even shampoo and what she uses to wash her body could be enough to start the irritation so try changing out the water or what we call “bath-showrers” lol

My daughter is four and gets them frequently bc she goes to Vpk and they can’t help them in the bathroom, she’s had them three times already. She’ll say her pee pee hurts and that’s bad they come out at night to feed and they crawl up on the Perenium and cause irritation. Make sure to use hot water and bleach or something strong when washing her bed sheets or anything she sleeps with and her clothes.

Pinworms are very common. It could be anything really though. I agree with the others about changing soaps, try changing laundry detergents and softners as well. Try different toilet paper as well.

My daughter has same problem from not wiping good dr told us start giving her a bath twice a week with baking soda in it and it seems to be helping her


Have you purchased a new bottle of laundry detergent shortly before this started? Not even necessarily a different kind, sometimes they reformulated. Bubble bath can cause issues. If her undies aren’t cotton. Switched body wash or shampoo? Showers might work better than baths so she’s not sitting in soapy water. I’ve got incredibly sensitive skin. Even most free and clear detergent make my crotch and nipples itchy. Make sure she’s washing her hands regularly too, including before using the bathroom in case she’s getting something on herself while wiping.


I had this issue growing up and I am severely allergic to Downey in my underwear. I can only use all or tide free.

No bubble bath. Only dove soap.

I mean she is 6…follow up on the wiping. Also don’t use bubble bath, if my 10 year old has a bubble bath she is miserable


Pinworm is very common among young kids in childcare or preschool. Pinworms are easily spread when a kid scratches then transfers eggs to shared surfaces. Other children pick it up and transfer it to their mouths (especially if they bite their nails).

Using a water bottle, tabo, or bidet can help dramatically reduce the irritation from urinating if that is the issue.


Pinworm is SO common in kids because they dig in places they shouldn’t and don’t typically have good hand washing hygiene. The whole family does have to be treated though

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I grew up in the country and my grandmother would give us all medicine for pinworms every summer.


My daughter is 4 and has had them a few times because she refuses to wipe after she uses the bathroom.
How we got rid of them, started having her use baby wipes, unsented ,the toilet paper was causing her to get irritated,
Stoped baths, she also only showers every other day.
My daughter also has other underlying health problems so not all of these things will help. My daughter has allergenic eczema so that’s why she can’t use toilet paper, she’s also 4 so didn’t want to get her feminine wipes. My daughter also gets A&D ointment on after showers.

This is common I have 2 daughters my oldest is 9 hasn’t complained since around age 6. My youngest is 6 and she complains every so often. Instead of baths when she is itchy have her shower instead.

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My kids don’t have it but there have been multiple cases going around my daughters pre school. Goodluck hope all is well

Try not using soap or bubble bath for her. Sounds like she might be having a reaction. Use something like Ivory soap.

My daughter had pinworms around that age! No vaginal itching though, it was mainly her bottom.

As far as itchiness down there, be sure not to use any soap other than dove. Bubble bath & shower gels can cause the ph levels to go crazy- resulting in all sorts of crazy things.


You can check her at night with a flashlight. Also I think she would have more rectum itch than vagina

My daughter had pinworms once. Her only symptoms were she would wake up screaming in the middle of the night saying she hurt on her vagina area.

Maybe since she doesn’t wipe buy a peri bottle? Like you get when you have a baby to wash after you use the bathroom. Washing it off with water would be alot easier and she could do that its simple. Except when #2 she would have to rinse then wipe to be sure its all gone.

Using plain white cotton underwear and maybe using a laundry detergent for sensitive skin and changing underwear often


She could very well be allergic to something that is bothering her private area, I would try using a different soap something like baby dove that has no dyes or perfume, and maybe a different type of underpants for her.

Has the doctor maybe checked for her PH balance being off?? Sometimes our natural fluids of the vagina can get off balance meaning the bad bacteria can be slightly more than the good bacteria, its called BV, bacteria vaginosos. They can prescribe a medication for it to clear it up within a week. Many times this can be mistaken for other things like a yeast infection and being a little girl they may not have looked for anything other than a yeast infection. BV will cause itching and also a fishy discharge smell (not always a strong smell).

