Is spotting during pregnancy normal?

i just found out im pregnant about 4 weeks. now im spotting pink what to do I do. im hoping im not miscarriaging but iv never been threw this


Implantation bleeding unless you bleed enough to fill a pad don’t worry


Could be implantation bleeding. Go get checked out though. Especially if theres any cramping accompanying it

To ease your mind, just go get checked out. If it’s just a little its probably just implantation bleeding which is totally normal.

Implantation bleeding likely im now 33 weeks and had the same thing early on

Call your obgyn. That happened to me, but it was not anything bad. However, everyone is different so just call them to let them know.

Waiting until you fill a pad with blood isn’t a good idea, last year I was bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant and nowhere near enough to fill a pad but I miscarried just over a day after the bleeding started.
Please go see a doctor just to be sure! You can never be too safe!:heart:

Call ob gyn so you set your mind at ease.

Go ahead and call your OB, but chances are it is implantation bleeding.

Call if you’re worried. It is most likely implantation bleeding or it could be from having sex if it was recently. Just breathe mama

Call your doctor and say you need to make an appointment and tel them what you wrote above. They’ll probably squeeze you in today to check you out.

If you have RH negative blood (I have O-) you might just need a rhogam shot. I bled a little at around 5 weeks with my first and then had bright red blood drops at 6 weeks with this one. Both times went to ER for rhogam and it went away


Dont stress yourself. I bled almost my entire pregnancy with my 2nd boy. Good luck!

It could mean many things. It could be implantation, a chemical pregnancy , ectopic etc…the only way to know for sure is to have a blood hcg test and then have another in 48 hrs and see if your numbers are rising appropriately. I had bleeding for months and it was due to a SCH and all was fine , but I also had 4 miscarriages and 2 ectopics. Its always best to get checked out.

Pink is ok red is bad. You should get a check up

If the bleeding gets bright red with cramping go to the er. But some spotting is normal hun

I’m 17 weeks pregnant and I spotted ALOT during my first trimester. Some was even bright red. I had 2 previous miscarriages so I was sure that’s what was happening again. Turns out I just have a very sensitive cervix and the baby was laying right on top of my cervix which was causing the bleeding. All was good.

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With my son I bled down to my ankles with terrible cramps thought I was having a miscarriage turns out I had a blood clot that formed when he attached at 5 weeks 3 days and 6 weeks 4 days and it happened twice to me I week apart… My son is 15 Months old n I had bright red bleeding with my 2nd son and I’ll b 29 weeks on Saturday :slight_smile:

For those saying implantation bleeding it is most definitely not that! You can not get a positive pregnancy test until implantation occurs. Hormones are not produced until this happens.

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Call your doctor- Facebook isn’t a reliable source of medical information


I had the same and now my boy is 4 months old

If ur a negitive bloodntype u need a shot

I had full periods and was 4 months prego before they stopped.

Call your OB for peace of mind. I bled like a period, bright red and heavy with lots of clots for about 2 weeks. My baby was fine though. I nor did my doctors know what caused it but deep down I never felt anything was wrong like some people say they have a bad gut feeling. Everything turned out fine.

I literally spotted lightly until I was about 4 months… it was from occasional sex but I can promise you some spotting is fine. Bleeding, that’s a cause for a drs appointment or an ER visit.


Why are you asking here call your Dr. Honey, everyone is different, you need a Dr’s advice


Spotting pink or brown isn’t abnormal.

Bright red blood is abnormal. Especially if you have cramping or flu-like symptoms accompanying it.

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It’s usually implantation :slightly_smiling_face: I did it, too. But if you are still having doubts, take pictures and go to the Dr.


If you’re rh- you’ll need the Rhogam shot.
Happened to me with this pregnancy. Bleeding from week 7-9.
I’m hitting 21 weeks and baby is perfectly fine.

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Call your doctor This happened to me during 2 prgnancies. The first did turn out to be a miscarriage the 2nd was just some spotting Take care and call your doctor

It could be an infection but should get checked.


i had light bleeding at the beginning of my pregnancy & needed a shot to prevent mine & babies blood from mixing. be safe, get checked out momma :sparkling_heart:

As long as its not bright red u should be fine

I was spotting a little bit i was fine it happens to us doctor told me told no sex at all until after 4 weeks.

Go to the damn doctor! Drives me crazy when ppl go on Facebook for medical issues and expect anyone to know for sure. Common sense, geez…

It could be many different things. Most importantly, your doctor needs to know about it. Call the doctor.

Implantation bleeding

I spotted off and on until I was 5 months. Especially after six. Now have this healthy guy! Best wishes!

Could be implanation bleeding

I did at 4 weeks aswell . everything was okay !

This happens, but go in to be sure

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My OB told me it’s normal for the first trimester to spot but go in to make sure everything is alright

You should probably call your OBGYN or doctor instead of asking on here for starters. We are not doctors

Implantation… its normal