Is there a sickness going around again?

Anybody else been sick? Husband has been coughing, stretchy throat & a few other symptoms. He just came back from the field and apparently a bunch of people are having the same symptoms. I’m extremely paranoid since I could have a baby any day now.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is there a sickness going around again?

Could it be allergies?

I had a horrible upper respiratory sinus infection. It was the worst lasted about 8 days

Going on 2 months won’t go away antibiotics n all.

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Everyone I work with including myself have it and we all test negative for covid

Probably allergies but you can get covid multiple times even if you are vaccinated.

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Yes! The inside of my ears are itchy, my throat is scratchy and hurts, headache, overall feeling of ‘blah’. (I’m in Texas). The pollen has been horrible here lately and I’m hoping that’s all it is. It may also be hitting me harder because I’m 30 weeks pregnant.


There is a little virus going around where I live in Virginia with sore throat, cough, headache, low grade fever if any. My family has had it and some still do and it’s not Covid because one was tested he felt so bad. It last for about 7 days and it’s not allergies, it just has to run it’s course!

Everyone’s got it. Covid negative. Allergies or something. Doesn’t seem to be contagious because my household it’s only me for weeks lol

I just got diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection with bronchitis. It’s going around. My parents have the same illness as I do.

It’s that time of year. In the northeast we have allergy season hitting hard. Spring is known for allergies regardless of where you’re from. It’s supposed to be a record year because of droughts and dry weather. Probably just getting hit with the usual allergy season

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Allergies? My first thought though is covid.

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I have had a chest cold along with sinus infection for a week!

I just got over that- I had it for 2 weeks. Still have a little bit of a cough

There is sickness everywhere always lol unfortunately lol


Why are you paranoid just have him take medicine and get better stop going out if he feels like crap…

A non COVID cold hit our household and it was brutal. I developed a sinus infection and I normally kick colds no problem. My daughter is still getting over her cough. We got it 2 weeks ago. Not fun! Good luck

Cold , allergies , Covid. Everyone’s got something ! Welcome to 2022

A lot of different variants of Covid going around right now some people have the same exact issues it’s taking 5 to 7 days to test positive I would make sure he keeps testing daily or go to any place that does a rapid test and get it done just to be safe

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Just a common cold,we all had it

The flu has been going around here in louisiana

I just got over the flu it’s going around in south central Kentucky

My kids and I just had the horrible stomach bug going around. Brutal. Avoid at all cost

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Stomach flu with fever and vomiting here in Illinois

I know a ton of ppl with strep recently (including myself) which is SO odd because I haven’t heard of anyone having it in a while. Felt like razor blades in my throat

We’ve been stuck in for two weeks with two illnesses in our house. Theres a cold that 5 out of 6 of my kids have and my partner has thats been on them for two weeks now. Sore scratchy throat, earache, low fever, losebof appetite and pains on limbs the other is the dreaded sicknesses bug :nauseated_face: we are a family of 8 and never get ill but march we all got covid we were free of it for about 10 days then my son brought this awful cold home and a few days later my toddler brought the bug in our house and they wiped us out for the whole two week holiday. My ex works in a care home amd says theres loads of nasty viruses going round atm :sob:

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We had a virus for a week… wasn’t Covid. Got tested. We had no energy, coughing & sore throat.

Umm…covid? Flu? Allergies?

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Could be allergies :sneezing_face:


Could be allergies…don’t take meds and turn into sinus or upper respiratory infection.

Since Covid hit everyone seems to have forgotten about the common cold or flu , it happens it’s going to happen :two_hearts:


There are different viruses. If your worried go get tested.

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I’ve had the worst allergies this year, like sore/swollen throat, swollen face, puffy eyes, neck and ear and just all around can’t breathe, I’ve never had them THIS bad but I’m negative for everything and when I take Benadryl I wake up and can breathe some so I think it’s allergies

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Pollen is everywhere. Its pollen season.

Pollen season! Everyone where I live is like this too

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There been allergies stomach flu to be on safe side have him get COVID tested

So, the non covid cold that hit our house caused my 2 year old a really terrible chesty cough. I took him to the Dr to rule out anything serious since I was due any day with baby #3. They said it was just a cold. Well, baby is born, baby contracts this “cold” and I end up in the ER with her for coughing, wheezing and not breathing. Tested positive for RSV. This “cold” is actually RSV, b

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Yeap that’s what we have. Scratchy/sore throat. Sneezing and stuffy nose and over all sluggish. Dr said allergies got us bad. Had Covid before so it just makes it 10 times worse now

If you don’t want to get sick, wear a mask. Masks still work for other viruses.

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My entire house had norovirus about 2-3 weeks ago , one after the other. Then last week we got sick again - nose messed up , sore throat , bad congestion , fevers. (We don’t have allergies) Always starts by my 3 year old bringinf a runny nose home from school, then the rest of us get real sick 3 days later.

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ALLERGIES, remember back before the Rona…


See that there’s no ammonia leak

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Covids a real bitch right now.

Go in and get your ass checked out!!!

I would say bad allergies

Me and 3 out of 4 kids, husband isn’t sick

I seen someone on tiktok sneeze and say it could be allergies or it could be covid. She took a test and was positive

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Allergies. Tummy viruses around here.