My bacteria levels get wonky at times so this happens to me. Make sure to use cotton underwear and change daily, and bathe with unscented soaps

Pinworm infection is the most common type of intestinal worm infection in the United States and one of the most common worldwide. Pinworms are thin and white, measuring about 1/4 to 1/2 inch (about 6 to 13 millimeters) in length.
While the infected person sleeps, female pinworms lay thousands of eggs in the folds of skin surrounding the anus. Most people infected with pinworms have no symptoms, but some people experience anal itching and restless sleep.

Pinworm infection occurs most often in school-age children, and the tiny (microscopic) eggs are easily spread from child to child. Treatment involves oral drugs that kill the pinworms and thorough washing of pajamas, bedding and underwear. For best results, the entire family should be treated.

Symptoms of pinworm infection may include:

  • Itching of the anal or vaginal area
  • Insomnia, irritability, teeth grinding and restlessness
  • Occasional stomach pain and nausea
    Pinworms often cause no symptoms.

Risk factors
Risk factors for pinworm infection include:

  • Being young. Pinworm infections are most likely to occur in children ages 5 to 10. The tiny (microscopic) eggs are easily spread to family members, caregivers, or other children at school or child care centers. Pinworm infections are uncommon in children younger than age 2.

Use to be. If she has. Take a flashlight at nite and shine it at her anus. If they are there you will see them scoot back in they are very fast but white.

Could be detergent, or too many bubble baths. Don’t use bath bombs, etc. New soap? Could be lots of things.

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Let her know shes not supposed to put soap straight on her vagina. Maybe shes overly cleaning down there.

My little bros got them a lot as kids from biting their toenails and finger nails but they would poop them out with meds.

Its very common. Have you seen the worms when she poops? (They are tiny, white and wiggle) If so, you need to wash her sheets, pillow cases and disinfect her room) Wash towels but never shake them out first. Stress to her how important it is to wipe and wash her hands because it can spread to others in the house. Clip her nails too.
Best of luck :blush:


Could be yeast infection. Not uncommon in children. But it could be having wet under garments from not cleaning good. Don’t use bubble bath and use mild soap as well.

I as an adult have soap/perfume allergies. It might be something in the soap/detergent that you are using.

Or kidney or bladder infection from to many sugary drinks or certain medications will cause yeast infections.


Put organic apple cider vinegar in all baths and feel free to use bubble bath with it. Will take car of all itchiness clear up rashes and will treat if yeast

sounds silly but buy a bottle of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo have her wash (like a body wash) all over body even face see if it improves after 3 or 4 times. Use only as you would a body wash on skin only. Itch will go away works on big people too, then stop using until needed again also just like with babies use corn starch as a body power between legs in that area use again 3 or 4 times. stop until needed again maybe 3 to 6 months. make sure she has clean sheets and blanket on bed. also if she has a blanket like most children that she sleeps or carries make sure to wash a lot. Make sure she drys that area good before she puts on under clothes … dampness is not her friend (has something to do with the little bugs you can’t see with your eyes they eat your dead skin could be a build up … has nothing to do with how clean you are everyone but everyone has them even tiny babies

Make her wipe we put baby wipes in the b/ r and in book bags if you have to go in when she bath to make her wash good stop tub bath make her shower this is not a choice it’s a must you are in charge

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Does she take bubble baths often? My daughter would get really irritated from her bubble baths. As soon as we stopped with the bubble baths she was fine and hasn’t had an issue since.


Very common in kids … once they hit Elementry it’s even more common. Letters will go home from school over it :crazy_face::sweat_smile: look up at home ways to treat … cause I’m pretty sure if she has it you all do :crazy_face::joy: kids are fun!

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Well first of all your the adult you need to be making sure she wipes and has proper hygiene. That’s just common sense. Aside from that switch to free and clear detergent, use non scented soaps for bath time and use cotton underwear. Proper hygiene should be the first thing you address. Good luck.


Pinworms are common and contagious. Can be spread when mom does laundry, doesn’t wash her hands and makes a sandwich for another person.
Commonly the peri rectal itching occurs at night when the pinworm is active and can disrupt sleep. Usually diagnosed when medical professional uses tape on rectum and looks for ova under a microscope.
Hygiene and doctor recommended dose of pyrantel will usually take care of the problem, if it’s pinworms.


