Is there an adjustment after prison?

Is there an adjustment period after someone is released from prison to show affection?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is there an adjustment after prison?

Yes. They are distant, overwhelmed

There’s a big adjustment to reacquainting themselves to life on the outside. They’ve been incarcerated for who knows how long with someone deciding where they can go when, what time they’re allowed to eat, their privacy being invaded, it’s a big adjustment.

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Yes…they havent been touched by anyone in a loving way in so long… they legit get ptsd from fear of dying in there…gdtting stabbed…raped…touched by a pervert…killed by security…murdered as they use the phone. It happens so much. Just reassure them they can take as long as they like and ask if any ways to help them feel more okay with it. Good statements like " i love you… n want you to feel safe with me". Just remember i love you… ill be as patient as u need. But youve gotta let me know in time how well make this work :revolving_hearts:

Umm yeah big time. Try going to prison for whatever time frame then coming back into a world that frowns down on people who’ve been in prison. Try living a life where you have to readjust to life on the outside cause on the inside you’re being told when to sleep eat shower etc. try sleeping in a prison where you basically having to sleep with one eye open cause you don’t know what can happen. So yes it takes time to adjust not just for affection but lots of things. Their life was on pause basically but the world on the outside wasn’t if that makes any sense ?


Yep. My fiancé did 12 years and he missed the whole cell phone era. He said the weirdest thing to him was waking up and putting his feet on the floor and not feeling cold cement.

Gosh yes. They live in isolation, no outside contact, and no real help transitioning back into society.

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