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I don’t have covid… But oddly enough we’ve seem to have forgotten that there are a ton of other viruses that are still spinning around commonly. With that being said today I woke up with a cough and body aches. No fever so that’s a winner. But still feel like crap. I’m so sorry you’re going through this is your due any day now but it sounds like he just has a good old-fashioned run-of-the-mill cold if he is testing negative for covid. PS I hope he’s taken a home test.


Yes, there’s a virus going around. Fever, nausea, diarrhea, malaise, and loss of appetite. My husband and I had it last week

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It’s the time of year for allergies

My husband has the same thing! But he doesn’t have Covid?!

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Where the hell are you from? Where’s around? Cleveland?

Get tested for COVID, flu, and RSV.

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Allergies… flu… covid…

My son had a high fever for 2 days with no other symptoms, negative for covid. A week later, I’m sick with stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, ears hurt, bad cough and chest is killing me. Negative for covid, flu and strep.

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The temperature going up and down Doesn’t help. I will be sick soon

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I’ve been sick with every single one of my babies seriously the the worst flu :woman_facepalming:t3: every single time none of my babies ever got sick you are already producing antibodies in your breast milk for what ever kind of bug you have :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2: don’t stress you will be just fine

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The flu and a virus similar to the flu is going around real bad. We had 9 kids out at daycare today and a teacher. Me and a coworker and a few kids were out last week as well. Fevers, body aches, coughing, stuffy/runny nose.

There is a new strain of covid going round. They are seeing a lot again here near Camp Lejeune

Test for covid first to rule that out right off the bat. I had a really bad sinus infection and was told to ck for covid first since symptoms are similar. My 2 tests were negative then was treated with amoxicillin and its now gone.

If they aren’t running a fever, sounds like allergies.

We got sore throats with some congestion and sinus drainage. Lasted about 3 days then went away.

Fever, cough, runny nose, low fever

M husband and I have allergies even tho we take zyrtec…sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat and watery eyes. Not covid, we were tested. It happens off and on, not constantly.

It’s definitely going around. Some type of stomach bug. My son’s best friends family just got over it, and he had a student vomit in class. Along with 2 families in our immediate family as well. Ive been giving my kids vitamins, elderberry syrup and collidal silver.

Temperature fluctuations, spring allergies, etc. germs are good for baby as long as they aren’t severe like Covid or flu.

It is another strain going around. Lasted about a week with our family

I was sick four times while pregnant I had covid twice and two bad colds my daughter was fine plenty of rest stay off your feet plenty fluids you will be ok

I have it also its going around

Yes. There’s been sicknesses going around since about 1492.


Yed we have had respiratory the last week no flu or covid but same symptoms !

allergys going strond.

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Had some similar symptoms and different one…tested twice in 48 hours…Covid

I work at a Dr office and we’ve been seeing this a lot. Its usually allergies or sinus because with those symptoms we test for Covid strep and flu. We haven’t seen any covid patients but more so strep and Sinus infections. Hope everyone gets well


Yes I still have what your husband has I really haven’t felt well in weeks but this is the starting of the 2nd week of the scratchy throat&cough.

And husband had stomach cramps and other symptoms of another virus.

It sucks but it’ll get better over time, jus got to let it run its course.

Iv had a really sore stomach today was also sick twice this morning. Iv also had really bad pains around my hips and lower front and back. It’s horrible

It could be allergies it is that time of year

The flu, covid and viral phenomena… Lots of things atm.

Adenovirus and 24 hour stomach bug are going around

Get him tested for covid. I had the same symptoms 2 weeks ago and it was covid. Just do rapid test.

Allergies for sure. Also just getting over a Spring cold. It happens whenever it warms up and then gets real cold and wet again here. Nothing crazy, just sinus pressure/drainage, sore throat the first day or two, sticky mucous-y cough where not much comes up. No fever. My son had it for the shortest amount of time, luckily, he’s better already and I’m just dealing with the last of the cough.

My family just got hit with the flu , 7 days of fever and body aches took 2 Covid tests both negative it’s going around horrible

Sinus and allergies especially allergies with all the pollen in the air being stirred up

yes–my husband has the same thing and half my pre-k class was out with it for almost two weeks

I just got over it. It’s some kind of cold going around. Literally had symptoms similar to covid for two weeks. Took two different covid tests over the first five days and both were negative.

I didn’t even have that and had covid. Hubby had a sore throat and fever. Our health dept has at home kits you can pick up. I would definitely suggest getting into a dr to be sure if you are that far along.

There is a nasty stomach bug going around… Stomach pain, no appetite and vomiting.

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They have tested my granddaughter for COVID three times in the last week. Today they diagnosed her with bronchitis; it’s going around where we live. All the pollen in the air is making lots of kids at her school sick.

I will say allergies seem to be hitting everyone harder this year. They have made us feel like we have the flu just without all the flu symptoms. If that makes sense.

Sounds like covid , husband was feeling dawn way for 2 days tested positive for covid today

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Pollen is up big time!!!

Have him to get tested for Covid for your safety.

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I had it and so did my two little ones and it was awful! No Covid- but this “cold” was the worst!

Yes there are colds, the stomach bug, viruses and covid going around. Also allergies. Could get a home test for covid and go from there.

Yes a really bad cold for almost two weeks here! Not covid.

It’s going around my family also having same symptoms…feel better soon

Allergy season. Lots of pollen in the air

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Flu is going around big time- from someone who actually works in a hospital.