I was about 6 maybe 7 years old when I got them

The doctor thought they were in my vagina because it was itchy and uncomfortable

Turns out they were coming out of my butt :upside_down_face: if they haven’t checked her stool already they need to.

You should be seeing them in her poop

Pinworms are extremely common. My daughter got them, and I only discovered it because she didn’t flush after going number 2. We believe it was due to our new puppy at the time. If one gets it, you’ll see it in their stool. And it’s highly contagious. You have to treat the whole family. And Darwina Stewart is right. They are most active at night. It wouldn’t hurt to just go ahead and treat the whole family with reese’s pinworm medication. It’s a two dose regimen, make SURE to do the second dose when directed to ensure they are completely gone.

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I don’t think her being treat for pain worms is a bad thing at all doctor is just being proactive it’s also very normal to be contracted at that age my daughter was horrible about whipping when she was 6 :woman_facepalming:t3::sob: I was constantly having to check or out her in the tub because she’s didn’t do it right at school and she was irritated …. Baking soda baths helps but I also leave baby whips by the towel just make sure she know to not throw them in the poop flusher lol :laughing:we have a trash can just for her stuff she’s 8 now and we still struggle here and their the biggest issue is her arms are to short to reach some spots with out over stretching and she’s lazy lol gotta love kids

I don’t recall any female in my family getting them and I come from a family full of girls (dad wasn’t in the picture long, mom dated a female for a few years) I’m 24 and haven’t gotten them. But of course your daughter isn’t going to wipe proper yet she’s 6 you should still be helping her :woman_shrugging:t3: my older sister also has a 5 year old girl and hasn’t gotten them.

My daughter had then at 5. She always complained her stomach was upset or felt like butter flies. Ended up having to take her for a scan to get diagnosis. Simply treated. We live in the sticks and my kids are always outside. They say it’s common and alot of people have them and never know. We were required to treat everyone in the house. Simple little pills to take. She never complained of irritation in her private parts. Only in her tummy

Could be the toilet paper. There’s some… that do that

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At in a dark room at night after she’s been a bed awhile…go in with a flashlight…if she has pin worms you will see them crawling in her bed…learned this from an old farmer with her kids!!


If it is pinworms, I know this is going to sound funny, but at night put a piece of tape on her rectum and in the morning you should see some on the tape. This is what my daughters pediatrician told me to do to confirm if it was pinworms or not. My daughter had them, confirmed by the tape. Pinworms are very common in elementary kids. It’s because most of them don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Believe it or not, the lunch room is the most common place for kids to pick up pinworms. Make sure you wash all of her bedding, clothes shes worn, I used laundry sanitizer on all of my daughters things. I also sprayed her bed down with lysol as well. Make sure she washes her hands very good and if she has any nails you have to clip them and keep them short. When people tell you, you can get worms by chewing on your nails, they aren’t lying lol


I personally get rashes/itchiness in that area depending on what washing powders are used on my clothes and what soap it’s cleaned with. Maybe it’s just sensitivity to products

Pinworms would probably itch the anus more. Could be allergy to soap or detergent. Try a different toilet paper. Does it feel better after she bathes. Underware, pants tight.

Very common pin x you can get it at walmart and can treat the whole family

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Pinworms usually make their rectum itch… not usually the vagina…

Try having her soak In A bathtub with baking soda…

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And yes…pin worms are a real thing …

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Could be but also use cotton underwear only

Bubble baths cause itching.


They are very common in young kids. They start moving and come out to lay eggs after they go to bed. Look with a flashlight an hour or two after bedtime. The medication is sold otc at most pharmacies. Treat the whole family just in case. Then you treat again in 2 weeks to be sure there was no reinfection


Pinworms are common, but it would be her rectal area, not her vagina, that would be itchy. It sounds like a yeast infection.

Laundry soap… undies or pants too tight… keeping her too warm…

If she’s not wiping you should smell that too …I use bubble bath or body wash in bath water to make bubbles so at least my son is clean even if he doesn’t wash with soap…

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